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Found 5 results

  1. ## Disclaimer This article is the first of a planned series and written in a relatively short time. I will keep updating with new details. Suggestions welcome. ## Aim of the article We aim to provide a hyper-optimized dodge tank build that is: - New Game - No grinding or almost not grinding: my proposal requires one intermediate class (archer) mastery only with no other class mastery required - Available early: at least available immediately after timeskip or maybe one chapter later, and a mostly reliable but weaker form should be available before timeskip. - Universal survivability: untouchable outside gambits by any enemy (with like about 10 or so outlier enemies with extreme hits); still untouchable by normal attacks even when rattled; most gambits should have 20~30 hit rate depending on their base hit rate (50~60). In other words, outside of consecutive gambits and basically non-existent outlier enemies, it should be completely safe, ever. - Universal kill-power: outside of superbosses, monsters and certain extreme outliers (e.g. heavy armor with effect null), 95% of the enemy should be one-rounded upon counterattack with near 100% guarantee, the remaining should be 2-rounded and very close to be one-rounded. - Universal Availability: such build should be available in all routes. - No stat boosters/cooking outside of fixing RNG screwed unit - Edit: Near-no-setup: no constant setup needed (like Def-Crit, Def-Avo, etc.) One-time setup is OK like battalion skills. All things are academic so if you don't like this playstyle or don't like hyper-optimized builds, great! ## Concepts Soft Avo vs Hard Avo When the avo is provided by battalions, it’s soft because the moment you are rattled, the avo bonus is lost during that turn. It has NOTHING to do with battalion retreating. Soft/Hard Mt/Charm/etc. Similar, but not as important as Avo, since being rattled mostly has to do with survivability, and double-gambits are rare if you play carefully Range-mismatch When an enemy unit has more attack range than gambit range, we call it to have a range-mismatch. Another type of range-mismatch comes from ballistas, but we will illustrate with direct example later. Range-mismatch is important because it is a great way to deal with enemy gambits, and you will be surprised although it looks situational, it's actually common enough to be a worthy trick to keep in mind. Common examples of Range-mismatch - Snipers with 1-range gambit - Any bowknight - Any mage with Death, Thoron, Meteor, or Bolting - Armor/warrior with 1-2-range axes and 1-range gambit - CF enemy Shamir with 5 range (lol, you would think more range = more power, but no, it just turns her into a fodder) (I remember a youtube video proposing Claude's Father as VW final boss instead of Nemesis, and they give him 5 bow range, I instantly was like: please no, don't trivialize your boss for me; but no offense, because of course nobody could think through everything.) ## Build Proposal Components class: Wyvern Lord weapon type: sword abilities: Sword Prowess, Sword Avo (Dancer cert), AS+, Hit+20, Battalion Wrath battalion: Cichol Wyvern Co inventory: Rapier+, Wo Dao+, Evasion Ring, others to consider: Silver Sword+/Brave Sword+/Some Bow for utility adjutant: A-rank adjutant, but B is also serviceable Unit A unit at least should have above average speed and passable luck and charm, no weakness in flying and chosen weapon type, and has the ability needed. Recommend units: Petra, Claude: the best candidates. Petra has better speed and Claude has better charm, but in practice they are not that distinctive. Petra’s main appeal is her universal availability and better class progression, while Claude has Pass built-in, may survive more gambits when rattled and it’s situationally more useful. Both have excellent utility combat arts like Bane of Monsters Hilda: subpar for her boon/bane compared to the former two, stats is also less ideal, and she doesn’t have good utility combat arts. Seteth: no Sword Avo unfortunately. ## Q&A (with some tricks) Q: Isn't the teaching requirement too high? A: No. It should be available relatively early as I said earlier. For example, Petra can be recruited at Ch3~4, reaching Alert Stance and Lance Breaker at Ch6 (from this point she's semi-reliable EP already) Give her Knowledge Gem at all time and teaching and Group Task she can reach AS+ at Ch10 (Ch9 also possible), and Sword Avo available at that point already. You are basically done. The