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Found 3 results

  1. Kinda surprised there isn't a thread like this. Finished Thereby Hangs a Tail last night, it was pretty good albeit shorter than I expected. The predecessor I missed is apparently in the library now on reserve so that's good timing, gonna poach that later on.
  2. Hello, I came to ask a simple question... If I want to play as a golem in fe fates how do I hex edit the save so I can change character ids and class ids? And I know of one member's efforts, but it didn't exactly help me... So please answer this question and thank you for your time.
  3. Or... At least I hope this is. http://www.facebe.net/view/ox6iwknkX4A I've looked around to see those who have already gotten their hands on the new Smash, and if they've posted the music n' stuff. Turns out, few have. But here I am, at school bored out of my mind in my iPad. I would share the direct link where I found: Smash Bros Coliseum Melody But my iPad blocks YouTube. So, I searched in Google, and... I'm hoping, this is an alternate link? http://www.facebe.net/view/ox6iwknkX4A I'm not really sure, I'm hoping someone can get back to me on that. The reason why I'm sharing this is because out of all the music I've heard so far from Smash 4, that wasn't from previous games, mind you, they haven't really... Amped me up. This is one of the stand outs, I believe. And hey, it's Fire Emblem! So that's wonderful, yeah? *mumbles* At first I thought this was a Pokémon Colosseum theme, but... EDIT: Anyone? Yes, no? Is it the correct remix? IS it a remix? I can't play the video myself until I get home, so if someone could alert me if this is a link to the correct song...?
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