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Found 8 results

  1. Ladies and gentlemen... Have you ever seen an E rank in an HHM run? Have you ever seen someone get Athos killed on turn 1? Have you ever been told that you're not a good servant by Serra? No? Good for you. Unfortunately for Hector, He is about to see all of those things, and much more. Can someone as bad as me finish the infamous HHM? Will good triumph over evil? Will Nils and Ninian meet a terrible fate at the hands of Nergal? Will I run out of things to say before the end of the opening sequence? The answer to all of those questions Is Perhaps? Enjoy my suffering, children. And join me as I play... FIRE EMBLEM: THE BLAZING BLADE! WHILE MOSTLY BLIND!! Welcome one, welcome all! I'll try to suffer through this game with few casualties! (Spoiler alert: There is going to be far more than a few casualties.) So, let's get down to it! I've played this game once before, a few years ago on Lyn/Eliwood Normal mode. I have forgotten most of that by this point, but maybe I'll remember where the body ring and ocean seal are during the desert map? THE RULES: It's gonna be straightforward enough: 1. I'm playing Lyn Hard Mode first. 2. I will then go on to Hector Hard mode, playing the game until the end. 3. I have to deploy all three lords every time. 3. This is an ironman run: Anyone who dies stays dead, and if I have to reset after their death, then they will be permanently benched. 4. I will play all of the gaiden chapters and try to get the true ending. 5. I will be doing MINOR event editing, but nothing that will actually affect much**. (Setting Nils to level 7 with the same bases so I don't have to spend 70 turns grinding exp for him, giving Canas a good ending because he's a true god, etc.) 6. No Save-state abuse, or any save-states at all.* (Exception to that later on) 7.I will try to upload every three or four days, but it might vary from week to week. 8. I will not be showing all of the turns in Lyn mode since there isn't much happening during it. 9.Got a unit you want me to use? Let me know! I might use them if they're not a prempromote! 10. This is a largely blind run, using only the knowledge I have from my run a few years ago. 11. This is NOT a ranked run, so don't expect any kind of skill coming from me at all. 12. Units who bow out because they were defeated in Lyn mode CANNOT return in Hector mode. 13. I'M ALLOWED BEING LUCKY TWICE PER UPDATE WHILE STILL BEING HIGHLY GOOD EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES: Exception to rule 3: Lords cannot be permanently benched and will always be deployed, no matter how stat-screwed they are. Exception to rule 5: Uh...Well... I hate Battle Before Dawn VERY VERY MUCH, so I conveniently had Zephiel, Jaffar and Nino out for a walk when the chapter starts. (I.E. I put them near where the players load so this chapter doesn't cause me hell. I know, I'm a chicken, but I hate this chapter SOOOOOOOOO much!) Exception to rule 6: Kishuna is really hard to kill, so I will be permitting Save-state abuse specifically for killing him. Hector Hard mode-chapters 11 onwards. I'm going to try to these updates Rubenio-style, with responses in one spoiler and updates in the other. I lack skills in everything but telling puns, so expect a lot of them! My tactitian will be speaking through regular text, I shall be speaking with Bolded Itallics! The first update will happen soon!
