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Found 7 results

  1. Sup everyone, here I come with some more content for your entretainment. Some of you must be asking why SC is on hard mode and the answer would be: "the developers REALLY want you to play that mode on NG+" so instead of made this a luck base mission, I'm gonna try and beat it while keeping my sanity. Without further adds, here's te playlist: EDIT: I finally remember to put the link from the first game so here you go:
  2. Hello everyone, it has been a long while I showed my face here. Today I brought to you a really nice yet somewhat obscure series called The Legend of Heroes 6. I'm planning tackle all the games while doing a LLG on the hardest difficulty while attaining 100% completion in the game Ruadath tried this challenge a long while ago and since he didn't brought it back, I decided to tackle these gems since I love this saga. Without more to talk about, here's the playlist: Only thing left it's the endgame, so bottle up guys: WE'RE GOING FAST
  3. Me at 9PM: Alright, I'll fire up an old Monopoly game on my Wii's NES emulator. Me at 3AM: WHY IS NO-ONE BANKRUPT???!!! I guess FE lords are good at business... And rolling triple doubles. They stink at trading, though. They demand tons of money and never go down. (I named everyone then computerised them turn 1. And it's crazy.) Roy has nearly $20000, and no-one's below $3000. They don't have a single monopoly between them. Bots...
  4. Original thread. So, some of you know I REALLY like this game. So much in fact, that a while after the first one utterly flopped, I asked Clipsey for advice on what to do about it. She said that if I wanted to repost it, it should stay here. So here we are~! Rules: Three prompts are given, your task is to write a short piece (100~500 words or so, though you don't have to be in that ballpark, go as long/short as you want) based on AT LEAST ONE of those prompts. Then proivide three new prompts. Examples, taken from a forum I mod on FFN. [spoiler=Three prompts used]Winter, Goo, and Healing Snowflakes are pretty. They are also cold, and turn the liquid inside those healing bottles into useless green goo. So I curl up next to my Trainer in the little cavern as the blizzard shrieks by outside. My side bleeds, a wound from a surprise Sneasel attack. Espeon like me don't fight Sneasel well. I hope my blood is keeping my Trainer warm at least. She is just a little thing. Maybe I should have been a Glaceon. My first memories are of playing in the snow on a sunny winter's day. Everything was so white, and I loved the crunch as I sank into the snow with each bounce. There were Glaceon too, and I was chasing after them. I chased after them for a while, until I heard the voice of humans calling me back. The other Eevee seemed disappointed when I turned back. I breathed out hard just to see my breath turn pale before me, as I was carried back inside by the mother of my Trainer. My Trainer couldn't even speak words yet, but we could still understand each other. Something approaches from outside, unheeded by the furious weather. I growl, my ears pointing backward. But the creature is unaffected, still coming closer. As it enters the cave, I see that it is a Glaceon, wild but not ferocious. The Glaceon sits down and studies us. "You'll die if that wound isn't treated," says the Glaceon. "Come with me and we'll heal you." "But I can't leave my Trainer," I answer. "Forget the Trainer," says the Glaceon. "We cannot save her. Only you." "If you can save me, you can save her as well," I reply, ears back. "And why would you, a wild Pokemon, want to save me, a Trainer's Pokemon?" "Because you are one of us, even now," says the Glaceon. "I am your mother." It took me a while to process that. "...You are?" "Certainly you don't think the humans birthed you, do you?" said the Glaceon. "You were born out here, to our clan. But you were taken from us when you were very young, before you even had the chance to become a Glaceon. But we have searched and called for you ever since then, and even in your current form we accept you. Come home." "But..." I began, unsure of what to think or say. I think of the Glaceon I chased after when I was an Eevee. Was that my clan trying to get me back? "Do you wish to still dwell with your captors, with this false family that will never treat you as an equal?" asks the Glaceon. "But if I leave, my Trainer