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Found 2 results

  1. i can't find any sealed sword cheats that will work on my emulator. any advice?
  2. Hey guys I have run into a problem with FE6 while trying to hack it with nightmare. Well I used the portrait changer thing in character editor section and changed wolts character number and description to that of Brunya and even changed his pallette to her color pretty neat that one has pallette part in the simple unit editor. Anyway the problem I am running into is the changes I make to Wolt or any other character by changing their pallette, growths and portrait don`t stay! they only stay while the game is on but as soon as I say reset the game or suspend the chapter than turn back on my Brunya is just a generic mage with none of the special growths or even pallette I set to her why is that? I have also had crashing problems with the game at around chapter 2 where it just freezes and won`t go beyond chapter 2... So am I messing something up? or missing any parts? or is changing portraits more complicated than just simply clicking on a few drop down boxes and such heh you know how nightmare is.
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