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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I am in a band called Grimleal, which makes symphonic black/melodic death metal that is inspired by and about Fire Emblem. We dropped a new single back in late December called "Love Reincarnate", which is the first song in the Time-Surpassing Fate trilogy (named after our upcoming EP), and is based on Rhajat's reincarnation. There is some Japanese folk elements in the song, which is intended to evoke the aesthetics of Hoshido, and because it was also inspired by Fates' soundtrack. There’s also a slight gothic metal influence, in the vein of Cradle of Filth’s Dusk and Her Embrace era, so if you're a fan of that band and that album, you may enjoy this one a lot. Anyways, if any of the above happens to pique your interest in any way, feel free to give it a listen and leave any comments/criticisms! (P.S. There's plenty of references to Rhajat's dialogue in the lyrics, can you spot them all?)
  2. In my current revelations run ive optimized the hell out of my child units but I have 5 mothers and 4 fathers left im not sure who to pair with each other. I have a temporary setup and 2 of these children end up garbage. With my only options being Felicia, Orochi, Nyx, Rinkah and Setsuna, who do these 5 best suit when it comes to Dwyer, Kigari, Nina and Rhajat? Current Pairs: Dwyer! Orochi ( Garbage final pair I heard makes an ok Basara) Nina! Setsuna (For the +7 speed but I heard Nyx is ok if you want a shining bow build?) Kigari! Rinkah (Good for Sidelong, Setsuna is better for Nina for now so yeah...) Nyx! Rhajat (Many polls and discussions said Rhajat is better re-classed as Sorcerer) Leftover Mom: Felicia
  3. Hello! I have decided to write A Vexing Encounter, seeing as there was no support conversations between Rhajat and Soleil. I figured it would be nice to see how they would interact, as well as work on my writing since I am a bit rusty. Any constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  4. Feedback Thread: Support C Holding a stack of tomes in both arms, Rhajat walked down the halls of the barracks to get back to her room. There was research to be done, her current predicament leaving no time for personal training as she remembered her earlier talk with her father Hayato. Ever since she had been blamed by the sudden illness plaguing a nearby village, the young diviner couldn't take her mind off it. Was she mad that the villagers blamed her for their misfortune? No, not really, but she had taken the problem into her own hands either way. It was something she couldn't help, and her father was at least proud of her because of it. At least she could revel in the fact that she was doing something that would warrant his attention. Still, with these thoughts in her mind, the young diviner hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings, especially who was in front of her. With a simple misstep Rhajat tripped, sending her books flying as she stumbled against the person that had been greeting her. Fortunately for Rhajat, instead of falling to the floor with her books, the other simply caught her in their arms. "Whoa there! Might wanna look where you're going hehe." At that Rhajat had a nasty retort for the girl, but when she looked up to see her rescuer the diviner quickly felt her mind go blank. The girl was pretty, attractively so, with long pink hair that fell in layers, and lovely golden eyes that stared right back at her. She had seen her before, from afar, but couldn't remember from where. After all, all she could think about at the moment was how close they really were, with the girl's hands settled against her back while her own were steadying themselves against her che- Quickly pulling away at the sudden revelation and steadying herself, Rhajat kept her gaze on the other for a few moments, before crouching down to pick up her tomes. "Heh, not much of a talker are you?" she heard the girl call out, before noticing that instead of simply standing there she too started to help in gather up her books. "That's okay, I tend to find the quiet ones are the cutest," was then added, and with a dazzling smile she handed her one of the tomes she had picked up. Ah, Rhajat now remembered where she had heard of her, eyes now narrowing at the prospect of being this girl's next "target". The sudden pitter patter of her heart ceased the moment she remembered who she was dealing with, frown prominent as she snatched the book away and continued to pick up the rest of them in a hurry. Noticing this, the other girl simply blinked in slight confusion before offering another smile. "Hey, how about I help you with that stack? In fact, I was just about to go for some tea and I thought maybe-" "Whatever you have planned Soleil, I don't want to hear any of it." Shutting her down completely, Soleil simply stared wide-eyed at Rhajat as the other girl picked herself up with tomes now in hand once more. "Y-You know my name?" was all she could say at the other, who now sported an unimpressed expression. "I know of your...reputation with girls, and honestly I find it a bit...vexing," she corrected the other, before walking past the now speechless mercenary. If it weren't for the urgency of the cure, she would've loved to stay and revel at the other's fishy expression. "...W-Wait, but you don't even-" Soleil started to say, quickly recovering, but Rhajat would hear none of it. "I don't even what? You'll just say any pretty little thing to sweep me off my feet, and the next moment you'll be saying the exact same words to another girl," she explained, now shifting in her spot as she turned round and looked at her. When Soleil didn't say anything this time, speechless once more, the diviner simply...sighed, before giving her a deadpan look. "Save your words for someone who will fall for them. I for one have important business to attend to so if you'll excuse me," and with a sense of finality she walked away into her room, giving the poor girl no time to actually defend herself from the onslaught of accusations. Once she was finally at her room though, door closed behind her, Rhajat let out the breath she had been holding and slinked onto the floor. Letting the tomes pool around her she placed both hands over her face, covering the imminent blush that started to form. Her quickened pulse returned, now followed by a fluttering sensation in her stomach. The infatuation was certainly there, no doubt about it, but Rhajat couldn't help but think of it as something more, something that she's only felt for one other person her whole life. How could it be possible, after all is said and done, that her feelings were this fickle when it came to love? No, it couldn't be. Gods this couldn't be possible! All this trouble because one girl simply caught her when she fell? Well, it wasn't exactly the cliffs this time but... Moving her hands to place them against her stomach, the feeling still there, Rhajat couldn't help but narrow her eyes at such a predicament. Maybe...this was all of Soleil's doing. Yes...yes! Some way or another the other girl got her hands on a curse to make her feel this way. If so, then all Rhajat had to do was find a counter to it, and she'll be back to her old self! But first, focus on the task at hand. Looking around at the tomes she once again picked them up and set them atop her working table. Once done she sat down, and began to work. If she could find a cure for a whole village, she sure as hell can find a cure for this "curse".
