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Found 2 results

  1. I have a number of supports from Awakening you guys don't have and I'll post as much as I can: #1: Male Avatar and Ricken C Support Ricken: Hrmmm... Avatar: Still writing that letter? You've been staring at a blank page for an hour. Was it bad news? Nothing serious, I hope. Ricken: No, just an average letter from my parents. "Hope you're well," and all that. Avatar: Then why are you so strapped for a reply? Ricken: It's... tricky. I just don't know what to say. Avatar: There are plenty of things you could write about! Especially after that last battle. Tell them about how you dodged one brush with death after the next! Impress them! Ricken: Are you insane?! The object is to make them worry about me LESS! Avatar: Oh. Right. Well, why not tell them about that fight against the Risen? Talk about how you tore them limb from limb and flung the pieces to the winds! Ricken: But I did no such thing! Besides, that would have them worried about me in a whole other way... See the problem? I can't LIE, but if I write about how things really are, they'll worry. And if I write about how much I miss them, that only makes it worse... Avatar: How about just a few words to let them know you're all right? Ricken: ...I don't know. Maybe I'll just hold off until I do something that makes them proud. Avatar: Well, if they could've heard you just now, they already would be. B Support Ricken: Hmm... Avatar: Still haven't written a reply to your parents, have you? Ricken: Yep. Stuck again. I can't think of the right words to say. Avatar: You could always just head back. Ricken: Head back where? Home? Avatar: Why not? Stop by for a quick visit. Spend some time with your family. I'm not saying to drop everything and go tomorrow, but once things settle down. Ricken: ...No. I can't go back yet. Avatar: Why not? Ricken: I don't know how much you know about me, but I come from and old, respected house. And lately, my family home--and name--has fallen into serious disrepair. So this war is about more that saving the world, at least for me. It's about restoring my family name. And I can't go home until I've done it. Avatar: That's a lot to put on yourself, Ricken. Your parents are lucky to have you. Hard to imagine such a model son running around dismembering Risen and flinging-- Ricken: Stop with the dismembering already! What kind of monster do you think I am? Avatar: Ha ha, I'm just teasing. Seriously, though, if you won't visit, you should write. Sparing your parents from worry is part of being a good son, after all. Ricken: Yeah, I know you're right... Okay, I'll keep it real basic. "Dear Mom and Dad, I hope you're well." Avatar: "Today I saved the life of my beloved, and the field ran red with the blood of my foes!" Ricken: "Today I saved the..." ARRRGH! Will you NOT do that?! Avatar: I'm helping. Ricken: YOU ARE NOT! A Support Ricken: Hey, Avatar. Would you mind sending this out with the other deliveries? Avatar: Letter to the family, eh? So did you finally figure out what to write? Ricken: I just wrote the truth: that I miss them and hope to see them again soon. Avatar: No tales of glory? No brave words? ...No dismemberment? Ricken: Hah! Not this time. I guess restoring the family name will have to wait a bit longer. I simply wrote that I've come a long way, but there's still more to be done. Not the greatest news in the world, but better than silence, I guess. Avatar: But it IS great news! I'm sure it'll put their minds at ease. Ricken: By telling them how weak I still am? Avatar: No, by telling them you know your limits and you're working to overcome them. That's a very mature way of thinking. I'm sure they'll be proud. Ricken: Heh heh! You really think so? Avatar: I guarantee it! You did great, Ricken. Now get over here! Ricken: EWWW! Leggo! No noogies! Stop treating me like a kid! Didn't you JUST finish saying how mature I was?! Avatar: Ha ha! Sorry, it's just that hat and those cute wittle cheeks just begging to be pinc-- Ricken: Come on, knock it off! There you go! I'll do more at a latter date.
  2. I've been thinking about using Ricken on my Hard Mode file lately. I've played Awakening before but never used Ricken. How is he as a unit? His main competition is Miriel. EDIT: Wow spelled would wrong. I'm so proud.
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