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Found 2 results

  1. It is the 897th year, and Weal is ruined. Yet even in a ruined world, life persists. People continue to make their way and survive, as was done by these five. Karen Bianchi, a young girl from what was once a prominent family of Cardinal merchants, whose song had an odd power to reinvigorate the listener. Toki, a flirtatious follower of Nortia, determined to completely master games of chance. Butter Milkslad, a spirited Highlander wandering the ruined continent. Cantus, an aloof Auran scholar with many trivial interests and the husband of a dancer. Noelle von Altyna, a former aristocrat who has sworn revenge revenge against the Masked, the wife of a knight and mother of two children. It was a common autumn day. These five strangers, scattered across Weal, where simultaneously beset by the same event. There was a sound from above them like the tearing of fabric as the firmament tore open. Some ten cubits overhead there formed a rift one meter in diameter. Peered through, it appeared as a window beneath the sea, looking up towards the sun. With unnatural speed, the arm of a massive octopus snatched the stranger and yanked them through the portal, which closed soon after. Within the firmament, there was an odd sensation which was like wetness and dryness both, in which all the senses seemed denied their full use, except to feel the uncomfortable force constricting the waist. And as soon as the event began, it ended. An even greater tear appeared in the sky, some ten cubits from the ground, and the five strangers were unceremoniously tossed onto the same patch of ground. It was a common autumn day. These five strangers landed in a loose crowd. They found themselves before a great plateau in the midst of a vast plain. The air came with a chill breeze, and the dry grass crunched underfoot. Atop the the cliff, against the smoky skies swirling with ash, stood a lone figure down at them. Lightning flashed, revealing a robed silhouette. It seemed to be speaking, but the low rumble of wind and thunder drowned out his voice. He scratched his head, then vanished, reappearing in a flash of light at the foot of the cliff. "Ladies and gentlemen," he stiffly began. His stature was rather unimpressive, though his resigned expression showed he was not very impressed by the folks in front of him. "Wait. You all aren't..." His hand shakily drifted towards his temple and slowly drug down his face. "Of course. Random summoning in opposition to a goddess of chance. Oh no. I should have seen this coming." The man clapped his hands in front of him, froze up, and finally forced himself to speak. "So. Uh...I'm Charlemagne. You know, the...the kind of...the patron one. I just did this very elaborate ritual, you see, to summon from the strongest warriors in Weal." Charlie glanced between them all. "Well, we're all here now. I think this will do," he assured himself. "It's going to have to. See, I've summoned you all here for this one specific purpose. You see, Nortia, the very famous goddess one, is behind the Masked. I need help to defeat her and restore peace to the continent." He hiccuped and forced a grin. "So. Who wants to save the world?" ***
  2. The Pitch: Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Pouring forth from across the sea, masked soldiers have swept across the continent and pushed civilizations to a few small refuges. The cities and fields have been razed, the sun is veiled by ash, and the land has been reclaimed by the monsters of fable. Where did these monstrous forces come from? Have the goddesses abandoned the land? Can the world be saved? The Maps: This is a map of the continent of Weal as it once stood: This is a map of the continent of Weal as it stands now: The World as it Stands: The Mythos The Nations, as They Once Were Additional Information: The Gameplay Character Creation: The Spreadsheet: *** So, who wants to save the world? @SoulWeaver and @Acacia Sgt have already joined (though their characters aren't yet in the spreadsheet), but we still need 3-4 more players. Post applications here or pm them to me, and I'll pick the ones which work best and we'll start in the next week or so. If you're interested in joining, you'll need to be able to make at least three short posts a week. These don't need to be long posts- less than one paragraph is plenty and preferable.
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