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Found 2 results

  1. Teehee Welcome to this little adorable thread! Everyone is welcome to share their Teehee to become a winner of this thing! Let's go, go, GO! teehee
  2. Hi everybody, I'm giving Awakening a second try and will do a new hard/classic run! Here some background: Ok, so while the last time I had a male Robin, this time I went with a female one with SPD boon and HP bane (it's not too late to start all over if that wasn't optimal). I'll try to enjoy the story (still don't know the end of the story yet, even if Heroes spoils a lot) and not bug myself trying to solve every side-quest. But I want to focus on Galeforce and give this skill to many units. If it's not too much grinding, 4-6 units should be doable. I still have the golden package DLC (to level up second row units), but I hope I won't have to use that map much. I'm not planning to buy additional DLC now, but I remember some were recommended (Lost Bloodlines, Future Past). Even if I'm not totally new to Awakening, I still have some open questions: Marriage / Children: One point that made me always feel I missed something in my first run, so I should plan this early. Are there some must-have couples/children? I like to build (strong) Galeforce units, who are the best couples for GF babies? Do the mothers have to be Dark Fliers? First ideas (WIP), need to prioritize ~4-6 GF units: Galeforce Morgan and GF Lucina from Chrom + Robin or better Chrom + Olivia? I would need to start over again if i want to marry Chrom to her GF Severa from Cordelia and Lon'qu GF Mage Owain from Lissa (Dark Flier) + Ricken (?) GF Kjelle from Sully + Donnel OR GF Nah from Nowi + Donnel. Btw: Can Nah Galeforce in dragon form? GF Brady from Maribelle and ? GF Cynthia from Sumia and Henry GF Inigo from Olivia and ? GF Laurent from Miriel and ? GF Noire from Tharja and ? Yarne from Panne and ? Gerome from Cherche and ? Did I forget someone? Donnel passes down Galeforce as the only (?) male unit. Should I use him with Sully, Cherche, Panne or Nowi? Are there any must-have skills that I should inherit to my child units? Do I need to use second seals on the parents? As far as I understood, parents pass down skills they learned until the moment their child joins the team, right? Is there are child unit that I should prioritize because he/she is hilariously funny? Getting skills /second seal Which skills are must-have (at least on one unit of the team)? How should I class my Galeforce users? Any visits into other classes recommended? Weapons / Items: What are the most important weapons/items for each class? I remember Killer and Brave weapons were good, also Javelins and Hand Axes, especially early in the game. Is it worth looking into spotpass for these? I remember Nosferatu and Excalibur were useful tomes. Any other stuff that can make my mages kill easier? I remember them dying fast. Teleporting: Is there any other way to teleport than the rescue staff? Healers: They heal and use rescue. What else should I let them do? How does a really good healer look like, what do I have to do to make him/her good? Some things I remember from my first run: Dragon stones running low fast. Plan couples beforehand. Thanks to everyone who helps me out. I'll try to read and respond 2-3 times a week, depending on my progress in the game.
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