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Found 51 results

  1. I made this hack in 1 day its a mini game combining chess with fire emblem mechanics. The gameplay is simple, just a bunch of units throwing sacred weapons at each other's faces in a small space without terrain. You cannot rescue since enemies cannot. You can also level up once to gain bonus stats from the character's growth rates. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4an9on93i32u1lp/chess.rar/file
  2. This has been a project LONG in the making. Working on and off for about 3 years. I set a hard goal to release it before the end of the year, so while it's a little rushed and incomplete in places, I was determined to hit my target!! The gameplay/chapters are all complete and playable! Though there is a bunch of other work to do (events, portraits, probably bugs etc). Updates may be a little slow, but I'd be disappointed if I didn't get around to polishing this up some more. I have also never posted a ROM hack before so please let me know if I'm breaking any etiquette etc. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_rv5S7pVdU60mhLUDCcGddG10JhrXIx2?usp=sharing Important note: I have never touched this outside NORMAL difficulty. I do not know what happens if you select the others. I'm sure things are missing or maybe I already fixed them and forgot to cross off the list, regardless, here is the list of work I am aware of. If you would like to help me in making this ROM the best it can be, please provide feedback as best you can! Weather it's about a bug, or just your personal opinion on what you think about the difficulty/item distribution/anything else, drop it here or in a DM to me wherever I can be found! If you have interest in playing this ROM on YouTube/Twitch/elsewhere, please let me know so I can come and check it out! Thank you so much to anyone who takes a swing on my first attempt at a ROM hack, and I'd greatly appreciate it being shared around! [Side note, I will be away for a few days but will try to keep an eye on the post as much as I can]
  3. Hi, everybody. I already made a post on FEUniverse, but I thought I should make it here as well. This patch exists in order to bring some of the amazing changes in the hacking community to the base games of Fire Emblems 6, 7, & 8 as well as fixing bugs/localization issues. The idea is to attempt to create a hack that doesn’t create an alternate experience to the base game but, instead, an enhanced one. Major changes include: QOL fixes like HP bars, toggling animations with L, viewing the danger zone with Select, fast unit/text speed by default, etc. (FE7 & 8 only) Casual mode added All difficulty modes available at start in FE6 & FE7 along with a fully unlocked support viewer and sound room for FE7 & FE8 Errors brought on by localization fixed (FE7 & FE8) Option to remove localization changes (especially in FE8) in order to bring the games more in line with the Japanese versions or add additions made in the Numbers patch (FE6) Check out the READme for more info. Thanks for checking this out. Let me know if there are any issues/feedback you want to give. Hope you enjoy! Download here
  4. Hello, Serene's Forest. I've been working on a rom hack for the last 2 or 3 weeks or so, and I think I'm ready to put out the first release of it. It is 5 chapters long so far, (prologue & chp.1-4). I have been making good, consistent progress in stuff like custom portraits, balancing, and everything else considering I'm working alone and it's my first Rom hack. I would really appreciate testers, pixel artists, or supporters to join my discord and give the game a spin. Any feedback, both good and bad are greatly appreciated. I'll put my discord link and a ups of my progress in the hack so far down below, but members of my discord get frequent updates to it and behind the scenes content. Thank you for any help or support you send my way. Edit: Also I made a trailer - https://discord.gg/98Ec7jd5CB Fire Emblem Vanguard Ver.1.ups
  5. Hello, I'm writing dialogue for my rom hack, and I've been repeatedly having an issue where a character's textbox kind of overlaps and displays incorrectly. I'll put images of the problem as well as associated things below. Thanks you for any help or ideas to fix this. The problem occurs from the "They don't look like our men." line and stops at "This is ridiculous" line SOULUTION FOUND: When a unit moves after they talk in a text event, the textbox will automatically continue to the next piece of dialogue. This is what was causing the problem because a character was moving right after talking. I hope this can help anyone else having this issue.
