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Found 3 results

  1. TL;DR: Save editing is indeed possible for Shadows of Valentia, but it's a little more complicated than that. So as we all know, SoV just recently was released in Japan, and was leaked even before the official JP release. Not much research has been done into saves, but theoretically, if it's anything like Fates, a save editor should be simple, right? Wrong. For some reason, IS decided to switch up the way saves were written, making them generally a headache to decipher. Here is what has been figured out about the saves so far: Items: Character Editing: To be added later Post any save editing discoveries you've made here as well!
  2. So, I recently completed Path of Radiance on Easy mode (I picked easy mode for the higher XP gains), and I wanted to transfer my file over to Radiant Dawn. However, I found out the hard way that Easy mode saves don't work well with Radiant Dawn transfers. I really want to use the level caps, supports, and coins I earned in PoR, and I already put 40+ hours into that gamesave. To that end, is there a way to create or edit a Path of Radiance save file so that it is exactly the same as my existing PoR save (but, say, on Normal difficulty)? I was hoping to do the transfer and create the Radiant Dawn save via Dolphin so I can put the saves on an SD card and play it on my Wii. It'd be nice if there's a GUI editor out there, but failing that, is there a hex editor reference to find where all the data is stored to edit it manually? Thanks!
  3. Ok this is for anyone who has played Touhou Double Spoiler I tried the score file thing but I am not sure what the site is talking about I tried to place the score file like I do any other file in a game folder but it does not work :( turns out I need to take extra steps that I don`t understand. I suck bad at these darn Danmaku shooters but I play better with certain characters I couldn`t help but notice only Aya is playable for a good chunk of the game I cannot make it beyond the second set of stages with her. So yeah I just Hatate unlocked so I can possibly move forward in the game Lol or continue to be stuck as I really stink at Touhou games yet...I still play them they are so fun but hell to play at times.
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