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Found 4 results

  1. Can I ask a Question? How we can recolor in Fire Emblem 8 Randomizer? I have mixed my FE8 with GBA.FE.Randomizer and I got some new random Class... With tutorial From Gasht Station on Youtube I know how to re-color Character in Fe Randomizer, but It Does not Work in Fire Emblem 8. All of my characters keep their Default color (blue clothes with Green hair and brow hair sometimes...). So Does Anyone know how to recolor in Fire emblem 8? Thanks a lot If you can help me this and sorry for my bad English...
  2. Sorry for more dummy questions :P After inserting the map, this happened: But after a click it disappeared: Why is this happening? Also, my palette for black peg knight messed up... I want to make it like this: Could someone help me with these questions? Thank you very much! :D
  3. Wallpapers For Samsung Note 3 So I made some wallpapers for myself of Fates' Kinu with My Kamui's hair color. Edited Portrait credit goes to AMagieRobot's wonderfull FE14 Support Simulator and Portrait Generator Size increase smoothness credit goes to Nagadomi's super useful waifu2x First Flower texture = Chinese Silk by Qi-lin on Deviantart Grunge texture = Orange Grunge Paper Texture by stock-pics-textures on Deviantart Second Silk texture = Silk Fabric Pack by Rubyfire14-Stock on Deviantart Lightning texture = Gimp 2.0 If anyone has requests, feel free to ask! If I get enough, I may a start a seperate tumblr just for these. It's quite fun.
  4. Hello, so I need to recolor battle sprites/animations on my mac. Does anyone know how? Thanks!
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