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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Serene's Forest, My name is Lexos, and today I present to you my first rom hack beta. This is my first Rom hack that I've ever made, and I am quite proud of it even though it is still very early on. It is only complete through the first chapter boss and I still plan on working on it. I would appreciate anyone who might play this hack's feedback on what you thought, both good and bad. I hope to get better at rom hacking and I would appreciate any criticism I can get on my first chapter. Also I've only worked on this for 2 days so enjoy. Thank you! NEW VERSION DROPS TODAY BOYS, LOOK OUT FOR DAY 3 BETA UPS Its here be warned it crashes entering the second chapterFire Emblem - day 3 beta.ups
  2. Hello, I'm fairly new to the ROM hacking scene in general, and I decided to try making my own FE8 ROM hack. I'm currently still in the prep phase, as I do not even have a title yet. What I do need is some testers who are willing to play this single short map and give me some advice on how to proceed. I am also giving the base stats and growths for the current characters (who are just re-colors for now) so if you can't play it right now you can hopefully give some useful character tips. Anything helpful you could tell me about what I did right and wrong will be useful. I hope this is the start of a brand new, amazing project. Update 3: Hello, it has been some time. I've been distracted from this project for personal reasons, but I am back and have a huge update. First, this has a title now! It will make sense as I go further with the project. Secondly, I have switched to FE8 in order to take advantage of certain patches to provide a larger amount of options in term of characters I can make and that you can use. I have currently finished up to chapter 5. Demo.ups
  3. hello everybody I'm new here i.m making a ROM hack but I need help if anyone could help me the name of my hack is FIRE EMBLEM: royal blood and mystical beast I'm new on this kinda of stuff and I love FE ROM hacks i wanna to do this rom hack so bad so that i can do this to my friend
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