will die," I protest. "If you don't leave, you will die," said the Glaceon. "And the girl will probably die anyway." "No." The Glaceon seems both irritated and puzzled. "Why do you choose death?" I do not answer right away. I only think of how warm and wonderful the sunlight is that day, as I became an Espeon before my Trainer's gleeful eyes. How we frolicked together afterward, as slush squished beneath our feet. "I am an Espeon," I say. "I cannot thrive without people. It is a power only humans can give. I'm sorry, mother, but this is where I belong. The Glaceon stays silent, showing no more emotion than a snowflake. Then without a sound she leaves the cave, vanishing into the snow. I cuddle up next to my Trainer, who is still unnerved from the Glaceon. She is so warm. As my eyes close, I think of how it could have been different. But I am so glad to have met my humans. This was written by the incredibly talented The Light's Refrain. [spoiler=One prompt used]Going Down in History The blue-tressed Prince lifted his blade at the Demonic Dragon before him. This is it. As the beast roared its hatred of humanity, he ran foreword and slashed with the Blade of Light. You'll always be remembered for this. Its last breaths told him that darkness will always resurrect him. But that isn't your concern. Marth sighed as Medeus fell dead. Because he knew from now on, a certain humble Prince's name would go down in history. And with that, peace returned, for the name of the Hero-King. I wrote this one myself. Full sample thread EDIT AT PROTO'S SUGGESTION If you want, you can post feedback for the above poster as well. It is highly recommended you do so, as it helps the others improve and makes the game more enjoyable for everyone! Kero~! Now, initial prompts, I going with easy things. Magic Dragon Star-stained sky
  5. Release dates: JP/US/AUS-Nov 21st EU-Nov 28th (I'll be updating this first post if more info comes out, feel free to keep an eye on it) Official site: http://www.pokemonrubysapphire.com/en-us/ Find a scan or image? See this list for fakes. ----Nov 12th---- Just legends available in mirage spots. Deoxys apparently gets a thing. ----October 15th---- Data in the demo shows off weird stuff. ----October 14th---- Mega Steelix and Glalie, US peeps get the demo in the pokemon trainer club (pokemon.com accounts) newsletter. Be sure to opt in! ----October 10th---- So many things, scans are on Serebii. Mega Beedrill and Pidgeot revealed, new flying mechanic, and the mega latis are mentioned. ----October 2nd---- The livestream is airing, so far just recycled footage. Mega Rayquaza hinted, but no images shown. EDIT: Images: ----Sept 12th---- English trailer on Corocoro info Demo:http://www.pokemonrubysapphire.com/en-us/cool-features/special-demo-version You need to get a code, they haven't said how yet.... ----Sept 9th---- Mega Gallade, Sharpedo, and Camerpupt revealed in Corocoro. ----Aug 28---- Preorder bonuses announced for EU You get a mini Kyogre or Groudon statue, a torchic keychain, and the game comes in a metal box instead of plastic ----Aug 12---- Korean website accidentally leaks mega Slowbrow and Audino ----Aug 8th---- Mega Altaria, Mega Lopunny, Mega Salamence in Corocoro http//www.serebii.net/corocoro9141.jpg http://www.serebii.net/corocoro9142.jpg Also contest stuff. There is a character who gives you a shiny Beldum :B ----July 10th---- Mega Metagross revealed in Corocoro. ----July 8th---- Super secret bases revealed! http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/the-secret-is-out-on-super-secret-bases/ ----June7th---- ----May15th---- https://twitter.com/JoeMerrick/status/466940273965400065 Allegedly, ORAS will change the competitive environment in some way. ----May10th---- Sneak peak footage Very disappointing ;_; ----May 8th---- ----May 7th---- [spoiler=At the investors meeting today(May 7th) Satoru Iwata confirmed they were remakes.] Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ended March 2014 [spoiler=Announcement Trailer] [spoiler=Box art][spoiler=Super hi res]
  6. so in spanish we have to say if certain people that i don't give a fuck about that i have to research and say if they are tall or good looking.I don't think brad pitt looks handsome so i am wrong?
  7. Discuss and vote I've asked this question randomly to many people before and I get both answers. I'm just simply curious really
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