  6. Current Release: v0.3.2 - 14/20 chapters complete, Part I and II released (Only Part III remains!) Download the patch here (apply .ups to clean FE8 rom): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WfmDuE3uSczT4hrYBwjhrUwXSZ4bPM3c/view?usp=sharing Join the project’s discord: https://discord.gg/MtvnF3d Overview The continent of Vaelor has known peace for decades under the rule of Farna. After a bloody war remembered vividly by the elderly, the young have grown up in a world ruled by religion. Farna governs from the Citadel, a grand castle at Vaelor’s center. The nations of Ilden, Rivale and Gerra are bound to their decisions by treaty, each forced to adopt Farna’s beliefs and submit to their will. Is freedom worth reliving the tragedy of long ago? Faith and Blood is a custom project that uses FE8 as a base for a new game. It started as a loose collection of ideas I gathered over my years playing Fire Emblem. Eventually these ideas began to be refined in my head and I started to write out a plan for a fangame. When 7743’s FEBuilder was released, I started messing around with the program and shortly after the formal project was born. I’m thankful for those who’ve contributed the hacking resources that allowed me the opportunity to make something from my ideas. For those playing, I hope you potentially start to get creative and find your own ideas to invest in. More importantly, have fun! Faith and Blood presents challenging gameplay with incentive for player action rather than reaction, as well as a serious story driven by its characters. Feedback is encouraged and I’m always hoping to improve the project! Features Streamlined Skill System- Excluding Canto and Steal, each unit and boss only have 2 skills- a personal that acts as a quirk or incentive to using them in addition to a map movement skill(Shove, Swap, Reposition, etc.) based on their class. Class and Item Rebalancing- Adjustments to class and weapon stats to make each class useful in their own niche, without overpowering the others(Knights gain swords and lances for example, while cavaliers are mono-weapon). Split promotion classes have trade-offs to make your choices matter! Varied Objectives- Escape, Defend, Seize, Defeat boss(or bosses) and Rout are all present! Chapters always present something new. Thoughtful Resource Management- Gold is available, but not plentiful. Basic supplies are common, but you will have to make choices about which advanced items to invest in! An Original Story, Setting and Cast- A new conflict to experience and world to learn about with 24 playable characters in this release! No Route Split, No Ports- I intend on finishing this project 😛 Team/Former Volunteers Bloopy- Schnoz LaurentLacroix, Vlak, Levin- Contributing Artists Credits
  7. Hello Serene's Forest, My name is Lexos, and today I present to you my first rom hack beta. This is my first Rom hack that I've ever made, and I am quite proud of it even though it is still very early on. It is only complete through the first chapter boss and I still plan on working on it. I would appreciate anyone who might play this hack's feedback on what you thought, both good and bad. I hope to get better at rom hacking and I would appreciate any criticism I can get on my first chapter. Also I've only worked on this for 2 days so enjoy. Thank you! NEW VERSION DROPS TODAY BOYS, LOOK OUT FOR DAY 3 BETA UPS Its here be warned it crashes entering the second chapterFire Emblem - day 3 beta.ups
  8. I already made this post on r/fireemblem, but I got no help Basically, want to create a Translated Patch in portuguese for Fire Emblem 9, and I kinda need help to put accentuation on the game and put the "files" on the ISO because I'm a totally noob in that I have all the the text translated "by hand", just need to put that in the ISO Any rom-hackers want to help? (If someone Portuguese see this, better, it will be helpful for communication)
  9. Project "Not Thracia" - A Novice's Attempt at Reworking FE6 Overview Let's be honest...Roy's never felt great to use. He moves very slowly, has a late promotion, and doesn't offer value at the vanguard. Oh, and FE6 hit rates? Ugh! So, inspired by Leif and a few Thracia things, it occurred to a few friends and me that we might be able to change some of that. With nothing more than a misplaced sense of optimism and some faint memories of learning x86 ASM in college, I began this FE6 rework: Project "Not Thracia." Notes: This was designed & tested exclusively on FE6 HM. No custom animations/sprites were added; this is a basic hack with minimal ASM. Uses gringe's translation patch. Patching Instructions Install a UPS patcher from (http://www.feshrine.net/hacking/patchers.php). Apply .ups patch. You'll want to check the "ignore" box for errors! Enjoy! Gameplay Changes I personally love FE6 HM; it's my second favorite difficulty from FE4-SoV, right behind FE12 H4. With that in mind, we set out to try to make a few adjustments while not messing with how the base game plays too much. Here's a few high-level categories we identified: For a complete list of changes made, see this README. Leadership System This was the biggest change to the game I made, and it takes two things into account: FE6 support grinding is slow and tedious for