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Found 5 results

  1. Revelation could be a main route ? True route ? I don't know.
  2. Before playing Three Houses i watch Asian title order and when i play i choses Cycle order.
  3. Good night! Tonight I want to suggest a challenge on FE 8: TSS. The concept is this: make the route split real. In hard mode no grind of course. Rules: 1. Ephraim route will never use any unit from Eirika's route past chapter 8. Not even Colm. I suggest you keep your keys for Ephraim's chapter 9 otherwise you will miss the ocean seal worth 5k gold which will be your only item worth gold for quite some time if I recall correctly. 2. Not only units : Eirika's inventory is Eirika only and every item in the supply gotten before chapter 8 will be discarded and every unit prior to chapter 8 outside Eirika and Kyle/Forde will be killed before the route split (you can kill Colm after it for convenience). 3. The only exception to rule 2. is ch7 knight crest, which is given to either of Ephraim's guards before ch9 (ideally after the route split and before entering the first route exclusive chapter) so that you have a Seth-like Jagen and a normal cavalier. 4. You can and should raise both cavs in ch5x (because it's more convenient for ch9 and 10 and also because the next point is quite restrictive). 5. Your chosen prepromote: Kyle: he must have a speed inferior to 13 before promotion and be level 1 promoted for ch9. The goal is to have a mini-Duessel with 8 movement. Forde: he must not be able to ORKO ch9/10 units (at least the mercenaries) after promotion. He must also be level 1 promoted for ch9. None can get any exp as a paladin before ch9. Forde will be a mini-Seth but he will certainly struggle doubling or ORKOing for the whole game, thus I suggest that Kyle is the one early promoting since being mini-Duessel for what's left of the game is better than being inferior to both Seth and Titania. At least with lv 20 stats he can remain useful for the whole game. 6. If you want to make the route split even more real, you must also kill Innes and Saleh when they come back, bye bye to their inventories too. Eirika will have to find her path alone to Ephraim unless you can send someone from Ephraim's group to help her. 7. To continue on the same settings, I suggest you kill Gerik and Tethys without taking their inventories. They're more Eirika's underlings by being Innes' mercenaries than they are Ephraim's. 8. Dozla, L'Arachel, Ewan, Marisa, Cormag, Duessel, Tana, Amelia, Rennac, Myrrh, Knoll and Syrene are all usable, either because they're route neutral (Marisa is an ennemy anyway, Amelia too, Ewan recruits Marisa, he's also your only mage besides promoted L'Arachel, Rennac is an ennemy recruited by L'Arachel, Myrrh is glued to Ephraim and Knoll is purely coming from Ephraim's route since he comes from Grado's prison, Cormag comes in Gerik's place in Ephraim's route with the same settings and Syrene comes post reunion so she's allowed on both routes, and L'Arachel is recruited in the same conditions in both routes). 9. Eirika can use the ch5 skill tome and dragonshield, otherwise she's useless in the last chapter. She has to be used only in the Endgame (promote her before the final chapter). The other chapters she has to be benched (except ch8 where she must clear her entry room by herself and can help for the last parts of the chapter, if you're short on ch5x potions and elixirs, since Ephraim and his guys are forbidden to use the supply and Eirika's inventory). She also must be the only unit to take kills in her team before the route split. It is a good way to make her at least playable in the Endgame, and with so few decent units you'll need all the fighting force you can get. For Eirika's route: 1. Choose between pre-route split group and post-route split. If you choose pre-route split, Seth is forbidden. If you choose post-route split, he's the only unit who can be used alongside Eirika, Tana and Amelia in ch9. You can even choose to kill him after Innes' group has joined, since you don't need a Jagen anymore, Gerik is OP and Eirika's route doesn't need to rush before Rennac's recruitment. If you use Seth, he must have base speed before chapter 9. Good luck getting both villages for the angelic robe! 2. No unit from Ephraim's route is allowed (Cormag, Duessel, Knoll, Myrrh are forbidden) and if you consider Tana to be Ephraim's wife before Eirika's friend, then she can only be used for ch9 village rescue. If you play with pre-route split units of course none of ch9 onward units are playable, including Tana (you'll need to ferry Eirika to Innes in that case, which is harder than talking to Innes with Tana). 3. Any pre-route split unit used must be at the same level Ephraim's group would be if you chose Ephraim's route, and Gilliam or Franz must be Jagenized with the same rule as Kyle (well, Gilliam must be at 13 def max before promotion since it implies 15 def after promo which is already overkill for Eirika's route, but honestly pre-promoting Gilliam is 100% better than Franz, at least Gilliam will be useful without doubling everyone while Franz would be trash). 4. Same rule for inventory and supply, same restrictions as Ephraim's route, Eirika only once your units are on equal level with Ephraim's group in the Ephraim's route scenario. It's like Eirika is your Jagen XD. Pre-route split units are forbidden to use pre-route split stat boosters or to carry anything other than their initial inventory into ch9 onwards. 5. Forde and Kyle must be killed once you've completed ch5x, manage Ephraim's inventory wisely! He will carry it to the Endgame with the Solar Seal and Siegmund! If anything seems vague, you can ask me or suggest your complements to these rules. Have...fun? LoL.
