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Found 5 results

  1. Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist Reinhardt is famous and got a lot of counters recently for a good reason. Unless you are a player who can anticipate and manipulate the AI well, Reinhardt's existence forces most players to run a counter, or at least a check. As an owner of a triple Reinhardt defense team, triple BH!Lyn defense team, and triple Hector defense team, I can say with confidence that triple Reinhardt defense team is the most broken mono character defense team so far, giving me in excess of 10+ Arena defense wins every week. Reinhardt combines the best of many, many worlds: the offensive superiority of ranged units; high mobility of cavalry units; insane stat buffs of non-infantry units; magical Weapons' targeting of the generally weaker Resistance stat; and physical Weapons' Brave effect. The only units that do not fear his Thunder or his Fists are green units who can counter attack and blue units with insanely high Resistance who can also counter attack. Common green units to watch out for are Deirdre, Julia, Sonya, Hector, Titania, Camilla, and PA!Azura. Less common green units include Gronnraven mages with Triangle Adept and Deflect Magic, like Boey. For blue units to avoid, common ones include lance fliers, Peri, and Azura wielding Berkut's Lance and Distant Counter. Reinhardt can achieve even better performance with Blárblade or surprise unsuspecting players with Raven builds, but those are less common as the investment cost does not justify the marginal returns. Level 40 stats: HP: 34/38/41 Atk: 29/32/35 Spd: 20/23/26 Def: 23/27/30 Res: 22/25/28 Total: 144~145 Default skills: Weapon: Dire Thunder Assist: [none] Special: Blazing Thunder Passive A: [none] Passive B: Vantage Passive C: Goad Cavalry Dire Thunder: General use, Arena offense, Arena Defense Blárblade: General Use, Arena offense Blárblade-Close Counter-Vantage: Arena offense Blárraven/Blárserpent: Arena Assault Credits: @bottlegnomes: Watersweep 3-Phantom Speed 3; dragon slaying.
  2. Forgive me, couldn't find a place on this site to properly place these. Its all propaganda. I was solely posting them on reddit but that didn't work out. So here you go. Will post more eventually. Dio parody AC/DC parody BOC parody Buggles parody 1980s ablum cover parody Gahan parody Pokemon/Rein Sprite I give it my meow Just a strait up sprite
  3. Reinhardt, Thunder's Sword "Die." This quote from Reinhardt from Thracia 666 say's everything about him. Reinhardt seems to have packed away his Dire Thunder tome, and has unsheathed his sidesword to take with him to the battle. Not only can Meisterschwert perform Brave Attacks in the Player Phase, but it can also perform Brave Attacks in the Enemy Phase making Vantage one of the best options for Reinhardt in the B Slot. They found away to make him very similar to his Thracia 776 counterpart. Level 40 Stats: HP: 36/40/43 Atk: 32/35/38 Spd: 20/23/26 Def: 28/31/34 Res: 24/28/31 BST: 156~157 Skills: Weapon: Silver Sword > Meisterschwert Assist: - Special: Pavise A: Death Blow 3 B: Vantage 3 C: Spur Atk 1 > Spur Atk/Def 2 Movement: Cavalry -No access to Infantry Pulse, Wrath, Steady Breath ...etc. Access to Horse Emblem buffs though. Dire Evil Wallheardt (Tanky Build)
  4. Whenever I seem to be having a decent streak going in Arena, the cliche Reinhardt with Moonbow comes up. Who could be the best character to counter The Reinhardt?
  5. I've FINALLY reached 20,000 Feathers again, and I have quite the predicament. Who to promote to 5*?! I currently have... Nino (+Spd, -Res) Reinhardt (+Res, -Spd) Camus (Grand Hero) Clarisse (Grand Hero) Nino is merged, and I know that won't transfer, but she's a main team member with the ideal nature. Reinhardt and Camus are great common Red Unit counters, and Clarisse has amazing debuff action with her personal weapon! Help, please!
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