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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I am trying to plan what order I will be using seals in for my first playthrough and would like to know if anyone knows what chapters we acquire our first seal, (any of them). Also, In your opinion, is it going to be better to use a buddy seal before or after we have promoted? I suppose the case will change based on the characters involved but I'd love to hear some opinions. Cheers
  2. Well, with this new section, I decided to give this a try. So, how many here play this MMO? I figured, if there's a big enough number, we could use this as a sort of general discussion place, or to organize things like partying for a dungeon and the like. Heck, we could even create a Guild for just us SF members. So, what do you guys think?
  3. So my question is when to use them I am playing on normal/casual so i dont think i need to spend hours grinding an stuff I was thinking get to level 20use a masters seal apart from MU who i will explain about later After they are advanced classes get them to level 15. The ones tht dont need changing just get to 20 and leave them there. The others (ie chrom to go change to General to get Pavise) use second seals to get to another advanced classes then level to 20... Or in some cases(ie chrom going back to a great knight) switch back to origenal advanced class or a new advanced class. With MU i want to get to 15 as a tactician, then use a master seal, level to 15 again to pick up skills and then use second seal to go to either mage/dark mage/cleric/preist and start from there Do u think this is a good use of seals and wont take too long but still getting high stats?
  4. So I've been pondering whether or not should I write this story but my decision must be pretty clear considering I'm posting this. Anyways the Story's basic grounds will be based on Fire Emblem meaning, such things as Anima magic and all that are included but it will be on an entirely new continent with new places, people, and a new story. As I considered actually putting this out there I kind of planned a lot and even got around to making a shitty decent map. Map: Characters: First chapter will be out in a bit.
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