  4. Hey SF users, I want to speedrun fire emblem: sacred stones, but there's only a route for JP FE8 for ephraim's route (the WR by dxsteve is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As5gE-aa7Ck ) There's currently no JP route for eirika's route, which is significantly different and is its own category, so I decided to start working on this. I've been collaborating with a few FE speedrunners (gwimpage and dxsteve primarily) for help, since I've never worked on a GBA FE seriously. Since this is a GBA FE, of course this entire run is RNG manipulated. Here's the WIP playlist of the route so far - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3pBMjeS6rYj58h2QO52hnhZxtjqjG1yZ The main idea is to train vanessa while abusing seth in earlygame, then promote her using the Ch8 elysian whip into wyvern knight (that shouldn't be new to LTCers lol). This costs a few minutes in earlygame but will hopefully pay off and make using her worth it over myrrh (she's used in the english route, currently for lategame). I'm starting on routing midgame through this week, where things will get more interesting (and awesome music too), but also a lot more slowly since they're less straightforward than earlygame. I sorta want to have a general route laid out first to get a better picture of what we need. After I finish this route, I'm definitely going to redo everything here with better optimizations and such (especially inventory) and repost those videos. If anyone has any feedback on the videos here, that would be great. There's plenty of experienced LTCers here, so it'd be great to get feedback and/or advice. Thanks! Current Progress: Finished up to Ch13. Oh man, Ch14 time... Ch8 Elysian Whip IGT vs Not getting the whip: I'm not sure if getting the Ch8 elysian whip is worth it or not, so I want to make direct comparisons between my route videos. These are the in-game time at the save shown at the end of each chapter, from Ch8-Ch15 which is where strats would significantly differ. The left times below is the route that gets the Ch8 whip, and the right time is with the route that forgoes the whip (and would promote Vanessa in Ch15 instead). I'm not really looking for second-by-second comparisons since obviously these times and strats can be improved to shave off seconds here and there, but I'm looking for general overall time saves between each route. Ch7 ends on 16:59 IGT Ch8: 22:55 vs 20:20 - Route 1 behind by ~2:35 Ch9: 28:22 vs 26:38 - Route 1 behind by ~1:44 Ch10: 30:03 vs 28:13 - Route 1 behind by ~1:50 (mistakes/inventory stuff, shouldn't matter aside from level-ups) Ch11: 35:34 vs 33:37 - Route 1 behind by ~1:57 (mistakes/inventory stuff, shouldn't matter aside from level-ups) Ch12: 42:11 vs 40:33 - Route 1 behind by ~1:38 TL;DR Route 1 loses significant time on Ch8, but saves a bit of time on Ch9 and Ch12. Need to see how Ch14 and Ch15 go... Current route: http://www.speedrun.com/run/9mepnr3y
  5. Because noone's ever done one of these before... Rules: -All of the growth rates for the player controlled units are set to 0%. -All of the characters will be recruited. -I will be going on Ephraim route (another shocker). -I will attempt (key word there) to achieve the lowest turncounts possible given those constraints. I'll probably edit the OP later on to include other things of importance. Probably. Prologue- 1/1 turn Chapter 1- 3/4 turns One can only hope that the later chapters will be more interesting to watch.
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