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Found 2 results

  1. What's everyone else's backlog list of games? And what would you recommend to your fellow SF-ers (including me)? After I do Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest and Revealations), I have a couple of other games that I want to give a try. Are any of these 3DS games worth my time? Keep in mind that I'll be pretty busy with Fates, and there is Pokémon SM later in the year which I will eventually get. (Just not like on the day of its release like what I did with Pokémon Y.) So far I have finished: My following list of games that I want to play are the following: Alternately how would be getting a Wii for:
  2. Okay so a few questions. Does Draug make a good hunter or should I reclass him into something else. When should I reclass him? I do have ryan by the way. Thinking i'm just going to keep him archer to sniper. MU is cavalier. Thinking I might reclass to him fighter at some point. Currently on chapter 1 playing on normal. Team i'm mainly using, draug,Marth, MU,Luke,Ryan,(probably going to throw palla there whenever you recruit her), Also generally chipping with cecille.
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