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Found 3 results

  1. Inspired by some previous topics (You in Fire Emblem Awakening and Create a Self-Insert Character [Fates]), I find it appropriate to have one for FE: Heroes as well. So, in this topic feel free to share your own heroes. They can be self-inserts, fan characters, or even interpretations of other personalities adapted to the FE: Heroes setting. You are only limited to your own creativity. * * * * * Here's a list of all the characters made in this thread. Originally I was just going to do my own (because I'm a one way street), but I figured I might as well showcase everyone's creativity! If I made any mistakes with the list, please let me know so I can fix it! Notice: This list stopped being updated in May of 2017. It is kept here for legacy reasons. Full Characters Mini Characters
  2. ...hm. I seem to remember making a topic like this before, but well before the introduction of what FEH has become... OH WELL. So with the stream of heroes coming with new toys every month, I wanna know: what kind of unit are YOU? But because we would probably be god compared to these lowly pawns (mostly because we'd all be an armor who has low base Spd/Spd growth in favor of everything else being sky high), lets just skip the formalities and say you're a Legendary/Mythic hero, also maybe don't try to be a low base spd/spd growth unit cause that'd be boring? >Legendary/Mythic Heroes come with one Personal Weapon, usually with a Stat Boost of +3, -1 Special Charge akin to Slaying weapons, effective damage to certain unit/move types, or sometimes even +10 Special Damage on top of at least one powerful effect, not including any bonuses from the weapon type such (see Daggers, Beast Damage, bows, etc.) They also usually have one personal skill with powerful effects compared to other skills in the same slot, if not just being direct upgrades to existing skills. This Personal skill can be in any skill slot other than Weapon. >Side note about the above, do whatever you want with the names. Take reference from mythology and history, shout something ala-Owain/Odin, or just type something boring like "super sharp sword" and "murder-you beam" >Legendary/Mythic Heroes usually have all 3 Passive skill slots filled and one or the other of their Assist or Special, regardless of which skill slot carries the units personal skill. >Remember to specify weapon type, Color, and Move type. >You can either list base stats and stat growth (details here), or you can just list what the final BST would be neutral. Either works. Just assume that these will be the values for the hero as a 5* unit. Remember that Legendary/Mythic heroes have higher BSTs and Growths than normal units in the summoning pool, even among units who already have heightened BSTs/Growths. >Try to be reasonable, but we're just having fun here so go nuts. BUT WITHIN REASON. I don't wanna see anyone trying to make Muspellflame into a Passive A skill... >If you want to introduce a normal skill, such as a Tier 4 skill or simply a skill with an effect previously on a different weapon, go ahead. My own unit
  3. If you were to become a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening, what would you be like? What gimmicks would you have? You can go as in-depth or as casual as you want. I, personally, are going to go HAM, but, please, DO NOT feel as if you have to go as in depth as I am about to go. I will post mine in a minute. Unit Name: Jael Recruited: Paralogue 4.5: Considering Oblivion Starting Class: Mage Starting Level: 12 Starting Skills: Magic+2, Focus, Shadowgift Starting Inventory: Superior Jolt, Nosferatu (The reason this unit has Shadowgift is supposed to be a reference to my IRL pseudo-pessimistic thinking and general cynicism. I think my soul is dark enough to handle Dark Magic even when not specifically trained for it. Magic+2 and Focus are standard Mage skills. The reason for Mage as a class is because I, IRL, have always felt especially connected with books and literature, so magical tomes would be a perfect weapon for me.) Critical Quotes: "Speak your last words!" "I'm sorry, what did you say?!" "Go to seek a Great Perhaps!" "I'll write this on your tombstone!" Jael, just as I am, is obsessed with last words and memorizes them almost compulsively. He's also very morbid, but also very accepting, casually referencing that all humans are fated for death. This does make others in the army uncomfortable, however, he either doesn't notice or doesn't care. Support Options: Cordelia, Sumia, Miriel, Lissa, Maribelle, Sully, Olivia, Cherche, Panne, FeMU (up to S-Support) Tiki, Nowi, MaMU (up to A-Support) His supports with Tiki would be him trying to help her remember Marth's last words, as they have been lost to history. However, he feels as if they are somewhere deep within her memory. His supports with Nowi would be him envious of her having a body that can never die of natural causes, while his supports with either MU would be them trying to convince him to stop being to morbid, while he tries to get them to accept the inevitability of death. Confession Quote: "While we only have a short time on this Earth, I'm glad I get to spend it with you." Reclass Options: Thief, Archer Jael prefers classes that serve uses outside of straight combat, or at least are not directly involved. The primary goal of a thief is to get the loot and get out, while an archer can stand far away and just shoot at their foes, both sticking with his "Limit physical combat as much as possible" mentality. Modifiers: -1 STR/+1 MAG/+3 SKL/0 SPD/0 LCK/-1 DEF/+2 RES
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