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Found 2 results

  1. So, there's been a trailer for another King Arthur movie: Arthur and Merlin: Knights of Camelot, and I couldn't help but groan; knowing how bad it was going to be. Then I felt Deja Vu; thinking back on it, I can't remember a single movie adaptation of King Arthur or Robin Hood that was "good". I mean, there have been a few movies I would consider "okay"; Prince of Thieves, the 2010 Robin Hood, and Excalibur. But I wouldn't call them good, and the vast, vast majority of these King Arthur and Robin Hood films are just so bad. For some context, I love Arthurian Legend and I've done a lot of research on the legends themselves as well as the historical basis and the time period in which he supposedly existed. I also enjoy Robin Hood, though I've done far less research. I would love to see a good adaptation; I'd love to see the legends come to life on the screen. But, ever since the 2000s, none of these films have been about bringing the legends to life; there all obsessed with "reimagining" the story with gimmicks. That would be fine if it was for the storytelling, but almost every single time, "reimagining" has just been an excuse for not bothering; take the Guy Ritchie King Arthur film: the one with dryads, war elephants, and basically nothing Arthurian while also portraying Arthur as a born-on-the-streets angsty anti-hero. That's not Arthurian at all. And don't take this as me saying it has to be 100% accurate to the legends; the legends themselves are somewhat nebulous due to having things constantly added to them throughout the Medieval Period in different parts of Europe. I enjoyed the show Merlin because, while it didn't at all stick to the legends and told its own story, it had also clearly done its research, and it still told a decent story. Some of them will claim that they're reimagining the story because they want to tell the story of the historical basis for the character, not necessarily the legends. Both the 2004 King Arthur film and the 2010 Robin Hood film did this. But then these films that do this don't bother to get the history correct. The 2004 King Arthur film is less historically accurate than Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It doesn't help that the 2004 King Arthur movie also just fails as a film. Besides, what's wrong with just showing the legends? In my experience, most people know almost nothing about King Arthur or Robin Hood. Telling them the legends is telling them a new story, so there's little point in reimagining them. What do you guys think of these films? Am I expecting too much? Is there a good movie that I've somehow missed or forgotten about? Do you think there will ever be a good King Arthur or Robin Hood movie in the future?
  2. So, uh. Spoiler warning till S03 E14, I guess. I'm so hyped for tomorrow's episode. Can't wait for Robin Hood x Regina. Also wanna see the whole Rumpel resurrection thing (I find it funny that Resurrection comes right after OUAT). Also, I love the teaser's 'Payback's a Witch.' Anyways, just wondering if there are other people who like Once on SF.
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