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Found 6 results

  1. So I played FE12 a long time ago, and back then I didn't know about the 3 DLC maps, so I didn't get the save with DLCs before starting my playthrough. At a time when I'm considering playing the game again, I'd like to do the DLC maps too, but I don't want to erase my save from back then, or use a copy of the rom to play the dlc maps, etc .... So I'm wondering : is it possible to add the DLC maps to my pre-existing save file, or to add my save file to the save file with all DLC unlocked that is available online ? Thanks by advance 🙂
  2. Jo, everyone! A few days ago i just finished my Lunatic run, and my 4th Conquest run in total. And what better way to have some more fun with the game and making it a bit unique except with editing stuff? I will be using FEFTwiddler to edit the save file, so i can only edit the units after they are recruited, but here we go! Rules: 1. M Corrin, since i hate Jakob. You can choose name, boon/bane and class. 2. Give me a dancer. Doesn't have to be Azura, but i don't wanna imagine Conquest Luna without a Dancer xD 3. To have atlest one staffer early game, Felicia has to be a promoted staff using class. Doesn't have to be a maid, though. 4. You can change Base Stats aslong as the Total stays the same. However, you can't give any of the stats to Luck (other way around allowed). I will change stats using stat averages and base stat changes if no base stat change is given. For STR/MAG the higher stat will go to the primary weapon of the class, unless it's a dual class. Sadly, i can't change growths. 5. For each character, you can pick 5 Skills, 2 unpromoted(lvl1/10) and 3 prmoted (lvl5/10/15). Since i won't be heart sealing, since you will be choosing the class path for each character, i gave myself 1 extra skill for each. I will be equipping/editing in those skills after reaching the appropiate levels, i won't be using Skills given naturally by classes. Only skills that can benefit the character can be used. So no Bowfaire on a Mage, or staff savant on an Archer, for example. Mozu can't lose have aptitude replaced, since she would be super weak without it. Dancer must've inspiring song as lvl10 skill. I also need someone with Locktouch, obviously xD 6. DLC/Enemy only classes and skills are available. You can decide the class and the promotion for every unit. 7. For Kids, you can choose one skill they can inherit from each parent + 3 skills. 8. If you want, you can replace the join item of each character with an item of your choice (i will replace after map is over). If no item is given, i will just replace with an appropiate item of the same rank/power (If a sword using became lance using, the iron sword would be replaced with iron lance, for example. Legendary weapons with some of those strong enemy only weapons, etc). And i think that's it xd Units: 1- Kaga, Astral Dragon, Clever/Sickly, Clarity/Warp/Death Blow/Agressor/Draconic Hex, -1HP/-1Def/-1Res/-1Str/+3Mag/+1Skl 2- Felicia, Hoshido Noble, Quick Salve/Magic+2/Lunge/Dual Guarder/Galeforce, Levin Sword/Dragon Stone/Bloom Festal, C Swords/D Staves/D Dragonstone, Dragon blood. 3- Arthur, Fighter -> Berserker, Vantage/Strengthtaker/Axefaire/Shurikenbreaker/Sol, Iron Axe/Arthur Axe, +4 STR, -2 HP, -2 Res 4- Selena, Songstress, Aptitude/Inspiring Song/CounterMagic/Warp/Replicate, Guard Naginata/Dual Naginata/Concoction 5- Elise, Wyvern Rider -> Malig Knight, Aptitude/Divine Shield/Axefaire/Defensetaker/Quickdraw, Iron Axe/Bolt Axe, 21HP/9Str/6Mag/8Skl/10Spd/6Lck/10Def/6Res, 6- Laslow, Mercenary -> Hero, Defense +2/Natural Cover/Savage Blow/Bow Breaker/Resistance +2, -2Lck/+2Spd 7- Silas, Samurai -> Master of Arms, Dancing blade/Gamble/Rend Heaven/Duelist Blow/Awakening, +2Spd/+1Skl/-2Def/-1Res 8- Benny, Sky Knight -> Falco Knight, Lucky 7/Aegis/Lancefaire/Countermagic/Bow Breaker, same stats. 9- Camilla, Oni Chieftain, Seal Skills x 5, equalize Mag/Str and Def/Res 10- Flora, Spear Master, Strengthtaker/Quixotic/Ignis/Aggressor/Lancefaire, Subaki's Pike+3, ~39HP/27Str/11Mag/26Skl/15Spd/0Lck/16Def/16Res 11- Peri, Dark Flier, Elbow Room/Shelter/Bow Breaker/Heartseeker/Maelefic Aura, Bolt Naginata, +10Mag/-7Str/-3Lck, C Lances 12- Odin, Grandmaster, Shadowgift/Vantage/Heartseeker/Tomefaire/Life and Death, Nosferatu/Killing edge, +2Mag/Def/-2Lck/Res, C Swords 13- Nyx, Shrine Maiden -> War Priestess, Paragon/Inspiration/Bow Faire/Staff Savant/Hit/Avo +20, Sun Festal/Freeze/Silence, +4Skl/+1Spd/+1Mag/-1Str/-3Lck/-1Res/-1Def, D Staves C Bows 14- Niles, Ninja -> Mechanist, Draconic Hex/Lock touch/Strength Taker/Luna/Shurikenfaire, Iron Shuriken, same stats 15- Sophie, Archer -> Sniper, Paragon/Hoshidian Unity/Quixotic/Inheritance:Rend Heaven/Replicate, Mother: Selena 16- Midory, Outlaw -> Adventurer, Move+1/Renewal/Luna/Inheritance: Pass/Seal Def, Mother: Camilla
  3. TL;DR: Save editing is indeed possible for Shadows of Valentia, but it's a little more complicated than that. So as we all know, SoV just recently was released in Japan, and was leaked even before the official JP release. Not much research has been done into saves, but theoretically, if it's anything like Fates, a save editor should be simple, right? Wrong. For some reason, IS decided to switch up the way saves were written, making them generally a headache to decipher. Here is what has been figured out about the saves so far: Items: Character Editing: To be added later Post any save editing discoveries you've made here as well!