the efficient player. FE6 hit rates can be janky. Unit Calibration Here are some of the more interesting changes that have been made and a brief discussion of the thought processes behind them. There are a few that I didn't bother to go into detail here, see the README for the full list. Weapon Calibration Some weapons have atrocious hit rates, but buffing these also powers up enemies that use them. For example, I wanted to make Short Bows a little scarier/useful, so they've got +5 to hit from vanilla. Other weapons, like the Steel Bow, are rarely enemy-equipped, but are important for the player (e.g. Steel Bow for Sue), so that has a +5 to hit as well. See the README for the complete list! Links [v2 Patch download] [v2: README + changelog + credits] A big thanks to the folks on the HMNG discord and the FEU discord for helping make this foolish dream of mine come true. FAQ (gathered from Reddit thread) Q: Will you be making any additional changes to this hack? A: If the hack is received enthusiastically, then, yes! Q: Will you be supporting the other translation patch? A: If interest leads to another iteration, I could look into rebuilding these changes onto the other patch, but it's tedious work. I'd need motivated testers to make sure the build is stable and bug-free. That being said, every change and both ASM routines are accessible and documented on Github. There's nothing stopping anyone with the right skills from rebuilding the patch. I'd be happy to support anyone who'd want to take the initiative to do that. Q: How can I support the hack? A: If you like what you see and/or you're interested in helping tune a next iteration, the best thing you can do is give the hack a playthrough and get in touch with me. I don't plan on working on this anymore, besides emergency bugfixes, but enough interest could change my mind. Naga bless, and have fun! Q: Is this compatible with Leafy's FE6 Recolor project? A: Yes, it is! When patching, you'll want to check the "ignore" box. Q: Which translation patch does this hack support? A: gringe's!
  10. Hello, people of Serenes Forest! My name is Garo, and I’m new to the rom hacking community. I have come today to post my completed FE7 reskin, Fire Emblem 7 - Heroes. Have you ever wished you could recruit Ishtar or Eldigan? Have you ever wanted Hector, Lachesis, and Nephenee all on the same team? That is what this hack aims to do. This hack takes characters from different FE games and makes them playable in one game while keeping their unique strengths and abilities intact. Lewyn with Forseti? Check. But what about Murdock with Wishblade? Also an option. Here are some features of the hack! Playable characters from throughout the franchise: (Continent-# of playable characters) Jugdral-14, Elibe-8 , Magvel-6 , Tellius-10 , Fodlan-1 Personal weapons and legendary weapons, including Holy Weapons from Jugdral Powerful player units, but also beefed up enemies Unchanged map design, but enemy placement has been tweaked for more challenge/fun Unchanged story, but simple, quick-building supports to keep character personality intact Increased exp gain for unpromoted units And more! ~!! Quick things to know before you start !!~ - This hack was made in Eliwood Hard Mode in mind, so make sure you play that mode for the intended experience! The game will quickly soft-lock on the other modes. - Most every character is recruited using the Eliwood replacement, Lewyn. This is so you don't have to keep track of who replaces whom. - You'll be getting a lot of strong units, so I recommend playing this game as an Iron-Man to anyone familiar with FE7. - Because growth rates are so high and exp gain is increased for unpromoted units, I don't recommend promoting your best units too early, as you could kneecap yourself for those later chapters. Enemies stats get pretty high, especially in the last couple maps. But your call! - You're bound to have some questions regarding the game's quirks, so *PLEASE* don't hesitate to check out the readme and the FAQ in the dropbox. I'm confident it can answer/solve all but your most obscure issues! Plus I tried to keep it as spoiler-free as I could. 🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗🌟👇🔗 Link to the dropbox. Download the patch! Link to the discord. Let's chat about the hack! 🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗🌟☝🔗 For me, probably the coolest part of all of FE is the final Act of FE10, where the coolest, most powerful people in Tellius come together to kick some ass. That is what this hack is supposed to be, but with my favorite characters from my favorite games. In addition, I've always loved how GBA Fire Emblems play, but my favorite characters come from Jugdral and Tellius. In this hack, you can use badasses from different games while keeping that perfectly snappy and streamlined gameplay of the GBA games. Your team is going to be super strong, but the enemies will be too. This is meant to be a difficult, but straight-forward and rewarding hack. I would like to think this hack speaks for itself. I'm not a super experienced hacker, but I've been working on and polishing this hack for a year now, and I'm proud of it. I hope you give this project a try! *Portrait credits* *Spoilers for playable units!* Glaceo and x0_000 are twitter users who gave me their permission to use their art. All other portraits were from the FEU repo and/or labeled free to use Lewyn: Glaceo Nephenee: NICKT Ike: NICKT Hilda: x0_000 Jill: NICKT Julia: melia Elincia: Imperial, Cardcafe Tailtiu: Glaceo Haar: NICKT Ishtar: TheBlindArcher Astrid: NICKT Finn: melia Lachesis: Glaceo Eldigan: Glaceo Altena: Vampire Elf Brigid: Glaceo Ashnard: Vampire Elf, Blackavar, Chalphy Travant: Vampire Elf Wario: ruherech Mia: NICKT, Pichu, Solum, Nih, Lenh Leanne: Vampire Elf Sigurd: x0_000 Arvis: Glaceo Ilyana: NICKT Leif: melia Ayra: Glaceo
