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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. I wanted to do a special playthrough for this game and came up with this idea. Basically: Rules -Only Miriel Ricken Tharja Henry Noire and Laurent can see any combat in chapters after they're obtained. -Only Avatar can do combat for Prologue and Chapter 1 and then he/she doesn't count as a magic user. -Other units can be used for pair up, but they can never ever lead. This means I can't use the advantages of flight or + move but I can still use them for pairing up and marriage. Whether or not they can be equipped is up for voting. -Lissa may see use if she wins in the poll for healing until I obtain more than just Miriel. -I will visit all the Paralogues I can visit except children paralogues, which is up to my discretion. I am very likely to recruit Laurent and Noire. -Avatar can not pass down Veteran to any children. -The units mentioned above can only use tomes if they're in a class that can use other weapons like Dark Knight. -Nosferatu is banned from being bought. -Anna Merchant Shops are banned. -Skirmishes/Grinding are banned. -Boss abuse is banned. -Hard Mode, Classic. -Spotpass is banned. After Chapter 18, A rank tomes can be obtained from Spotpass. -Renown is allowed up to....NOT SURE YET. Well, there you go. Vote and I will start tomorrow.
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