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Found 1 result

  1. Recently I have watch can you beat three houses maddening mode with only byleth by mekkah, and the seen there alot solo only with other fire emblem characters but when I look up to see if the an robin only playthrough since I want to do one I can't see to find any so. I ask did you play an robin only of fire emblem awakening. If so any tips or what do you suggest the best classes or ect for robin. If no one has what so rules do you think are need? Here are what are I planning to do: Hard mode because I know I can not do lunatic mode but you can if your brave enough. Classic since I never try classic. Female robin since I never plan on playing male robin If new character join for that chapter they can only move and trade Only robin can fight Since chrom is sadly mandatory he can only move and Trade New game but you can play new game plus if fire emblem awakening does that since I have never fully completed the game. Recruiting other units are allowed Paralogues are optional There are mechanics in Fire Emblem Awakening I'm not sure about will ask if these are allowed. Is pairing up allowed because if it is I can easy take that who every if pair up with weapon. Since like I said chrom is sadly mandatory. And what ending should I go for?
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