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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, tl;dr: I am looking for a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with the pairings of Ayra X Dew, Raquesis X Beowulf, Adean X Midayle, Sylvia X Claud, Briggid X Holyn, Tiltyu X Azel (selene's forest's best pairings) I am a very stupid man. I installed retroarch to my game's folder and uninstalled it when I saw that it sprayed its file gobbledygook all over the folder. I did not know that uninstall.exe called "rm -rf" and lost 700 gb of games. Most were beaten already or generally worthless. But I lost one very valuable thing. My invincible wife, Ayra. I lost the hours spent making sure none of my cherished friends died. I lost the hours having my favorite boys and girls dance after the battle was won. I had just begun chapter 6 when this occurred. I found another save file, but I was immediately shown an abomination. The Not-Children of Ayra staring me down, mocking me in my failure. I cannot continue with that save file any longer. Please help me, Selene's Forest. You're my only hope. tl;dr: I desperately need a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with Ayra's kids, Lakshe and Shakaher, not the default replacements, Radney and Roddlevan. Thank you very much for reading my plea for help. Best, Dew
  2. I just started playing FE2 yesterday, while I'm on my breaks. The thing is that I really want to play it on easy mode due to the increased exp gains, I have no much interest on playing it on the slow vanilla exp gains, and i don't want to grind. I tried really hard to begin a new game on easy, but the android NES emulators only take 2 inputs simultaneously, I tried it on my computer as well, but with no success, and don't know why. Can anyone here lend me a battery save file on easy mode, please?
  3. Woo, I have exams this week so this'll be messy for a while. Greetings and salutations, Serenes. So I've been spriting very casually for maybe, three or so years, I started when I was maybe...11? I'm not sure, but I'm 13 now and I still suck, but I'm trying my best! Fire Emblem Styled Stuff!...That doesn't properly display! Also, I made some cool 16x16 Awakening icons! http://imgur.com/xv8dtoo
  4. After having seen all those randomized runs and thinking it was cool I decided to make a FE8 randomized run. The setup is the following : (I minimized the weapons and con stats not to allow cheesing by simply having a boss whose weapons break in one hit) You, yes you! You will have a part in this formidable experience by choosing me 14 units. I'm obviously allowed to abuse of !Seth, !Orson and !Eirika. You won't choose though a !slot, but an unit. That means that I can actually totally get screwed because that unit will be in the tower slot. You can't give me though the boss units (Valter, Lyon, Orson, Caellach, Selena, Riev) because they're not randomized. I have no idea of the outcome of this run. Your units can either totally screw me up or be awesome simply due to the random. (I can have 255 skill growth Myrrh with 10% everywhere for instance) I'm allowed to tower grind and to arena abuse because why the hell not. Units : - !Seth (who is actually Innes) - !Eirika (who is actually Forde) - Cormag - Marisa - Amelia - NATASHA - Lute - Seth - Ewan - Ephraim - L'Arachel - Ross - Joshua - Tana - Vanessa - Ismaire Here you go! EDIT : I feel I'm already gonna regret setting the base movement to 1. What have I done. EDIT 2 : Got back to randomize movement from 7 to 9 because Forde and Innes have 1/2 move and I don't see myself playing hyper slowly.
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