remaining part is to increase Authority from B to A, and Sword Prowess. Q: Why not use a higher avo battalions like Galatea or Immortal? A: For one, the avo is soft avo, and for two, neither provides notable Hit to help reliably hit Lance users Q: What's wrong with grounded dodge tanks? A: First, the movement is subpar; secondly, ground classes do not provide innate avo +10, and can suffer terrain penalty; thirdly, give me any ground build I could give you a rather major flaw compared to a flying build. Q: I'm not willing to give up a Dancer A: It's up to you. It's all just battle field economy. Dancer basically lets you trade a underwhelming PP unit for a good one, i.e. one more kill each turn perhaps, or maybe less, because there are enough capable PP units out there already. On the other hand, a more reliable dodge tank does so much more, and you have to make them ironclad, because we are talking about hundreds of battles deep in enemy territory here, not fishing crits with your snipers. Q: I thought sword is a pretty underwhelming weapon type? What about lance users? A: With Sword Avo, sword user has only 5 less avo than a Bow dodge tank (actually no, since Wo Dao is much lighter than Killer Bow), and a lot higher avo everything else. It's specially important for dodging magic. For hitting lancers, with everything in this build, you are still looking at about 80% hit against Falcons on average late game, which is 92% true hit (i.e. 92% chance one-shot with somewhat-high but not-sky-high strength) Q: What about gauntlets? QR? A: Grounded is still an issue. Also, I don't see it without heavy grinding with several class masteries AND alert stance/alert stance+; if it happens naturally, probably much later than my proposed build; also, heavy armors are hard to deal with (I tried NG+ Felix, but no, still not 100% kill, I guess only Dimitri can do it, but that's too deep in NG+ territory) Q: Petra's mediocre charm? A: vanilla Petra has mediocre charm, true. But Dancer cert gives much needed 5, and Cichol Wyvern gives another 10. On average, you are looking at around 43 charm at Level 45 endgame (dodge tanks tend to overlevel other units by several levels), which is enough to keep gambit hits low. As long as you are careful not putting her into multiple gambits and risk being hit by 2, you are fine. Also, Divine Pulse is a thing, since you mostly won't need them for other things now that you have a strong dodge tank. Q: BW is annoying to setup A: Early in timeskip, enemies are not that strong, so you can be more reckless with your dodge tank and let it be hit with gambit, and gradually setup BW when the battle gets tough. Alternatively, do an aux battle, let your Byleth or someone to take the Cichol and gets hit multiple times, and return it to your dodge tank. Since dodge tanks basically never gets hit, you are looking at setting it up only once per playthrough (or maybe 2~3 max if you are too reckless) Q: Gambits everywhere, do I really have no means to deal with them? A: Yes you do, actually quite commonly you can deal with them with dodge tanks. When an enemy has a range-mismatch, park your dodge tank at the edge of their range, they will attack you normally and die. Q: Can ballistas be dealt with similarly? A: Yes. A lot of notable ballistas in later maps can (e.g. VW final map, AM Fort Mercius map, etc.). Many places you can see Sniper Ballistas with 1-range Gambits. Park dodge tank at 2-range, they will shoot you normally, since ballista has minimal 3-range. Q: I don't like juggernauting A: You do you. I'm not arguing this playstyle is the best, but I don't think it's necessarily juggernauting. Dodge tank needs a lot of investment anyway, why not go an extra mile and get the best? I already showed that there is basically no grinding involved. You can still have a usual full team of capable PP units, a secondary dodge tank like Ferdinand and you have basically doubled your military strength with a strong dodge tank. In AM, Dimitri has no conflict with this build, so you can have a Dimitri and a better Dimitri. I will add more if things are brought up. ## Next (to come up): supportive teammates that are good with dodge tanks, and what is a typical flow of play like
  2. I need to do some research on the general consensus of healers in FEH, and given that staff units are the typical demote nowadays So I have some questions 1: Are they good to use? 2: Do they compare well to other heroes? 3: Do they need a kind of buff? 4: Do they require more investment to be good than most heroes?
