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Found 4 results

  1. So I decided to make an attempt at Ranked Runs in FE7 (after having played this game for 16 years) to see if I could pull it off. I'm happy to say that I was able to S-Rank Lyn's Normal Mode and Hard Mode, but I felt like that was easy pickings, so I gave Eliwood Normal Mode a shot next. I've been meticulously planning everything with regards to Funds and Tactics rankings, so I stole every item I could, used only iron/steel weapons for 99% of the campaign, and cut down on turns wherever I could. I checked my in-progress ranking at the start of each chapter to make sure I was doing alright, and I have been getting 5 stars in each rank consistently. Fast-forward to the final chapter. I check with Nils, and I still have 5-stars in all categories (save Funds, which is 4-star, but it's easy to make that up in the final map) and things are looking good. However, after finishing the final map and eagerly getting to the end of the epilogue so I can look at my Battle Data... I only have 4 stars in EXP. The entire time I never went below 5 stars in EXP, but at the very last map, I drop off down to 4. At this point, I've tried going back and re-playing the final chapter to see if I can redeem my rank and walk away with 5-stars (I made a save-state at the start of the final chapter). I've tried four times now and I've been unsuccessful each time. I've even gone so far as to take out the six promoted spellcasters in the second half (the ones that are stuck in boxes with siege magic/staves) with Pent and a Bolting tome, but even that didn't put me over. I'm pretty convinced that I'm screwed and I didn't feed enough EXP to lower-level units throughout the course of my playthrough and there's nothing I can do to save it. The final map requires 3500 EXP earned to get 5-stars, but I can't see how that's even possible - there are only 28 units that grant any EXP at all in both halves of the map, so even if I got a perfect 100 each kill, that still leaves me 700 short. I can use Nils' rings and staff abuse with a couple other folks for another couple hundred, but if I'm really that far off, I'm wondering if even that will be enough. Assuming that I'm right at the cusp of a 5-star average on EXP when I get to the final chapter, is it possible to squeak out what I need? FYI, I have about 10 extra turns I can throw away and still make 5-star Tactics rank, so if turting a bit is necessary, I can do that. I will also post my final chapter team and their levels if it helps. Thanks in advance! Eliwood: Lv. 10 Knight Lord Nils: Lv. 13 Bard Lyn: Lv. 14 Blade Lord Hector: Lv. 11 Great Lord Kent: Lv. 14 Paladin Rebecca: Lv. 10 Sniper Fiora: Lv. 14 Falcoknight Heath: Lv. 15 Wyvern Lord Canas: Lv. 9 Druid Pent: Lv. 10 Sage Harken: Lv. 8 Hero
  2. I'm in the middle of a HHM ranked run, and something strange has happened. At the beginning of Ch25H, I had a 5 star funds rank. I played through the chapter, obtaining the Elysian Whip, the Divine, and refusing to recruit Farina. After the chapter, in Ch26H battle preps, I still had a 5 star funds rank as expected. However, when I used an Elysian whip in Ch26H battle preps, I checked my rankings and found that my funds rank had fallen to 4 star. Ch25H is 0 requirement. The Elysian Whip obtained there is a bonus asset, with no corresponding increase in the funds requirement. I made no major expenditures in Ch25H (I did promote in preps, but I had 5 star funds after doing so). With the exception of 2 uses each of Silver Lance and Elfire, I used lower end weapons, the cost of which would be offset by the acquisition of the bonus Divine tome. How could my funds ranking fall if I used an item that the game does not account for?
  3. I'm trying to plan out my Gen I pairings and am a bit stuck. In what ways can I improve what I have here? Pairings (Gen I): Sigurd (Seliph) Deidre (Julia) Quan (Altena) Ethlyn (Leaf) - Silver Sword - Money - Gae Bolg - Light Brand - Thunder Sword - Silver Lance - Return Ring - Skill Ring - Pursuit Ring - Speed Ring - Shield Ring - Elite Ring - Leg Ring Midir (Lester) Aideen (Mana) Ayra (Larcei) Lex (Ulster) - Brave Bow - Recover - Flame sword - Silver Blade - Killer Bow - Warp - Steel Blade - Money - Extra Stave(s) - Effetive Sword Beowulf (Delmud) Raquesis (Nanna) Sylvia (Leen) Dew (Corple) - Shield Sword - Heal - Prayer Sword - Money - Thief Sword - Mend - Knight Ring - Power Ring - Extra Stave(s) Fury (Fee) Claude (Ced) Bridget (Faval) Holyn (Patty) - Brave Lance - Valkyrie - Yewfelle - Sleep Sword - Steel Lance - Reserve - Silver Bow - Brave Sword - Javelin - Elf-tome - Bargain Ring - Wind Sword - Elf-tome - Steel Sword - Barrier Ring Taillte (Tinny) Lewyn (Arthur) ******************Finn******************* - Elf-tome - Forseti - Silver Lance - Magic Ring - Elf-Tome - Javelin EDIT 1: a. Swapped Shield Ring from Delmud to Seliph b. Swapped Finn's Brave Lance with Fury's Silver Lance c. Swapped Dew!Ayra and Lex!Sylvia to Lex!Ayra and Dew!Sylvia c. Added Knight Ring to Sylvia d. Added Reserve to Claude
  4. I've been thinking of doing a ranked run of this game since I thought it was a pretty fun challenge to go for max ranks in fe7, but I have some concerns about ranks in this game. The problem I have is basically the Power and EXP ranks, which seem unreasonably high to me unless you arena abuse a ton. As far as levels go, you already get 500 (497 in the Illia route) simply by recruiting everyone, which means you still need to earn 501 level ups in the run to get an A. For experience you need 50,100, which means around 501 level ups as well, so if you get an A in one rank you'll probably get an A in both. After doing some calculations, it takes me 470 turns in average to beat the game without arena abusing (not turtling but not going for a LTC either). Given that you need less than 630 for an A, I have about 150 turns to arena grind (leaving an extra 10 turns just for safety). Basically, after puting some thought to it, a fe6 ranked run just seems like a grindfest that forces me to do 100+ turns of arena abusing in order to achieve a overall s/ss rank. Given how every other rank is extremely lenient, it seems to me that the only thing a fe6 ranked run challenges is your patience. My question is really if there is any other way besides 100+ turns of arena, and if a fe6 ranked run is even worth attempting. If not, I guess I'll try a different challenge such as LTC or just stick to playing ranked runs in fe7.
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