  2. Play me! Once, it was ruled by a vast empire called Lazberia. The god-kings of Lazberia built their empire on the blood of the enslaved citizens. For centuries, it stood untouchable. Yet still, time brought it to ruin. But the people lived on. From the ashes of Lazberia, they built two great nations. One, the Empire of Raze. The other, the Kingdom of Veria. Endless blood was shed in the name of holy war. Chaos, slaughter, destruction and hate consumed the hearts of the people. And now, a young man comes of age in these chaotic times. My initial plan was to wait for Aethin to drop the next patch, and/or April Fools. You know, so I could prank everyone by starting a thing for real the day people don't start things for real. But then the crownvirus happened. Did you know that "corona" in Spanish means "crown"? Those of you who have read my other stuff know how much it peeves me when people use spanish words as names. It's like ours is some kind of alien language! Anyway, I was doing an internship, and I was pretty happy with my workplace, for once. Learning more than in the past two years put together, my boss was surprisingly awesome, I actually looked forward to going there every morning. But now I'm stuck at home with nothing to do. Also, my oldest cat died a couple days ago. So I decided, "what the hell". Let's do this now. Thus, the time has come for us to ask ourselves one question. Are we ready? Are we ready for a journey... ...filled with death, tragedy and despair... ...but also happiness, hope and glee? Are we ready... ...for this intro to end already? Nah, just kidding. I love this intro. I recommend that you go and find a video of the full opening, because it's seriously gorgeous. But I'm running out of things to say. This was supposed to be shorter, but the gifs were too big, so I had to split them into multiple parts. Still, you won't deny that it was worth the effort. These visuals, man! Why did you have to go 3D, FE? You're so ugly now! Well, no matter. The important thing is that it's time. Time for... Title screen! Hello, everybody! Remember me? It is I, Saint Rubenio, the guy who can't play FE, hates just about everything and is moderately entertaining on occasion! I have returned with an even more obscure game, because that seems to be my thing. I couldn't play the popular ones and get all the views, nooooo gotta play this one that's only been played by 776 people. Anyway, yeah, I'm back! I already said everything I needed to say between the awesome gifs, so without further ado... Wait, hold up, hold up! What is a Berwick Saga? I didn't know Ricky Berwick got his own game! Don't be silly. TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga: Lazberia Chronicle: Chapter 174 (rolls right off the tongue) is a game made for the PS2 in 2005 by Shouzou Kaga, the legendary creator of the forum's titular series (which, I imagine, requires no introduction). This game only came out in Japan, but it has been fully translated by the amazing @Aethin and his programmer partner, Lightgazer. It is also Kaga's greatest work, and the best strategy game I have ever played. This isn't like my past LPs, where I played games that I loved and hated in equal measure. This is a game that I have a profound love for. Berwick Saga stars Reese, heir to the March of Sinon, and his advisor and general, the veteran Ward. They travel to the city of Navaron to respond to the call to arms of the King of Veria, the country that leads the Berwick League, which is waging a losing war against the Empire of Raze. There, his life shall change forever... It's a game that sort of looks like FE on the surface, but then you start playing and you realize that it's way different. And better. Those of you who have played it, I welcome you to witness as I fail miserably to get through it without casualties. The rest of you, take my metaphorical hand and allow me to show you around this masterpiece. And, well, also watch as I fail miserably. It's one of the selling points of my LPs, after all. Ruben, the rules. Yes, yes, of course. In my first LP, I broke every single one of my self-imposed rules. In my second LP, I forgot to make any, and had to improvise. In my third LP, I covered my back by making a bunch of exceptions, but I couldn't take advantage of them because of a few unfortunate losses I hadn't foreseen, and then I broke the Ironman. With any luck, we'll actually do something right this time. Though I'm not too hopeful. - This is an Ironman run. That means anybody who dies remains dead. Prepare yourselves to watch your favourites die at the hands of my incompetence. - On the matter of game-overs, this game has saves every five turns, so if I get game-overed, I will only go back to the latest save I have. Any units that died before the reset will be used for the remainder of the chapter, but they will be benched forever afterwards, as if they were too injured to fight any longer. - At the moment, I can think of two exceptions to these two rules: two critical captures that I might have to rig. Capturing is RNG-based in this game, so if I want to showcase as much as possible, I might have to save-scum those two captures. I reserve the right to make up more exceptions as we go. Don't worry, though, this won't be an "Ironman on the second attempt" or anything like that. I will not use this to undo my own failures. - As always, I will not be warpskipping. Mainly because warp is not a thing in this game. Ruben, are you going to be doing your lame sidestories here? Yeah, probably. See, in my past LPs I sort of winged fanfics to go with the main story. Mostly for fun, as a nod to the veterans, and