  11. Hello to all the people of Serenes Forest! Long hibernating member HHS here with a new Fire Emblem romhack. Well, sort of new. Years ago my friend Mariobro3828 and I started the Romhack Fire Emblem: Decay of the Fangs. Well it's been a hell of a year and after nearly a decade, the story will finally conclude! I'd like to introduce: FIRE EMBLEM: BLACK FANG (Link above for the Wix Website) The Fang's Justice is Absolute The Four Fangs have fallen. The Black Fang is dead. Its purpose polluted, its vigilantes vanquished, it's now up to a small band of survivors to vindicate its legacy and in the process, bring revolution to Elibe. Take command of a rogue faction with a never-say-die attitude and a penchant for violence. Directly following the events of Fire Emblem and setting the stage for Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, Fire Emblem: Black Fang is an original story of disenchanted renegades fighting to survive against cutthroats, the nobility, former allies, and gods among men. This is a game about survivors of the Black Fang being forced to find new meaning after Hector and Eliwood decimate their army. Tonally this game is a bit darker and more adult oriented than most Fire Emblem games with a few serious and earnest moments, but it is mostly intended to be a bit silly. The game is inspired as a tribute to the members of the Decay of Dragons forums whom many of the characters are based on. If some jokes don't land for you, please overlook it with this in mind. The game is not finished but it was important to me to lay down the bones of the main story. It can be played from prologue to epilogue, all 25 plus chapters. I'm working on a chapter guide on the Wix site with the chapter unlock conditions (though later chapters will often have characters explain what to do in the prep fortunes). At the time of writing, not all supports are complete but just about 180 are (meaning 60 through to A rank). Some actions have consequences. It is impossible to keep every recruitable character alive. Patch: The UPS can be found here. (Apply to Fire Emblem Blazing Blade) {UPDATED 1.07 2/22) Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hhwtCjUbU2 Gallery (avoided major potential spoilers) This Fire Emblem Romhack could not have been possible without the extensive support of software, art, and music contributors. As the project is almost a decade old, I have lost the names of some of the early contributors. If you have designed a sprite or software that was used in game that was not properly credited, absolutely do not hesitate to let me know. I will immediately add your name to the list of contributors! If you would prefer to have your work removed, please contact me via Discord (link below). Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hhwtCjUbU2 Bugs can be shared in through the Discord as well as general thoughts about balance and design. I'm certain there are better programmers out there that could make suggestions as well and I'd be thrilled to tap into any and all resources to make this game the best possible. Development is an ongoing process and errors/mistakes will be made, please be patient. Special thanks to Supports can be viewed in game because all are unlocked in the menu without triggering them in game. Meaning you can go back and read everything without having used it before. BEWARE you may spoil late game surprise characters if you view this on your first playthrough. Completed supports can be found here: Supports As mentioned, this passion project is still a work in progress so please post any constructive feedback, questions or advice here or in the Discord. I kinda don't know what to expect because I haven't been active in the romhacking community in recent years.
  12. So I was just curious how feasible it would be to recreate all of FE 6 or 7 within FE8. I imagine using FEbuilderGBA would help. Do you think you could just copy and paste the entirety of one of those games and insert it into FE8? I was just thinking about this because it would be cool to bring the branching promotions to the older game. What do other think about this?
  13. Play the hack here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D7yayrLJXeiCs0fmoum0OYS-b-nA4EvB/view?usp=sharing More details here: https://feuniverse.us/t/fe8-black-dragon-arc-1-the-wolf-and-the-swan-ver-1-0-in-progress/10477 This is very rough and not exactly great, but then again, this build of the hack was made in just over a month entirely by me. Hope you enjoy it, and even if you don't, I appreciate your feedback (provided it's constructive in nature). I'm frankly just glad to even be able to have made this.
