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Found 3 results

  1. I get the feeling a good bit of you here have played D&D in the past, especially the older members. I want to get into Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, I just need the books. I have the wikia page favorited, but I am abiding by how it does not replace the books. I have plenty of B-day/Christmas money to get plenty. Anyone interested in playing when I am ready? Edit: We can also discuss our experiences in tabletop games, including notable stories.
  2. I've always enjoyed Fire Emblem and roleplaying game and have wanted to play a game with both. However, an online search found no such thing as a finished Fire Emblem roleplaying game that was still like Fire Emblem. So, I decided to make one, and this is just that. Paper Fire Emblem Paper Fire Emblem is the name I've come up with for this paper and pencil roleplaying. With just paper, pencils, a few dice, and this manual, you'll be able to play a finished Fire Emblem roleplaying game that still carries the Fire Emblem style, mechanics, gameplay, and rules. This is v0.8 currently because I need to add a few descriptions to some classes, but all necessary info, as well as mechanics is there; it is fully playable and ready to use! It is also in need of playtesting and feedback since I'm unfortunately unable to convince my siblings to play. Ideas, comments, or suggestions are fully welcome and needed. Enjoy! Paper Fire Emblem Players' Manual.pdf
  3. A group of mercenaries, the best in the whole of Nashen... The dead walking amongst the living... A quest dared upon by many, but one that no-one has ever survived... Welcome, to the Soldiers of Fortune, a group of mercenaries famed for their skill and wealth amongst the common folk. It is your very first mission, and most recruits do not survive their first... You must investigate the evils of the Tower, where there are rumors of a dread necromancer is manipulating the minds and bodies of the recently dead... You have been contracted, along with a small group of fellow recruits, to kill this dread necromancer. Setting: Nashen, a fantasy continent inhabited by elves, orcs, goblins and many other races. How many players?: 6-8 players. [spoiler=Sign-up Form!]Character Name: Class: Race: Gender: Starting Gear: Backstory: Stats Strength: (1-10) Speed: (1-10) Magic: (1-10) Defense:(1-10) The stats are not actually used for dice rolls or anything, they are simply used to determine how a fight goes, as this is mainly RP based and not stat-based. For example, doing certain actions may require a certain amount of a certain stat. Say, running away from battle may require you to have at least 5 speed. [spoiler=Example Scenario!]The orc barbarian is approaching, axe swinging wildly. Do you: A) Attack with your weapon? (Requires strength equal to or greater than weapon weight and a weapon) B) Cast an attack spell? (Requires magic equal to the spells prerequisites.) C) Raise your shield? (Requires strength equal to the shield's weight, and defense equal to or higher than the orc's strength) D) Run like hell? (Requires speed greater than the orc) I'll add more later, as it is kinda late. You have 20 points to distribute when you make a character. However, while this sounds nice, every class requires a certain amount of one or two stats: Mage: At least 7 magic. Thief: At least 7 speed. Priest: At least 6 magic. Paladin: At least 6 defense. Swordsman: At least 5 strength and speed. Archer: Same as Swordsman. It is also required to have a score of at least 3 for magic to use any magic items you may find in your travels. Everyone starts with basic armor, weapons and a single object of sentimental value. Everyone starts with health depending on their class. Thief: 18 HP. Mage: 16 HP. Swordsman: 20 HP. Paladin: 23 HP. Priest: 17 HP. Archer: 16 HP. Please adjust your sign-up forms accordingly. My apologies, I just want to rebalance things a little.
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