  5. I need some good skills on my rhajat pls im playing on birthright and have little access to the really good skills like shurikenbreaker and vengence so if anyone had a Rhajat with such skills feel free to put your castle address here (I just restarted I dont have much to offer but a pretty decent takumi build)
  6. So Battlebees from tumblr/Youtube decided to create custom sprites featuring Oboro's children inheriting the demon face. (Original website here.) Sophie just looks silly cute; I just can't seriously imagine her with a demonic face. Midori looks like she ran out of weed and starting to have withdrawal symptoms hehehe. Nina, on the other hand, looks like she ended up spending the entire night, watching men interact, and getting sleep deprived the next morning. Mitama also looks like she got rudely woken up by Azama and angry for being deprived of sleep. Well, that's what happens when you don't go to bed dear. Asugi looks like a douchey teen who's been trying to act edgy after playing too much GTA. Ignatius, Dwyer, and Rhajat don't look all that different... Not too sure about Shiro or Selkie... I'd hate to see Caeldori or Hisame with such a face though. They look like they are going to utterly screw you over. Both Kanas also looks unsettling. And Gods, is this what happens when Kiragi must have inherited both Oboro's demon face and Takumi's jerkassery.
  7. Ok so I just beat Fire Emblem Fates Revelvations and was going to work on maxing out all my child units stats,I looked up online what each stat should look like maxed out and when I compared the stats from online to my game it doesn't seem to match up.For example,my Rhajat is lvl 27 and is a sorcerer with Hayato and Nyx as parents and her max magic is 42(her magic stat is green),but online it says her max magic is 60.I would really appreciate any help understanding what went wrong/what i need to do to get it to get max stats for my child chacters cause I searched around google for awhile and I am not finding the answers.(I found a guide on youtube about maxing the stats out for children units by class and parents and i tried that but still no luck) Also first post so sorry if I didnt word something right.
  8. I should not be making threads at 3:00 A.M. So I've discussed my opinions on two of the most controversial second generation characters. Now for Soleil, I've already got the general consensus (Why does Soleil x Ophelia have to exist?), but for Rhajat, it's a different story. My question is, What's your opinion of Rhajat? Do you like her or do you hate her. If you hate her, do you hate her character (I've made an attempt at an analysis here), or do you hate that her as a concept (aka, having this as your opinion: Or the fact that she's a Tharja knockoff (She's not really a clone.) Edit: At the request of DarkDestr0yer61, I have added the question of whether you like Rhajat better than Tharja.
  9. "Nintendo has issued a statement saying its upcoming Fire Emblem Fates will not contain a scene that involves "gay conversion or drugging" between two characters." http://www.gamespot.com/articles/fire-emblem-fates-controversial-scene-changed-for-/1100-6434035/ + Shara/Syalla's name has been localized to Rhajat.
  10. It was just announced that Syalla/ Shara from the upcoming game, Fire Emblem Fates, has received a name change for the North American release. Her new name is Rhajat. How do you feel about the name change? (Yes, I know I am a little late) Previous Name Changes: Kamui~Corrin Aqua~Azura Joker~Jakob Cyrus~Silas Marx~Xander Leon~Leo Ryouma~Ryoma (Not that big of change) Zero~Niles Beruka~Belka Suzukaze~Kaze Luna~Selena Harold~Arthur Elfie~Effie Mozume~Mozu Rinka~Rinkah (Another small change) Yatogami~Yato (Sword) If I missed any, tell me. What do you think about Syalla, now Rhajat's, and the other's name change?
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