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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I’d like to propose a project to improve something a lot of people, myself included, typically have issues with when playing the FE GBA titles. The support system. Obtaining supports is slow and clunky, not to mention limited given both the 5 support limit and the A supports being the end of the line most of the time when it comes to exploring a character’s supports. I think this is pretty easy to solve, all that needs to be done is use one of the more modern support systems used in GBA hacking for each of the games, and possibly provide an option beyond A supports for players who are still learning about a given character, and aren’t sure which pairing they want to commit to yet.
  2. Welcome to Fire emblem: The sacred Emblems. It is a fire emblem 8(sacred stones) hack.This is my first ever hack I will finish. DISCLAIMER I do not own the rights for this game, which is owned by Nintendo, nor do I take credit for the tools used to modify Nintendo's game STATS The new level cap is 30, all classes' will have 60 for the stat caps besides HP which will be 80. Classes' stat growths will be higher for harder enimes and higher base stats so people get closer to the new stat cap CLASSES Like FE2, there will be civilian classes but under trainee classes. Male and Female sword civilians who promote to Myrimadon-Swordmaster-True Blade or Mercenary-Blademaster-Hero, Neimi(Archer Civilian) and Colm(thief Civilian) will start as Civilians along with Amelia(Lance Civilian F), all leading to their normal classes. Along with the Amelia Civilian class there will a Male variant(Lance civilian M), civilian-solider-Lance Armor/ Lance Knight) and you should know the rest. Amelia can turn to a wyvern lord by beating the game then doing this Civilian-Recruit-Recruit-Dragon rider-Wyvern knight-Dragon Lord or Falcon rider by turning to a Pegasus Rider when she promotes normally as recruit. Ballisticians will be added along with nomads and nomad trooper(faster then rangers and somewhat stronger). Wyvern Knights act as Dragonmasters in the game so they use axes as well as lances. Dragonlords will use all three wepons of the wepon triangle. Bigger evolutionary lines to get closer to the stat cap as well.Druids can now summon so summoner is now removed. Druids also promote to Necromancers. Erika and Ephraim have 3 classes now Lord-great lord-King/Queen.All other prince and princesses will be their own, similar to those above. Social knights, Paladins, Armor knights, and Generals will be split like FE9-FE10(Rangers will be bow knights, Bow paladins will be added. Marshalls, Silver, and Gold knights, True blades marksmen Reavers, Priests, and Seraph knights will be added. Shamans will now be called Dark Mages Druids will be Dark Sage and Necromancers will be Archsage D M/F. Mages and Sages won't split but will become Archsage A M/F. Both Archsage classes will use all magic items but with different stats. FEATURES The Tower of Valani will be replaced by the Tower of Emblems where the other half of your team will be gained. Lagdou Ruins will have 20 rooms with floor 1-10 being like the tower of Valani while 11-20 are like the Lagdou Ruins. ITEMS Stat bonuses items won't be in the end of game secret shops, but the secret shops of their normal levels. Ballistas are now weapons for Ballisticians as well as bows. Shorts bow range is now 1 and long bows max is now four. There will be magic staves that do low damage for protection. Heaven seal is the master seal for most 1st tier class ups while the master seal is for all second-third tier classes class ups. Metis' Time will be found more frequently to help stats. Class up staves will be added such as knighting staves. All other FE Main characters will Class up from their emblems respectively. All Sacred weapons/tomes/staves will be unlimited. STORY I have one, but it should be a mystery for this Emblem There is more, this is most of what is done
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