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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I am editing a rom for personal use in which I change some characters and I would like to know if there is any way to change the name in all the dialogs at once and not every time the real name appears, for example I want to change "Seth" for my name "Elgard" but I want to do it in a faster way since there are many characters that I am going to change their names, the story of the game remains unchanged. the only thing I am looking for is to change the dialogues in which "Seth" appears for "Elgard". it's possible?
  2. Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition TRAILER & RECORDED CHAPTERS HERE HEAD HERE FOR THE LATEST PATCH AND UPDATE NOTES: MAIN THREAD To use this modification you will need to either have CFW and Luma3DS installed, or another method to modify the game's core files. Information: Chapter Videos: Overview of Changes (Mild Spoilers Within): Download (Updated 1/02/18): Installation: (via Luma LayeredFS) Special Thanks: SecretiveCactus for their Fire Emblem Conversation Editor thane98 for their Fire Emblem Fate’s Editor DeathChaos25 for their Fates ROM Hacking General Thread
  3. Whassup! Guys, I have a problem that it recently appeared. I added the Halberdier class and sprites in Sacred Stones, replacing the Bard map sprites and Female General animations. When I finish the Chapter 1 and the last conversation ends, the game automatically restarts. :( I don't know how to fix it, so I've decided to open this topic (idk if this happened before :p)
  4. I was just playing Sacred Stones and while I was playing my mind drifted over to Ragefest (Link to the guy who does it) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFj3iwNV5w1wFxNBYjQPsig and how interesting the scripting and altering of game mechanics can get. (Examples: chests that cause events when opened, using npc's as shields, etc) So it came into my mind about units transferring levels and experience. Thinking about it as so, imagine a unit with 90 exp and another with 10 exp, you could transfer either or to get the other to level up. The unit that gives the exp keeps their level but their exp is set at 0 (in this scenario) The example with level exchange is imagine a unit that is level 20 and can no longer gain exp, now you also have a unit that is level 12, you could transfer 2 levels from the level 20 unit, making them level 18 and able to gain two more level ups, and then the other unit that was level 12 is now level 14. To balance this out you obviously couldn't transfer the levels back to the unit once they reach 20 again I feel like this would be an interesting mechanic to implement if so. Now the question is, is it possible? I'm no romhacker or someone who has any experience with coding and the like, so I'm just asking people who have experience is it possible and if so would it make an interesting mechanic in a Fire Emblem game? Or is it impossible/too hard/too impractical to do?
  5. Yellow. Was working on homework while listening to nightcore, and The Legend of Link comes up, so I start jamming out of course, why not, right. Then it came to me. Axes and Lances have 1-2 range weapons that make sense physically, somewhat. Swords don't, though they tried in Radiant Dawn and Fates. I don't know the general consensus on what people thought of the 1-2 range swords in those games, but eh. SO why not have boomerangs as the 1-2 range weapons for swords? Thoughts?
  6. Which version of nightmare should I use? keep in mind I'm completely new to ROM hacking.
  7. Hello, I've been working on a German FE6 Patch, and the German language has letters like "ä" and "ü", but they are of course not in the game code. Is there a way I can fix this, like, maybe how I can add it to the game?
  8. is it possible to add affinities and if it is what would be the simplest/easiest way to do so? (for fe7)
  9. I'm trying to make an escape chapter where if any unit stands on a tile the map ends and I was wondering how to do that. There don't seem to be any recorces anywhere on how to do this. Thanks.
  10. See them here. I felt there was something really lacking in the encounter with Keaton, so I made some small ish changes to the script and the events.
  11. I need some help with creating some custom weapons: I'm trying to create a new magic sword and it seemed that it could be done easily, but when theweapon is used, it doesn't follow the rules of the magic triangle like the other magic swords do. It doesn't look like it could be fixed with Nightmare Modules alone, and (as far as I know) no one has asked this before but is there a way to make it work like a dark tome when used?
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