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Found 1 result

  1. REQUIRES A CLEAN FE 6 ROM, UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS IN JAPANESE UNTIL I GET AN UPDATE IN MY FEBUILDER AND IT HAS A TRANSLATION PATCH. This is my FE 6 hack. I have been working on for a while, it's in japanese and I finally finished testing it in hard mode and did the necessary changes. Notable changes include: Buffs to most units through growth rates, bases or weapon ranks: Notable buffs include: Roy using anima magic Marcus having better weapon ranks Zelot, snipers and Dayan have 30 crit Dayan can wield the wo dao Lilina and Sophia can use staves at first tier. Pegasus knights start with light magic Knights and generals can wield swords Gwendy is a level 1 cav with insane growths. Hit rates are increased by 10 wta is +/-1 mt and +/-15 hit magic wta is +/-2 mt and +/- 20 hit Chapter 3 has a hero crest. Flux is 1-3 range. short bow is 1-2 range with 0 crit Certain shops have extra weapons and items Fimbulvetr is a purchasable A rank tome FE 6 Broken Emblem 1102019.ups The second link is what I feel a fairly detailed I hope, experience of my hack. http://aminoapps.com/p/7d8moh Animation credits: Troubador Magic: Lisandra_Brave Roy Magic: Pikmin1211 Pegasus Knight Light magic: Darknight 97 and George Red Knight Sword: TBA Cavalier axe: Primefusion Falcoknight magic animation: George red
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