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Found 5 results

  1. Since Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light localize release is coming to tomorrow, I do think that we need someone to help out gathering some remaining scripts from the official localize release from the Nintendo Switch eShop so that we can help out @VincentASM(Ayven Knight) since Serenes Forest had not gotten any scripts for the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light contents in Serenes Forest for years. I do think this would be a perfect opprotunity to gather them so that one of us can expand more stuff for updating Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light content in Serenes Forest to help out any localize players can enjoy playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Also to note on it: I am pretty sure some of the early bosses in the NES version hadn't got any quotes unlike in Shadow Dragon and I did noticed some death quotes like in the official trailer for example had it way different from Shadow Dragon.
  2. So I’ve long felt that Ike is, IMO one of the greatest video game protagonists of all time and Path of Radiance remains my favorite FE Title. Each Chapter in the game gives some plot elements that can be reduced so avoid redundancy Have to include whole cast in some capacity. Not everyone in the game has to have a major role though some will have more focus obviously. For the reasons of her character development in game, my thought is to ship Jill and Ike. Her initial offset of hating laguz and his initial rejection of her because of it make for a good intersecting of values that would be compelling. Chapter Prolguue-3 (Bandits) In a precursor scene, Renning announces with clashing swords and war noise in the background that the King and Queen have fallen and ushers a grieving Elincia to flee with her escort of Geoffrey, Lucia, Bastian, Kieran, Bron and Nephenee. As she leaves, Elincia screams out Lord Renning’s name as he is struck down by a gleeful Ashanard. Elimcia’s horse is spooked by a stray arrow and she takes a detour by mistake nearly colliding with a startled Soren who is on his way back to Greil’s Mercenary bass. Boyd, Oscar, Titania and Ike are sent to dispatch some bandits in a nearby village. It’s Ike’s first mission and he’s being counseled on how to engage with the enemy. Bandits and being cautioned to pick the right time to strike. Ike disobeys orders when he sees the bandits trying to steal Marcia’s Pegasus Knight while she asks angrily where her brother is. She thanks Ike and flies away leaving Ike and company to stave off the bandits. They are interrupted when a bandit produces two child hostages in Mist and Rolf who have snuck out on Rhys to help the villagers acting like younger siblings who want to tag along and are saved by Shinjon and Gatrie. Chapter 4-7: Fleeing Daein pursuit At the base, Greil berates Ike, Rolf and Mist for disobeying orders but Titaniia defends Ike telling Greil that, in her opinion, Greil himself would have acted no differently. Rhys tells Greil he takes full responsibility for losing Mist and Rolf. Greil laughs and decides to be lenient with Ike and challenges him to 10 rounds of training matches to Ike’s chagrin. In a shes next to main base, Rolf is seen meeting Shinon and apologizing profusely but Shinon cuts him off and curtly instructs him to fire 1000 arrows at the target he has set up and while Rolf is doing it, gives Rolf a lecture about discipline and focus and how he shouldn’t have hesitated when the bandits grabbed Mist telling Rolf he taught him better (“One clean motion, no hesitation.”) but praises him for not being seen with a bow reminding Rolf to keep his secret. Soren comes into the camp at night knocking on Ike’s chambers. Ike, stiff and sore from his sparring, hobbled down the stairs and Soren tells him he needs to the Commander right away. While Elincia explains her plight, they hear a loud knock on the door and find out the “knock” is a flaming arrow which leads to Greil issuing an evacuation order and accepting Elincia’s contract because of the circumstances. After relentless pursuit, Greil instructs then to split up and he leads a diversionary force with Gatrie and Shinon. Ike and the rest of the Greil Meecenaries sneak through the Gallia forest and overhearing the Daein soldiers talk about how terrified of the laguz they are, Soren uses his wind magic and amplifies Oscar’s strange talent for making animal noises (creative license here: The running joke being Oscar can do something you wouldn’t expect him to do given his quiet and calm demeanor) which spooks the guards. As the guards flee, Ike can see Gallia in the distance and instructs Elincia, Rolf, And Mist to head to safety . Rolf and Mist refuse to leave their siblings behind and Ike reluctantly agrees to let them come along to find Greil. Remainder plays out very much like the game, Ike comes across a tower, is ambushed by Daein soldiers led by Petrine Mia introduces herself with a bombastic entrance where she strikes down an arrow aimed at Rhys. The skirmish is interrupted when Greil shows up and challenges Petrine to a duel who happily accepts but is instructed by the Black Knight to stand down before challenging Greil himself to single combat at sunset which Greil accepts. Petrine objects but is assured by the Black Knight she will not be punished for cowardice and tells her that there are more important tasks at hand than killing off some sellswords. Under this guise, well, we know what happens to Greil... As you can see, I pull bits and pieces from the first 8 chapters here. Trying to stay as faithful to the original as possible but have thought about making Jill a love interest for Ike, Soren and his broody branded business, and Stefan teaching Ike about channeling the “spirits of the Zunanma” AKA Sol, Luna, Astra, Colossus, Aether, etc. Replacing Shinon’s convoluted recruiting method is Rolf challenging him to a one on one winner take all shooting competition to minimize casualties. Bryce gets beheaded by Ashnard in a war room conference when Bryce voices an objection. Petrine fears him. I think this sets the tone as to why and Bryce’s character is very limited in exposure and I feel kind of bad leaving a loyal soldier with the bag of honoring a corrupt king so... put him out of his misery. Thats the foundation of what I have so far. Many thoughts on what i should do? Ive got a lot of cameos to cover.
  3. So I decided to make my own question topic on this instead of keeping it within the event assembly problems thread Heres my code: Everything in EndingScene is straight from the base prologue events, so it shouldn't be a problem. No idea what causes this I could really use some help. Upon loading the chapter I get a black screen endlessly, thanks
  4. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I'm not sure how to ask so I'll just be blunt. I've been working on my hack for the past year or so and I'm looking for some additional help in my hack. You can find out more about my hack in the Fan Projects section, it's called FE: Book of Eden. Below are the categories that I'm looking for help in. Beta Testers: I'm looking for about 1-2 more testers. Tasks would include feedback on the story, things like consistency, plotholes, and your general thoughts. Extra people to bounce ideas off of. I already have grammar checkers but one more wouldn't hurt. Sprites: Spriters would be nice, though you do not have to be an expert. Mostly just touch ups and chibi portraits (90% of my portraits don't have a proper chibi portrait and the other 10 are missing one.) I'll admit chibi are not one of my favorite areas to work on. I'm willing to exchange favors/help. My hack has a sort of cross-over theme so we can also exchange portraits too. Script writers: Anyone experienced in writing animation scripts and converting FE8 monster animations to call the proper sound effects and run properly on FE7? That's pretty much what I need help in. I have no background in writing code or programming. I'm willing to provide compensation, either through exchanging favors/help or payment. Music: I'm currently using the default FE7 soundtrack but it would be nice to have help in this area. Inserting some songs from FE6 and FE8 and some other midi I found. I have even less knowledge in music than I do in programming. I hope I'm not being too confusing in my explanation. If you have any questions, you can either PM me or ask them here. If you feel that the questions are sensitive, you can just straight up PM me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  5. How do you make frames loop in a battle animation script? (Like for example when a magic user casts a spell) Does the code differ in FE7 and FE8?
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