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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I think something is really wrong with FE13. Not something like durability, gold costs, shops upgrading far too slowly compared with the ennemies' weapons (like when you have access to steel while the ennemies get silvers and you get silver or killer when they get braves...), beast stones being a myth before chapter 10/12 and dragonstone being barely enough before beating Gangrel (just before getting access to the shop that sells them...a shop selling transformation stones...for real?). That's certainly a stupid design but Awakening wasn't a game for logic, coherence. It was a game for fans and new comers to enjoy and play with adaptive difficulty (with really high gaps between each difficulty and the return of FE6 stupid EP reinforcements). No, what I'm addressing here and now is...THE most awfully balanced stat. I mean, RESISTANCE. You know, a stat very useful for late game, mid game and not deniable for early game when ennemies power creep each chapter before staying still for 5 consecutive chapter just before the mid game power creep. When you take damage from physical ennemies while magical attackers take out 1/2 of your HP in one attack. With D ranks. Cordelia, your bulky offensive pegasus, has 90% in HP, 60% in str, skl and spd, 45% in luck and def and...35% in res, starting with 8 res level 7. Level 20 she'll have on average 12.55 res. Level 20/20 Falcon knight she'll have 17.1 res not counting promotion bonus. Magical ennemies in late game deal 35-40 damage easily, even the ones who use 10 range tomes hit more 30-35 without difficulty. A pegasus, class made to tank magic damage and kill mages before they slaughter your whole team, takes 20 damage on average from each of those mages who manages to hit her. Sumia starts at 7 res level 1 and has 40% res. Level 20/20 she has an average of 22 res without promotion bonuses. Still taking 15 damage per hit on average in late game. Maribelle has 6+2 level 3 and 55% growth, average of 25.8+2 as a troubadour/walkyrie level 20/20 without promo bonus, and 24.whatever+2 as a war cleric. A unit whose only defensive stat is res still takes 12 damage on average in late game, and her 18 base HP and 65% growth don't let her the pleasure to face tank magic while any physical ennemy can come in and finish her at 60% HP (15% def growth as a valkyrie and 20 as a war cleric, 75% hp as a war cleric). Lissa is even worse: starting at 4 res, with 50% growth as a cleric and downgrading to 45% after promotion, she has 22 res on average without promotion bonuses, with 70% hp growth as a cleric/sage and 80% as a war cleric. She's a healer with the same res as a physical unit (Sumia) in end game, starting with less res than said unit. Nowi has 2+9 res with dragonstone and starts at 18 HP, with 50% res growth. On average level 30 she has 16.5+9 res (25.5), the same as Maribelle before res +2. She doesn't get any promotion bonus. Even your hybrid hyper tank has only 60% magic damage reduction without abusing seals. This game was completely balanced around multi-reclassing instead of being balanced to be enjoyable with base classes and normal gameplay. You can't even choose to de-activate the attack stance mechanic, so if you wanna play old school, you loose your support bonuses. Avoid has been severely cut, with spd *1.5 instead of 2 and luck *.05 instead of 1. So in a normal game you have your highest dodge/res magical tank/mage killers who take 40-55% of the damage magic attackers deal and they have 37+2 spd 30 luck (Sumia), 39*1.5= 58.5; 30*0.5=15; 58+15=73 avoid. The ennemies who target Sumia have ~140% hit rate, they are higher than 60% hit rate. Awakening has craptastic res levels even on the highest res units, and res growth per class is incredibly low: 10% for pegasus, 5% for mercenary, like pegasi and mercenaries were supposed to have nearly the same res...seriously? Nowi at 50% res! Myrrh had 7 base res +20 in FE8with 30% growth at level 1! Fae had 6 base res +20 with 50% growth in FE6! Nowi is pure trash compared to these! Not only on the res part, but also on the def with 2+15 base for Fae with 30% growth and 2+15 base for Myrrh with 150% growth! These manaketes barely took any damage from unpromoted ennemies in their joining map (at least Myrrh since I didn't go so far in FE6, too boring, maps are too big you spend entire turns just walking), while Nowi get 2 shot in her joining map with Gregor backpack increasing her def and more base HP! Her only good point is having more uses of dragonstone and getting dragonstone + by the end of the game, not salvaging her awful start and unability to do anything once she inevitably breaks her first dragonstone while levelling up to get on par with your other units without getting any kind of bonus exp (no paragon, no exp *1.5 or other kinds of bonuses from GBA games), unlike the GBA manaketes who could reach level 20 in 19-30 fights and keep 20 uses at max level to kill the most dangerous ennemies, while having no 2 range allowed them to tank ranged attacks without loosing durability; Nowi hits at 2 range, and thus looses durability so she breaks her dragonstone much faster than