to flex my mediocre skills as a spriter. If you find it to be too cringy for your tastes, though, you can just ignore those segments. I will not change the main story in any way, save for a quick joke. Speaking of the story, how will you show it? Same way as in the last LP: by painstakingly transcribing everything, with portraits to go with the text. Since I poured my heart and soul into this self-portrait, I will be using it to speak my mind during dialogue. Also, italic text, because now that I am in the artstyle of the game, I don't stick out as much. I want you to use X unit! Go ahead and tell me to do it! I won't make any promises, but Berwick Saga is much more flexible in terms of what kind of a team you can have than FE. You don't necessarily have to stick to a single team, so most units will see at least some use. So do throw some suggestions my way, and I'll see what I can do. Don't even mention Volo, though. Why? Because I despise OP edgelords. I let Navarre die in FE12, I sacrificed Rutger in FE6, I made Vega into a mere shopkeep in TRS, and you can be sure that I'll screw over Volo as well if I must. What if I really really feel like spoiling something? I know just about everything this game has to offer, but not everyone does. If you want to talk about something spoilery, do it, but put your spoilers in a spoiler box, and place a big warning on top. Just so those who have never seen this game before know not to click. What will be the schedule of the LP? Same as usual: when I'm done with the update and when I'm not busy facing technical problems. Normally I try not to take longer than a week, but we'll see how it goes. DISCLAIMERS This LP will contain: - Profanity. I swear like a sailor on a bad day. - Blood and gore. The game doesn't have any, but one of my gimmicks is that, when people die, I edit their portraits to be all bloody and awful. Watch out if you can't stand those things. - Dark humor. Also bad humor, at times. - Injokes that new readers may not understand. I cannot imagine what a nightmare it must be to start reading my stuff and encounter the same five recurring jokes that I've been using for the past two and a half years. See what I meant with "bad humor"? - Intense hatred for the most popular titles in the FE series. I am elitist scum who despises everything that's made FE into a mainstream franchise. This will be first and foremost a Berwick Saga LP, but be warned, I will often stop to say "man, this game is SO much better than Three Houses!". Other titles that I dislike include, but are not limited to, FE9 and FE7. If that sort of thing infuriates you, exercise caution. - Unhealthy amounts of character deaths. Growing fond of playable characters is unadvised. Is that everything? I think that's everything. All right, then! Fasten your seatbelts, ready your prayer books, and let's dive right into the world of Berwick Saga! ...not right now, though. As always, the first update will take a few days to come out. But at least you know it's coming, so it's all good, right?
  3. I must admit, I barely remember Awakening. I played through only once on Hard Classic back in the day and at this point I felt like I needed a bit of a refresher. Now I wanted to see how Lunatic was like, and similar to my Lunatic Conquest I was curious how it would play without using the combat effects of pairup, but knowing how integral they tried to make that mechanic in Awakening I was uncertain if this run will be entirely possible. I have seen forum rumors of someone on another forum claiming they beaten a Lunatic no-pairup run, and theories that it is possible, but neither of these were particularly promising, so I did wait until I unlocked the ability to summon teams from the battle box that could be battled to grind before just to test how possible this run will be before committing to an LP. I suppose it is about time to set down some ground rules: 1. Having a unit that is paired up engage in combat is a reset worthy offense. 2. Having a unit paired up that could have been targeted on enemy phase is a reset worthy defense 3. No paid DLC (as I do not have any) I will also restrict the amount of off screen grinding I do based on reader feedback. Now I will still use pairup to increase my maneuverability on the map, so expect liberal use of the pairup, transfer, swap, and separate commands to give me a tactical edge. Also do be warned if things get dire enough, I may leave units dead on the field of battle, but I will try my best to keep everyone alive. Now for reader convenience I will start by try to have updates separate into 3-4 spoiler tags, as I will be looking at the story and supports I get I will separate updates into supports (if applicable) opening story, chapter, and ending story section. I guess it is time to start
  4. I always wanted to share my Iron Man experiences with others. Now I finally get the chance to do so in the form of a Screenshot Let's Play. This format got picked over a regular recorded Let's Play due to my generally slow playstyle. No one would want to see chapters taking about an hour each in video format. This will be a hard iron man, meaning that the game is truly over if Marth were to fall. I am looking forward to showing all of my tactical mishaps strategies in motion! This will be my first screenshot Let's Play ever. I would love to get some advice if possible. I will be writing this while playing to better document my plays. Let's begin! Chapter 1 Well then, that was Chapter 1. I'll try to update this daily since screenshot Let's Plays are a little more work than I anticipated. Thank you for reading the first part of my Iron Man.
