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Found 1 result

  1. So i'm not a veteran of Fire Emblem, I've only played Awakening and now I'm playing Fates, starting with the Birthright path. So I've been thinking on how exactly I should reclass my avatar, and most likely other units, but i'm not sure about how to go about doing it. In Awakening I didn't actually know about reclassing and stuff for the skills till like midway through. The path I went for with most characters in Awakening was to: level them up to their max level in base class --> upgrade to an advanced class and max level them --> reclass to another class for skills --> then back to their original advanced class since I like keeping them at what they're supposed to be But it seems like in Fates there are some limitations which would not allow me to do this, so for example, if I'm currently a lvl 16 Nohr Prince, and my 'talent' is Samurai, how exactly should I go about doing things if I want my avatar to have Astra/Swordfaire and/or Lethality I've been thinking a lot about like who I should marry (I'm having trouble choosing between Hana and Kagero, though Felicia or Azura seem pretty good too...) and what skills I want for all the 2nd gen characters and such... So if you think you can help me out in choosing who I should marry and which would have the most benefits (with stats and skills) and explain if the reclassing thing better for my it would be very much appreciated! (Thanks for reading and sorry if you feel as if this was too long and/or went off topic, I ended up just putting all my questions onto this post)
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