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Found 4 results

  1. This is my place to share my assets. Give credit where it's due, I was lazy and decided to indicate who needs to be credited by the folders in the "all of my weapoon icons.rar" file! I hope you all will enjoy my work! http://www.mediafire.com/folder/81slm49dquypf/Fates-Blade's+Assets Also, everything in there is F2E (or free 2 edit) just be sure to credit.
  2. I can't seem to find the DS Fire animation used in the Fire Emblem IV: Inheritors of the Crusade hack which is supposed to be downloadable at FEUniverse, but the link is broken. I know the animation has been posted a while ago, but why isn't it on Klokinator's topic or FEUniverse? Did they make it private or something?
  3. I figure any exposure is good exposure for this project so.... A few months back, I and a group of very nice people on Miiverse/tumblr started collecting screencaps of all the possible hair colors the second generation characters can get. We got very far and collected pictures for ALL non-Avatar parents, and we only have a few of the Avatar's hair colors left. They're all in this Photobucket album; you can navigate the sidebar to see all the kids. I also made a handy download link for anyone who'd rather have that. Some examples: "Why the hell did you do this," you may ask. Because if you're gonna have fictional video game kids, they might as well be beautiful, so now you know exactly what you're getting into when you marry this-and-this with so-and-so. Everyone knows that the most important eugenics in the game is hair eugenics. Also you notice some neat things, like the fact that Gaius, Stahl, and Chrom have awful hair genes aside from a few exceptions, all the hair colors in the game are unique. Gregor and Ricken have different auburn hair, Henry and Avatar hair 1 are different white, Priam, Chrom, and Avatar hair 3 are different blue hair, etc. Exceptions are as follows: 1) Gregor and Avatar hair 19 give the same auburn hair 2) Henry and Walhart give the same white hair 3) Gaius and Avatar hair 20 are technically not the same, but the differences are so minimal they might as well be 4) Lissa and Emmeryn, unsurprisingly, give the same blonde hair Also Yarne's fur color changes depending on his hair color (I mean all his fur, not just that little tuft), but ONLY in the confession images. Neat! And yes, the kids show up with the Avatar's hair color in their confession image in the support log if a file where the Avatar is their dad is the last activated save file. This is a lot of words about video game hair colors, use the images for whatever resources you fancy, blah blah. Thanks for indulging me by reading this far. I'm taking my time with the remaining hair colors, but they'll be finished eventually. (And might as well plug my other project, making transparent sprites of all the characters and their expressions.)
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