  5. Prologue, Part 1 Today I'm going to be starting my first ever randomized FE. I chose FE4 because it's my favorite game in the series. Honestly, I'm a little scared, because if I have bad luck and get a lot of foot units, the game will become a torturous slog. As well, I increased the enemy's growths by 20%, which means i could be really screwed if my luck is extra bad. Now that we have the introduction out of the way, let's just jump right into it. Growths (With Holy Blood bonuses)- 95% HP, 30% strength, 35% Magic, 30% skill, 35% speed, 45% defense, 25% resistance, and 35% luck Overall, this Sigurd is amazing. He has great bases, the best class in the game, pursuit, wrath, and decent growths. However, the next 2 units aren't nearly as great as him. Growths- 70 HP, 5 strength, 40 magic, 60 skill, 30 speed, 15 defense, 44 res, and 10 luck This is just what I was afraid of. After the amazing unit that is my Sigurd, the randomizer barfed out this mess. I'm gonna have nightmares about this paper thin, pursuitless, 5 move abomination. He does promote into a dark bishop, which is kinda cool though. Growths- 85 HP, 15 strength, 15 magic, 15 skill, 60 speed, 30 defense, 47 resistance, 20 luck More of the same. I feel like he is a little better than Noish though(which isn't saying much). Although his magic kinda sucks, he has a nice speed growth and pursuit which means he'll be delaing about the same damage as Noish. He also has charm, which will be nice for fighting bosses. Growths- 85 HP, 65 strength, 30 magic, 70 skill, 35 speed, 40 defense, 30 resistance, 40 luck Finally, another good unit. Actually, a really good unit. His bases are decent, and his growths are very good for a new game, let alone a Kaga game. His holy blood is very good, and it would be awesome if he ever got the Tyrfing. He also has an oddly high magic stat, which means he could be pretty good with a wind or thunder sword. I don't want this first part to drag on for very long, so I'm gonna cut it off here. This is my very first lets play, so comment any suggestions you have for me Thanks for reading!
  6. Hello i'm kaiserbaedd and this is the adventures of the many lifetimes of our lord and savior Brian. What? This is an abridge style LP following our lord and savior Brian? What do you mean by our lord and savior Brian? Watch The life of Brian before clicking on the spoilers So what does that mean for the LP than? I'm gonna loosely follow the story but i'm gonna try and keep the serious moments in tho. I'm also playing thought the game on hard classic mode. What about story spoilers? Try and avoid spoiling thing that happens in the game and the other route until we reach that point but if you much post something do it with the spoiler tag Can the readers help influence the LP? Yes, peoples can suggest what characters i recruit and how to build them up(i.e. armour knight Annette, dark knight Claude, etc...) including Brian When will the first part be up and how often will you update? Part 1 will be up tomorrow and i'm gonna try and update it every few days. See y'all tomorrow
  7. Or PMCR for short. So, all your screenshot LP lovers probably know that TheMoniker, a guy who does (or did) screenshot Let's Plays (and he's very good at that), recently quit doing them. And I've come to take his place! Nah, not really. I'm just a lurker who mostly comes to see the progress of the fangames that are being posted here. BUT. This time will be different! And I'm comparing that to the screenshot LP I tried to do, which consisted on Randomized Fire Emblem 7. But it was pretty boring and no different from the others. Heck, I was even doing Lyn's mode! And we all know no one enjoys that. So, after that introduction to my tragic story on these forums (not really), and since I'm on vacations, I decided to do something that hasn't been done yet... OR HAS IT? Well, anyways, I'll keep this short: I'm bored, and I want to play some Fire Emblem. But I don't know which Fire Emblem to play! And since I suck, I can't play the most recent titles. So I decided to start