  14. Today I made the first chapter of a new rom hack. This was the first time I had made any rom hacks, and it turned out pretty well, I even had a house, village, custom map, and 2 customized classes in the game. As the title says, I, like an idiot forgot to save it as a ups, so the only thing i have from my work is a placeholder map sprite. I'm planning on giving it another try tomorrow and will post updates if I see anyone interested in the project. I know this is unlikely to gain any traction whatsoever but maybe when it starts functioning and i have a few chapters that will change :) y'all can have my placeholder sprite in the meantime tho!
  15. Current version (8 chapters + some drafts): FFX ups file *Use on FE8 U (This link is automatically updated as I develop.) Post last updated: May 28, 2020 If you'd like to make a chapter for this game, or contribute in another way, please join my discord server. All are welcome (eg. to follow updates and provide feedback). Random battles: Pitch: Final Fantasy 10 is an excellent game well-suited to a Fire Emblem Remake due to its cohesive and linear story line. The final fantasy series is well known and has many assets readily available. This could provide a breath of fresh air to FE Rom Hacks and open the gates for final fantasy crossovers. Enemies assets from final fantasy tactics, which can be imported into Fire Emblem. FFX script, which we'd draw on for inspiration FFX portraits are already imported, but some could be touched up. This game is a JRPG, not quite fire emblem anymore. As so many things differ from Vanilla, expect many things that could be improved on. Feedback is always appreciated. Once this hack is completed, I'd like to allow anybody to make use of the random battles code as well as any assets imported or developed for it. This would mean final fantasy monster map sprites for anyone's use. Thanks for the support, everybody. 🙂 Credits
  16. Im trying to use the original nightmare (is what I think its called) and I already did all the things like loading the rom and modules and that stuff the only thing i need help with is that it shows completly wrong growth rates, base stats and basicly everything else, idk what im doing wrong. I also tried the same rom on nightmare 2 and I have the same problems there .its not cause of the game either ( I was talking about awakening the entire time ) I tried the same thing with fates and it still didnt work properly. I dont know much about this kind of stuff and i dumped the roms myself so theres prbly something wrong with them. Thx so much for the help in advance :D
  17. Hi, I am editing a rom for personal use in which I change some characters and I would like to know if there is any way to change the name in all the dialogs at once and not every time the real name appears, for example I want to change "Seth" for my name "Elgard" but I want to do it in a faster way since there are many characters that I am going to change their names, the story of the game remains unchanged. the only thing I am looking for is to change the dialogues in which "Seth" appears for "Elgard". it's possible?
  18. THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM Version 1(It’s better than last time!) Day of Release: Aug, 14, 2020 Current Release: V1 Notice: Supports Unfinished. Credits: Other Utilities: FE Universe Graphics Directory Maps: The Iron Fortress(MrGreen3339) Death Mountain(MrGreen3339)(Original Map Name Changed) Some Maps(FE Universe Map Directory) Music: The Knight’s Pride(Agro FE Universe) Lower Brinstar(MrGreen3339) Final Map Gaiden(MrGreen3339) Anthem of Valor(MrGreen3339) Verdane Army(MrGreen3339) Attack(MrGreen3339) Defense(MrGreen3339) Battle Preparations(MrGreen3339) FE6, FE7 & FE8 Music(Nintendo) Castlevania Music(FE Universe Music Directory) Portraits: FE6, FE7 & FE8 Portraits(Nintendo) George(MrGreen3339) Evius and Other Characters(Portrait Directory FE Universe) Dialogue: Myself Items: Blue Sword(Effective against various terrain units.)eg; Pirates, Berserkers, Brigands,etc.) Partisan Legendary Weapons RR’s Sword Flame Sword Short Axe All Promotion Items replaced with Master Seals Social Media: Join my Server Here:https://discord.gg/XFg7jAu 1 Follow Me on Twitter:https://twitter.com/yamievius1706 https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-the-fight-for-freedom-rom-hack-v1/9170
  19. I was thinking about this, and If Sharena haves her GBA-styled sprite? And also Alfonse, Anna, Fjorm and another Heroes charactera haves their GBA-styled sprites too? I don't know.... Is this a great idea, or not. Because, Heroea is a Mobile game, and isn't canon at all, and more difficult to make the rom hack project.....
