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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, i have ZERO experience in this game, the first thing i opened was Azura, i just read a random tier lists and tells me that if i get something like Azura i should reconsider rerolling. So should i? Is maybe a more balanced team more desirable? i have no clue... SO far i got: (CNET's tier list, idk if tiers matter or synergies matter more : http://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Tier_List) -Azura -Beruka - Corrin Female - Shanna - Sakura - Soren - Tiki adult - Raigh - Matthew - Virion - Anna - -Cecilia - Palla - -Abel
  2. I was wondering, as I was reading about it online when I googled something to the effect of "why are there so many Kirans in fire emblem heroes". I want to know if it's as effective as it sounds. Anyone here use it?
  3. Hello, im a new player and i was doing some rerolls on my emulator... and after a lot of rerolls got this 2 sets http://imgur.com/a/XQeFU ... im was reading a little bit and i know Takumi is a really good pick... but in the other set i got a 5 star Roy and also got a 4 star Nowi... i think both are good to start but i wanted to someone more experienced to help me on my choice. Thanks for the help
  4. I see a lot of people here in this forum feeling sad for their bad luck drawing only 3star heroes needing so bad the 5star ones.I made the same mistake when this game came out!I rolled once and kept the results!Then i found out that there was a solution.REROLLING!!!I will explain in a few steps the way that everyone (with a bit of luck) can have at least one 5star hero! 1)Get all the free orb gifts that the game offers through you present list when you play for the first time.Play the tutorial until you get 20 pieces.(After the first fight you will have 17 orbs so you just need 3 more fast tutorial fights to get 20 orbs.) 2)Summon 5 heroes and see if you got what you wanted most. (My opinion is nothing less than two heroes with 5stars). 3)If you got 5stars this "guide" ends here! 4)If you got nothing and i mean 3stars,4stars etc then go Misc ---> Settings ---> Account Management ---> Link Account to Nintendo.After that you can see at the same menu the choice "Delete All Data".Press it and start over 'till you get at least two 5star heroes! I hope my post will help a lot of people and make them happy !!CHEERS!!
  5. I have several rerolls binded to different nintendo accounts. I want your thoughts on which one is the most powerful one. A roll with: - 5 star Camilla - 5 star Nowi -5 star Cordelia and Roy
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