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Found 1 result

  1. So yes, as I'am garbage at Fire Emblem (I only ever completed FE7 at ENM...), I decided that it would be a good idea to torture myself and play the hardest Fire Emblem game available on GBA. As this is my first ever (full) playthrough of this game I hadn't unlocked Hard Mode, so I'll be playing on Normal Mode. To most people this mode is easy, not for me however. I have no idea hwo to tackle the chapters in this game, the only thing I know is how roughly each character good is. Let's get into this... Anyway that's all for today, hope you'll enjoy! And for those of you who are wondering about my nuzlocke, I won't be doing it anymore as I have a new computer and my old has been taken away. See you later and have a great day/night/wahtever the **** your time is
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