the other 2). Even Tiki, with 12+9 base (normal dragonstone, not counting dragonstone +), only reached 18+9 (27) res while having the highest res growth of all of Awakening's cast, simply she joins already at level 20, not helping much, and her recruitment chapter on anything above normal is really annoying, with late game level ennemies, every one of them flying, packing on your weakest units with 40+ damage each while you had to maintain a turtle-like formation to take the incoming ennemies out and then go kill the next ones before coming back to turtle again and again for like 10+ turns before you can finally end that pain by rushing the boss with your best units and torture them to make them pay for this awful level design they have nothing to do with (thanks Intelligent Systems/Nintendo devs for this game so purely made of brute force and suicide, it feels like playing The Lord of the Rings instead of watching it, but you don't have many parts where you can kill the boss to end the chapter). This game is a pain for these reasons, and I miss my magic nullifying units each time I play awakening without playing dread fighter. Oh man, why did they put so much damage AND accuracy on every single magic ennemy in the game? The prologue already sends you to hospital with it's mages. If you have tips on how to get a mage killer invulnerable to magic without using second seals like 3x in a row or having 10+ levels more than the ennemies (well it's the same since you have 10+ levels more than them at that point) with the rare anti magic units. And without nosferatu involved because it breaks the game by existing and being buyable from chapter 4 onward as long as you have gold... For me it's like, let your mage killer behind and send them kill the mages, until you get to Valm and the mages become dark knights who tank all damage better than your units tank theirs... and you've got to risk your more physical oriented units to finish them off cuz your mage killer left them at 40-50% HP... So in the end, I say "F*** off, this game is not a T-RPG, it's a hack n'slash, just grind your way through the 50 ennemies who deal 70% of your damage each and come 5 by 5 on each of your units". It always ends like that. I'm not into puzzles. At least I finished this game twice. I didn't even get to the 2/3rd of Fates because it has no story to keep me in and gameplay also becomes boring or map design annoying at certain points, and I quit because I'm bored. I did FE8 like...15 times from the beginning to the end, 10x creature campaign, completed lagdou ruins so many times I don't even recall (I was into min-maxing my units), stopped more than 50 playthrough during mid game and hundreds around chapter 6-12 but I can't even get to chapter 19/20 of Fates and Awakening becomes boring during the Valm arc, and ends up completely boring after the Valm arc, when you don't even feel like there's a point in continuing to play, because any random encounter is harder than the main game anyway, DLC are harder, and unit balance is just about who get the most second seals and the best skills. I feel like Fire Emblem has gone out of it's genre, Awakening being the one at fault for taking a 180° bend from Fire Emblem, downgrading everything introduced in the Tellius series (rabbit is worse than anything in Tellius games, I even preferred the herons although I hate dancer-like units outside Fates), the height/balcony bonus/malus has vanished, the indoor movement malus to mounted units has vanished, allowing mounts to return to their all around domination in rushing tactics and in Fates cavaliers even benefit from elbow room, one of the most OP free damage skills in the game, and they have it from level 1. Transformation takes no management again, has no drawbacks unless weapon durability is a drawback (more for Taguel than Manakete who can buy dragonstone + anyway from the beginning), so manaketes can freely attack/counter at 1/2 range, I feel like this game just wants you to play the same way as in a hack n'slash: maximize your sustain and damage, and go slaughter waves of ennemies after waves of ennemies. Team building is limited by open maps with a mix of flying ennemies, cavalry and foot units, meaning you can barely use squishy supports from the Valm arc onward, you have nothing to answer the 10 sages/sorcerers with 10 range tomes too far for you to reach, while they can eat half of your units' HP in one attack or 2 while being virtually invulnerable until they have used all their durability and become useless. So, now I'll literally play Awakening like I play Diablo 2 and 3, grind and slaughter waves of ennemies who now can't scratch you anymore cuz the game allows and encourages you to be 20+ levels above your ennemies. And forge like your life depends on it, because 1RKO means less possibility to be RNG-screwed. End of...is it even a rant?
  2. Working on some new ideas for skills. Here's my first one: Ward Type: Command Target: Self Effect: When activated, physical attacks (Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, Daggers, and non-magical Monster Weapons etc.) target Resistance instead of Defense for 3 turns. Once the effect ends, the user can not use Ward again for 3 turns.