  4. Save editing in Fates is actually pretty easy if you have the right tools in front of you. I wanted to make a basic guide that works with people who are unwilling to use CFW (to avoid getting console banned from the 3DS's online features) and those who honestly have no idea what they're doing. This guide will work for both a physical and digital copy of Fates, but only for Fates. How many paths you have is irrelevant, but I recommend clearing at the very least to Chapter 6 on the file you'd like to futz with. This is the bare minimum required to start editing: You must have access to Homebrew on your 3DS. It is necessary to extract your save file. Learn how here: https://3ds.guide/ To actually perform the extraction, you need JK's Save Manager. It's very easy to use, and there will be instructions in the guide. Get it here: https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM/releases Lastly, you'll need a fantastic program called FEFTwiddler. This is what we'll be using for the actual futzing. I should clarify that you run this on your computer. Putting it on your 3DS SD card does nothing but occupy some space. Link: https://gbatemp.net/threads/feftwiddler-fire-emblem-fates-save-editor.422439/ Okay, you've got all that? Great. How to extract your save: Go to Homebrew with your launcher. I use soundhax. If you have set it up correctly and scroll down, you'll see JK's Save Manager. After selecting it, it will prompt you to pick a title. If you've got the physical version, it'll pop up as the first choice. For download, keep hitting right on the D-Pad until you find it, and select it. You'll be shown Save Data and Extra Data on the menu. Which one to select depends on where you saved the file you wanna mess with. If you only have one path purchased, you'll have 3 save slots. These are all under Save Data. You get 3 more save slots with the purchase of the opposite path, and another 3 with Revelation. These extra 6 are just that; extra. they're stored in your Extra Data. Select the option that corresponds with the location of the save you want to edit. The first option under both of these says "Extract Save/Extra Data" This is what you want. If you've never done this, the only option is "New". Name your folder whatever you want (I usually do the date of extraction), and press A to finish entering the name. It will then extract all of your data. Don't worry, this alone does not affect your game in any way. Everything is still there as you left it. After this is done, turn your 3DS off and take out the SD Card after it's all the way off. Pop it into your computer and open up the JKSV folder. Go to either Saves or ExtData and open the Fates folder. Look, a crapton of files you probably don't know what to do with! Congrats, you're ready to start editing! How to use FEFTwiddler: You'll see your save file right at the top. If you saved your game in the top of the first column, it'll be "Chapter0". For example, my Chapter0 is Halea, and, as you can see in the image, it's the first save in my extra data saves. Ebby would be "Chapter1", Ethan "Chapter2", and so on. Open Twiddler and click "File", then "Open File". Then just open the save file you wanna mess with, and go nuts! Some things you can do: You can change the class of any character, revive Scarlet in Revelation, let every character learn any skill (including class-exclusives, enemy/NPC exclusives, and Corrin-exclusives), S rank all of their weapon ranks, give them capped stats and Movement, Dragon Blood, and the ability to Heart Seal into DLC classes like Witch, Ballistician, Great Lord, Grandmaster, Lodestar, etc. It's crazy how much power you're given. Yes, you can make Gunter a Maid. It makes Rev's later chapters downright nightmarish, but you can do it. Not to mention that there are a ton of people on GBAtemp with crazy hacks you can insert into your game using Twiddler. Alright, let's get my changes into my game: After you've saved your changes, pop your SD card back into your 3DS and boot up Homebrew again. Go to Save Manager, then to Save or Extra. Press Import Save/Extra Data, and select the folder you've been using. Import this, and all of your changes should be in your game once you load it up! Note: If you want to make a big change, like hitting the big ? button, or trying to unplay chapters, I suggest making a backup of your pre-big change save, just in case it doesn't do what you expected. And that's it! I hope this helped you! Feel free to ask questions, but please keep in mind that I may not be able to answer them. See ya!
  5. To be clear, I'm not talking about Spear Fighters, and I'm well aware that there are no female Lancer enemies to be captured. However, there are map sprite pieces for female Lancers among the other map sprites, and I was wondering if there was actually a body model in the game for female Lancers, too, or if the map sprites were the only assets present for that.
  6. I was wondering how I might go about checking if the unused character, Saber, has any defined unit information; class, stats, growth rates, starting inventory, etc. I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about FE1's data structure, and it's possible that unit data is handled such that none exists for him, but I'm still curious if it would be possible to do this. Does anybody know anything that might be of use?
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