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Found 1 result

  1. Have you ever attempted to challenge yourself in a Pokemon game by doing something specific, as in beat the entire game, beat the E4 and champion, etc. with only one Pokemon? I remember attempting a Shinx only run in Pearl a few years ago, but Bertha kicked my ass. Even if I would be able to get past her, I'd still have Cynthia's Garchomp to worry about. (Note: A Shinx solo run is probably more possible in Platinum due to there being a Magnet Rise move tutor in Snowpoint, so Earthquake and other Ground type moves would be harmless for five turns.) Anyway, during the bus ride back from a field trip, I decided to beat Kalos's E4 and Diantha with only a level 60 Venomoth named ATV (Twitch Plays Pokemon FTW), with the following moveset: Bug Buzz, Sludge Bomb, Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder. It was really interesting to see how things would go, and Venomoth succeeded just alright on my first try beating them. Drasna's Dragalge was perfect for setting up. Venomoth proceeded to put it to sleep and set up Quiver Dance, and when it was awake, all it would use was Dragon Pulse, which makes sense since it's STAB and its other STAB, Sludge Bomb, wouldn't do much. So after it went down, Druddigon, Altaria, and Noivern each followed suit. Malva's Pyroar was, surprisingly, also nice for setting up. STAB Flamethrower didn't do much to ATV at all after a few Quiver Dances, and with Sludge Bomb, it, Torkoal, Talonflame, and Chandelure each went down. You'd expect Malva to be the most challenging, since she's the Fire type E4 member, but things got a bit more tough. A Sleep Powder miss against Siebold's Clawitzer could result in diaster, since it easily 2HKO's Venomoth with Water Pulse, which is also the only move it bothered to use against it. After a few Quiver Dances, it was all alright in the end. Starmie and Barbaracle don't provide much of a challenge at all, but three to six Quiver Dances are required to 1HKO Gyrados with Sludge Bomb, or else ATV would have to deal with Earthquake or Waterfall. Now this is when things got annoying. All of Wikstrom's just don't like Venomoth one bit: All of his Pokemon: They're all immune to Poison type moves since they're all of the Steel type. And they resist Bug Buzz. Now it isn't that big a deal since ATV's ability is Tinted Lens, but still. That's just the beginning. Klefki: Its ability is Prankster. And it has fucking Torment. Due to this, ATV couldn't spam Quiver Dance continuously and it could only do so every other turn, and it's only 2HKO'ed with Bug Buzz. ATV tanked Flash Cannon like a boss, but thanks to Torment, things weren't easy. Especially with the next Pokemon- Probopass: Sturdy. Without it, Venomoth could've easily 1HKOed it. But nope. Doesn't help that Wikstrom uses two full restores on it. It's annoying to deal with since it depletes Bug Buzz's PP quite a bit. Power Gem isn't scary at all, though, with ATV's very high Special Defense after finishing its Quiver Dance party. Scizor: His easiest Pokemon to handle, but it can be an issue. STAB Iron Head hurts, and then STAB Bullet Punch can easily finish off ATV. Had to get rid of it ASAP. Aegislash: Again, STAB Iron Head (especially with its Attack Forme) hurts. Though that's the only thing that's scary about this Pokemon. During my runthrough, ATV survived its Iron Head with only 10 HP. But yeah, Wikstrom was definitely a formidable opponent and provided quite the challenge. As for Diantha, her Hawlucha was perfect to set up against. When it wasn't asleep, it spammed Poison Jab, which even with Venomoth's lackluster Defense, did jack shit. So after six Quiver Dances were put up, Hawlucha, Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Gourgeist, and Mega Gardevoir each went down in one hit with Bug Buzz/Sludge Bomb. Goodra, with its very impressive Special Defense, was only 2HKOed, but couldn't do much due to Venomoth's wrath. So that's my story. What about all of you?
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