some challenge runs to entertain myself a bit. But I thought "Hey! Wouldn't it be better if people could watch how I suffer doing stupid things?" So (man, why do I always have to start sentences with "so"?) yup, that's how I decided to do this thread. Since I haven't beaten any 1-5 Fire Emblem, I'm going to do this for the GBA titles only. At least for now. The way this is gonna work, well, I think a LP would be better if the viewers could actually... "participate" on it, in one way or another. So... YOU. Yes, YOU. You're gonna choose which challenge run I'll be doing! This is the "template" you need to use if you want so see me suffer: After I get enough requests, I'll set up a poll, and the challenge who gets more votes, that's the one I'm gonna play. For now, since I had this in my mind, I'll auto-request myself, because I'm such a good person: I think I wrote everything I wanted to write so yeah... Let's see if this thread gets noticed. If not, it'll probably get buried and no one will remember it. I'LL DEAL WITH IT. PD: English is not my native language so I can make mistakes. Bear with me plzz.
  8. [7/18/2016 10:36:28 PM] Bree: in case it's not obvious I have a vendetta against Pokemon Glazed So what better way to deal with this than to beat this damn thing and force people who want to read this to suffer through it with me! In case you don't know anything about Pokemon Glazed; oh boy are you in for something If you do; Please don't spoil anything I most likely have very strong opinions on the act in question and you know I will voice them Anyway... [spoiler=IN THE BEGINNING] In case it wasn't obvious the creator of this hack loves Quilava For the record Mew has like nothing to do with this plot I dunno It's the word 'donut' backwords and the game is called Glazed That pretty much shows the quality of this hack right there Tree name? Professor? Pokemon hack checks out. ZOMG GAIZ GEN 4 POKEMON ARE HERE so yeah there are Gen 4/5 Pokemon in this hack Fun This is literally ugly Like The only option Shout out to the 3 of you who get this Which is literally impossible unless you are one of the three mentioned above This isn't your normal everyday starting location this is Advanced starting location Good thing we have context for this right? This dialogue is very yeah Case in point AND THE CHARACTER TALKS that's it guys pack it up I'm leaving Because that makes sense??? I have a feeling that will annoy me later on And then ??? died of a heart attack Having a dad in non-R/S/E Pokemon is sacrilege Having parents in a Pokemon game actually do something is sacrilege Oh wow I am so honored I mainly took this for inside jokes No I got it whenever the fuck Pokemon Go came out Wow!! at least there is variety ANYWAY, time for STARTER OPINIONS Turtwig: Probably one of the best to pick. good typing and such Chimchar: Literally gets shit on in gyms 2 and 3 and Gym 3 is such BS when we get there so good luck Piplup: Literally never pick this you get a much better water type soon I don't care how big a boner you get for penguins Shinx: Kinda bad for the first 2 gyms but helps a lot during gym 3 so if you want to Riolu: I dunno I've never used Riolu in this so I have no idea how well it works So let's try it out and see how we go I think that was the guy's name in the Lucario movie?? ummm..... So I'm not able to actually and accurately work on my jouney? Sounds like Pokemon Go I'm glad this is like the old days where we name people after their occupation Woo? ruckus is a great word Great Grammar Gandalfchu See I appreciate this hack for making Pikachu a dick but I also don't because this Pikachu is annoying af When will I win? Translation: "Fuck you" (probably) !!! Fun fact we have the R/S/E Groudon/Kyogre music whenever we fight this I don't get it either This battle went as expected we kicked it's ass When your parents are actually useful get it? because shoes are like gloves for your feet Actually fucking useful item!! Please do [spoiler=NEXT TIME!] Wake me up inside
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