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Found 3 results

  1. Since all the Fire Emblem games in the Nintendo 3DS systems are rated T for Teen by ERSB in North America. I know that in Japan that Awakening is rated B by CERO while Fates was bumped to C by CERO and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia went back to CERO B. I'm just kinda cerious if anyone exactly knows how the CERO rating system works and what did Fates received a CERO C instead of CERO B? I know that CERO C is rated 15 and up while CERO B is rated 12 and up in Japan while we don't exactly have a ERSB rating around 15 and up between T for Teen (13 and up) and M for Mature (17 and up) in North America. Since I kinda looked at some plot stuff and content showed in Fates that pretty much did not have in Awakening nor Echoes: Shadows of Valentia that might have gotten bumped to CERO C. Would these type of stuff appeared in Fates might have bumped to CERO C?: or was it something else that might have got Fates bumped to CERO C?
  2. Hey everyone ^^ First of all, this is my first time creating a topic (doesn't mean I'm new to SF though, most of the time I'm here, watching silently ^^) So, I just finished calculating the growth rates for my characters in my Conquest campain, and I'd like some thougts/advices ^^ Note that the growths are calculated for the characters in the classes I defined, but they aren't always they're final classes! For example, MANY characters are GK or Heroes, but while Hero can be a good final class and has also over-average skills, I use GK for the sole purpose of getting the skills, which are excellent (and passing them to the children)... Waiting for your advices! ^^ --> Growths and pairings in the attached files
  3. Kudos to Smiley jims post for giving me the idea http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=39592&page=1is his post The rules and clarifying stuff: -This is not Grinding we are talking about a relativly fast breeze of platinum -Ratings would be seperated to Two parts Utility as a unit and difficulty to get -Gym performance is factored -Eevees Will be rated in one big post rating each one seperately (Hint Flareon gets lowest score) Color-Coded Types These Black=Normal Red=Fire Blue=Water Green=Grass Gold=Electric Cyan=Ice Fire Brick=Fighting Purple=Poison Saddle Brown=Ground Lavender=Flying Magenta=Psychic Lime=Bug Dim Gray=Rock Indigo=Ghost Teal=Dragon Dark Gary=Dark Light Gray=Steel
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