  3. [spoiler=fluff] (From The Resistance on Boardgamegeek) Welcome to The Resistance VI. The above gives a brief overview of the game. Of course, being a forum game it's going to last significantly longer than 30 minutes (probably over a month). The Resistance is a simple, mafia style team game, with a focus on information and deductions as well as reading people's behaviours. Each round is split into multiple phases: First the leader (who changes each round) chooses people for the mission. Then, people vote to approve or reject the mission. If rejected, leadership moves around to the next person. If approved, then each person chooses to complete the mission, or if they're a spy, may choose to sabotage the mission. A sabotaged mission is a success for the spies, while no sabotage is a success for the rebels. The first team to score a majority of successes wins the game. In Resistance:Avalon, Merlin makes an appearance - a powerful Cop-like role for the rebels who knows who all the spies are! But his knowledge is tempered by an assassin, and if the assassin kills him, all is lost... That's an outline of the game. Here's some more in-depth rules, for your reading pleasure. Below the rules is the new bit - you're definitely going to need that! [spoiler=Rules]The game is NOC, which includes the spies (they may NOT communicate via PM). No communicating via direct code is allowed. That being said, the spies may want to try and drop hints about who should do what in their messages if they think it'll help, but of course should be very subtle - if they aren't, they may just sell out both themselves and a friend. At the start of the game, each player is told they're either a rebel or a spy and possibly their roles - we'll come back to the different roles in the game later. Most rebels know either nothing or very little, while the spies know all of their teammates - but not which teammate has which role. Depending on the player count, the number of spies may be two (5-6 players), three (7-9 players) or four (10 players). Everyone else will be a Rebel. This game will have up to 10 players. I feel that 7 is the optimum number for Resistance:Avalon games, but anything from 5-10 is okay. We have started with 7 players. I'm happy about this! At the start of each round the leader (who is known publicly) has 24 hours (this can be extended to 48 on request) to propose a team. This team MAY include themselves, but MAY choose not to (there are good reasons for why both may be good ideas). After the team has been proposed, each person must privately vote yes or no to the proposal. After 24 hours, everyone's votes will be revealed and totalled (in other words, everyone makes the choice to vote yes/no and reveals it at the same time - so people will know how you voted). If you don't vote, your vote will be randomised. The leader does also vote, and in fact sometimes may want to vote no himself. If there is a majority decision saying yes, then the mission goes ahead. If there is no majority yes, then the vote fails and leadership passes on to the next person. If a mission gets to it's fifth proposal in a row, that mission will automatically be sent, without any voting. So always pay attention to who would be making the fifth proposal in a mission! Once the team has been decided, the mission moves on to the mission phase. Here, all of the chosen people for the mission must choose whether to support the mission (pass) or sabotage it (fail). This is done secretly, and who chose what is not made public - just the number of sabotages is revealed. Each operative on the mission has 24 hours to make their choice - spies may choose to sabotage or support the mission, while resistance MUST choose to support it. After 24 hours have passed, all operatives (including spies) will be assumed to support the mission. Finally, the results of the mission are revealed, leadership passes on to the next person, and the next mission starts. If the Resistance win 3 missions, the game moves into the assassination phase (see below spoiler for further details). At the point the spies may discuss, collate information, do whatever they want, but ultimately the Assassin must kill one player. If that player is Merlin, all is lost for good, and the spies win. If that player is anyone else, the spies have failed, and the resistance wins (including the dead player, of course). The resistance win by succeeding on 3 missions, and having Merlin survive. The spies win by sabotaging 3 missions, or by killing Merlin. The next bit is very important - this is the new mechanics introduced in Avalon. Make sure to read it! [spoiler=Merlin and other new roles]In Resistance:Avalon, some players will have roles. Each of these gives a player extra information (or changes the information given to other players). Make sure you understand how these roles work. One Resistance member will be Merlin. Merlin gets to know ALL of the spies, right from the start of the game! This means that he will know who is good and who is evil, although he doesn't find out their roles. Merlin however, has one big problem - he must be subtle, or the Assassin might discover who he is... The Assassin is a spy who is capable of killing another player at the end of the game. Normally in Resistance, the Resistance would win the moment they succeed on their third mission. But in Avalon, a third success instead moves the game into the assassination phase. At this point, spies can freely discuss, share any information they want, but ultimately the Assassin must target one other player to assassinate. If that player is Merlin, the spies win! If not, the assassination fails and the Rebels win. Therefore, Merlin should be very careful, and needs to mislead the spies while also giving as much information to the Resistance as he can get away with. He may need help by being covered by a teammate. Someone like... Percival is a Rebel who is also Merlin's bodyguard, and so at the start of the game, he will find out who Merlin is. This means he can follow Merlin's leads and attempt to misdirect the Spies, or otherwise use his information to work things out. However, he should be careful - Morgana the spy has disguised herself as Merlin, and so Percival will see two people and not know who is his Merlin, and who is the spy. Working out which is which could be key to his success in the game. Morgana as mentioned above is a special Spy who is disguised as Merlin, and so misleads Percival. This is all she does, but as a spy she must of course try to do all the other things spies do. Everyone else in the game will be a generic Loyal Servant of Arthur (Rebel) or Minion of Mordred (Spy). But fear not! Asides from trying to do your jobs and work out who the spies are (or blend in), you can also be trying to work out who Merlin is, and provide him cover (or kill him...), or just follow his leads. Note that The Resistance has no player elimination - in fact, even if a spy is known, they can direct the other spies publicly with suggestions or advice, or can keep denying the evidence, if they can think of an alternate suggestion. If you enjoy this game, I highly advise you buy it! Okay, this slightly infringes on advertising, but to be honest, this is a commercial game you're playing for free. The game itself is inexpensive (about $15 IIRC) and you get a set of good quality components. It's like playing Mafia IRL, but easier, quicker, with no moderator and it's more about information than reading people's faces. So if you do like the game, supporting the developers is definitely recommended. Finally if there are any questions, especially about the new roles, feel free to ask. And as long as you understand the rules, you don't need to have played a Resistance before :). [spoiler=Role PMS] (Note: In any case where multiple names are listed, they will always be done in mission order, which is shuffled just before the game begins) There are two Loyal Servants Player list (listed in leadership order): Kopfjäger Eurykins Bluedoom Kay Refa Frosted Fire Flakes Reinfleche IOs: Polydeuces SB Randa
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