  20. Hey again, I made this post before, but because it was late at night, i kinda fell into the abyss or I just didn't put enough info or.... something. Anyways, I'm looking for someone to make me some custom battle animations for my FE8 ROM Hack, Fire Emblem: Legacy of the Wind. I'm not active on her in the slightest, so if you go looking for it you wont find anything. I've looked on Emblem Anims and through multiple threads, but I can't find what I'm looking for. The closest thing I could find for my main lord was the "Dragoon" animation off of Emblem Anims, but its too over-designed to be a Tier One class, and I cant find anything to serve as a tier two. I am of course willing to pay as much as is needed to get the work done, I'm just really tired of having to use Ephraim's Animations as a placeholder for my Tier One animations. So, as a summary, I am looking for: -One Tier One Spear Wielding Class animation (Preferably with a Jump-Critical animation like the dragoon) -One Tier Two Spear and Bow Wielding Class Animation (This one with a mount) -Map Sprites for both classes -And potential for more commissions based on the work. I don't really know how the messaging system works here, but if you really want to message me about this stuff, please hit me up on Discord. My tag is MorbidCuriosity#5671. I look forward to any and all applications. Thank you.
  21. Hello there my friends, I'm new to the forums and I want some suggestions for playing the GBA fire emblems romhacks (Fire emblem 6 and 7). Last week i've played this Sacred Stones Reskin and Rebalance: Oh man, let me say this is a wonderful romhack, top of the line in my opinion, very nice sprites and animations, a lot of diverse skins for a lot of characters, and new custom classes too. So, I don't know many reskin romhacks for FE 6 & 7, can you guys indicate me a top quality reskin (and rebalance if comes together, but i truly want is a reskin), like this one I've linked, romhack for both FE 6 and 7? Observation: I don't want romhacks with custom story, like The Last Promise, I want romhacks with primarily top quality reskins for the original story of Binding Blade and Blazing Blade.
  22. I'm currently Doing Fates Custom Bond unit challenge run. The only hack I use is the bond unit apperance and class creation tool, rest of gameplays stays as normal though the whole run. Anyone is welcome to join regardless of whether you have game or not, this is open request. Anyone is welcome to request your custom bond unit stats for my playthrough: * Your MU name, class, skill, apperance, and stats for my custom bond unit only playthrough. * For anyone wants their specific hair style and apperance, use this customizer as reference to comment down below. * You can freely choose any MU's hair color you want including colors that are not avalible ingame. If you want to have custom color, here is a website for the hex color code and please type the hex code down in comments. * Any accessories outside of customizer they want for their MU are optional to have, please type down the item you want. Here are the rules: * Unplayable class (except Minerva's Pegasus Knight) and enemy exclusive item are not allowed. * No swimwear and Japan exclusive accessories such as pumpkin head are not allowed for their decoration. * One person can only have 1 bond skill, Due to the limitation, MU's genders are restricted through bond skill, thus the personal skill you are choosing is also your gender's choice. Here are the lists of gender and bond skill Custom Bond unit Submission Example: Name: Neo Boon/Bane: +spd -luck Class (Advance): Paladin Personal Skill: Sol Hair Color Hex: #61453F Accessories (Optional): Flower Braids Apperance (Optional): Face 3, Hair 6, Hair Clip 3, Facial Feature None
  23. I've noticied in Know Your Meme, a fan made sprite was posted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses entry, Is Edelgard von Hsresvelg's GBA sprite in Full body. Is made by BuskHusker, just like the style of The Blazing Blade artist, because, Three Houses has another character designer, Is Kurahana Chinatsu, the person who designed the characters from Uta no Prince-sama, instead to the Awakening and Fates artist. And I found an another one from this latest installment, but in a Fake animated gameplay: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76939541. Is Dimitri, and is made by sameduma from Pixiv. Well, I guess this rom hack is going to be planned, but Im not sure if this rom hack is going from The Sacred Stones or The Blazing Blade? I thinks The Sacred Stones ROM Hack it's a better Idea for me...... Meh.....
  24. Soooo I'm looking to develop an fe hack but am not able to do it all on my own due to time constraints so this is a 'call to arms' if you will of budding fe hackers to band together and hopefully make something worth a dam So if your interested just comment on this with what you can do and we will try and take things from there
  25. Hey guys im new to this site but i have a small group of friends online and we have the idea for a fire emblem fan game, id like to discoss it more on my discord, idk if i should be posting this here or not, i tried to post this in another section but it wasnt working? So im sorry to the admins in advance if this breaks some kind of rule, but anyways i need people to help with the romhacking as well as with story and characters, also i would be paying whoever is romhacking the game, the story is a bit on the long side explanation wise, but there are 7 main protaganists, and they all have seperate views, i know it sounds clunky but like i said, join the discord and ill inform you as soon as possible, thank you!
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