  3. Hi! I am currently finding out some information about making a nice game. It would be a pleasure if you give your small time answering my small survey for this study. If you have a feedback to my survey, please feel free to comment on it so I can improve it better since it's my first time making a such study. Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8BX66DP Thanks!
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm looking for general(or specific) topics to research & present to the people. Not any particular reason other than I'm bored and want to learn new stuff that I would never think of looking up. In a perfect world I'd present one of these a week (in this topic I guess), and the topic would just be a suggestion in the topic that piques my interested. Okay that's it, thanks
  5. At long last, I have discovered the secret Jealousy charts that have been missing from this site for so long! I have manually tested this out for each and every child character, as well as Celice, Leaf, Oifaye, and Shanan! Sadly, I did not get this for the substitute characters as well, nor did I get it for Johan. I also cannot assume that these Jealousy charts are the same for the sub versions as they are for the child versions, because the ROM Addresses used to store the love growth for each couple are NOT the same between the children and subs. I COULD test out the love growth for all the subs as well but...that sounds too time consuming to me. So here they are, with some notes to accompany them! NOTE #1: Julia is usually on the bottom of every Jealousy chart; however, she is at the TOP of Aless and Shanan's charts! I...have no idea why this is, but she does. NOTE #2: The Subs and Children do NOT share the same ROM Addresses. Where address 7E3CE5 will be dedicated to Celice and Patty in a Children, that SAME address will be dedicated to Skasaha & Daisy in a Subs run. NOTE #3: These charts assume that you Reset the game at least once upon entering Gen 2. I...did not feel like going through every possible combination for a No-Reset run. NOTE #4: The game never allows you to marry direct siblings to each other, so it puts a permanent -1 inside every Address that contains a brother's affection for her sister. So for example, Lakche and Skasaha have an Address that stores the amount of Love Points they've built up with each other; however, said number will always be negative -1. NOTE #5: THAT SAID, other women will still get jealous when they see a man with his sister. Said sister is already placed at the very bottom of that man's Jealousy chart; so you can ALWAYS use them as a Jealousy bot! So if you're trying to pair Fee with Arthur, you can put Patty and Tinny next to Arthur before putting Fee next to Patty and Tinny. Do that, and Fee will get an addition +10 Love Points per turn! NOTE #6: The game puts Altenna on a higher place on some men's lists than "Other Girls"...even though Altenna's love values also seem to be set at a permanent -1 for all possible suitors. NOTE #7: The game normally uses address 7E3C75 to track Celice and Tinny's love growth if you've reset the game once since starting Gen 2. HOWEVER, if you HAVEN'T reset it, it will actually use that address for Celice and Julia instead! That's right! The game literally REPURPOSES the address used for Celice and Julia into something else upon reset! However, Julia still generates bonus love points for other women to steal. Aless: Julia > Nanna > Lakche > Fee > Tinny > Leen > Lana > Patty > Altenna Arthur: Leen > Lana > Fee > Patty > Other Girls Celice: N/A Corple: Lana > Patty > Altenna > Other Girls Delmud: Lakche > Fee > Tinny > Leen > Lana > Patty > Altenna > Other Girls Faval: Altenna > Other Girls Johalva: Nanna > Lakche > Fee > Tinny > Leen > Lana > Patty > Altenna > Julia Leaf: N/A Lester: Patty > Altenna > Other Girls Oifaye: Nanna > Lakche > Fee > Tinny > Leen > Lana > Patty > Altenna Sety: Tinny > Leen > Lana > Patty > Other Girls Shanan: Julia > Nanna > Lakche > Fee > Tinny > Leen > Lana > Patty > Altenna Skasaha: Fee > Tinny > Leen > Lana > Patty > Altenna > Other Girls EDIT: Oh yes, and just in case there ARE any errors, or want to manipulate the amount of Love Points characters have, or want to figure out what Jealousy charts the SUB characters have...here you go: LOVE GROWTH ADDRESSES: Aless and Fee - 7E3C69 Aless and Julia - 7E3BFD Aless and Lakche - 7E3C45 Aless and Lana - 7E3CD5 Aless and Leen - 7E3CB1 Aless and Nanna - 7E3C21 Aless and Patty - 7E3CF9 Aless and Tinny - 7E3C8D Arthur and Fee - 7E3C6B Arthur and Julia - 7E3BFF Arthur and Lakche - 7E3C47 Arthur and Lana - 7E3CD7 Arthur and Leen - 7E3CB3 Arthur and Nanna - 7E3C23 Arthur and Patty - 7E3CFB Arthur and Tinny - 7E3C8F Celice and Fee - 7E3C51 Celice and Julia - 7E3BE5 Celice and Lakche - 7E3C2D Celice and Lana - 7E3CBD Celice and Leen - 7E3C99 Celice and Nanna - 7E3C09 Celice and Patty - 7E3CE1 Celice and Tinny - 7E3C75 Corple and Fee - 7E3C5D Corple and Julia - 7E3BF1 Corple and Lakche - 7E3C39 Corple and Lana - 7E3CC9 Corple and Leen - 7E3CA5 Corple and Nanna - 7E3C15 Corple and Patty - 7E3CED Corple and Tinny - 7E3C81 Delmud and Fee - 7E3C61 Delmud and Julia - 7E3BF5 Delmud and Lakche - 7E3C3D Delmud and Lana - 7E3CCD Delmud and Leen - 7E3CA9 Delmud and Nanna - 7E3C19 Delmud and Patty - 7E3CF1 Delmud and Tinny - 7E3C85 Faval and Fee - 7E3C57 Faval and Julia - 7E3BEB Faval and Lakche - 7E3C33 Faval and Lana - 7E3CC3 Faval and Leen - 7E3C9F Faval and Nanna - 7E3C0F Faval and Patty - 7E3CE7 Faval and Tinny - 7E3C7B Johalva and Fee - 7E3C5B Johalva and Julia - 7E3BEF Johalva and Lakche - 7E3C37 Johalva and Lana - 7E3CC7 Johalva and Leen - 7E3CA3 Johalva and Nanna - 7E3C13 Johalva and Patty - 7E3CEB Johalva and Tinny - 7E3C7F Leaf and Fee - 7E3C59 Leaf and Julia - 7E3BED Leaf and Lakche - 7E3C35 Leaf and Lana - 7E3CC5 Leaf and Leen - 7E3CA1 Leaf and Nanna - 7E3C11 Leaf and Patty - 7E3CE9 Leaf and Tinny - 7E3C7D Lester and Fee - 7E3C65 Lester and Julia - 7E3BF9 Lester and Lakche - 7E3C41 Lester and Lana - 7E3CD1 Lester and Leen - 7E3CAD Lester and Nanna - 7E3C1D Lester and Patty - 7E3CF5 Lester and Tinny - 7E3C89 Oifaye and Fee - 7E3C6D Oifaye and Julia - 7E3C01 Oifaye and Lakche - 7E3C49 Oifaye and Lana - 7E3CD9 Oifaye and Leen - 7E3CB5 Oifaye and Nanna - 7E3C25 Oifaye and Patty - 7E3CFD Oifaye and Tinny - 7E3C91 Sety and Fee - 7E3C5F Sety and Julia - 7E3BF3 Sety and Lakche - 7E3C3B Sety and Lana - 7E3CCB Sety and Leen - 7E3CA7 Sety and Nanna - 7E3C17 Sety and Patty - 7E3CEF Sety and Tinny - 7E3C83 Shanan and Fee - 7E3C53 Shanan and Julia - 7E3BE7 Shanan and Lakche - 7E3C2F Shanan and Lana - 7E3CBF Shanan and Leen - 7E3C9B Shanan and Nanna - 7E3C0B Shanan and Patty - 7E3CE3 Shanan and Tinny - 7E3C77 Skasaha and Fee - 7E3C55 Skasaha and Julia - 7E3BE9 Skasaha and Lakche - 7E3C31 Skasaha and Lana - 7E3CC1 Skasaha and Leen - 7E3C9D Skasaha and Nanna - 7E3C0D Skasaha and Patty - 7E3CE5 Skasaha and Tinny - 7E3C79
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