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Found 1 result

  1. I figured I'd make a topic for people to share their gaming setups and share their ideas on how to arrange them or even help others looking to renovate and upgrade their current setups. Over the past couple of weeks I went through updating the setup in my room by building my own shelves and such. Here is the result. The shelves you see picutred on the left and right were bought from Target and I assembled them myself. The one in the middle was particularly difficult because the shelfs to the left and right were already in place so it was a process to shave off part of the shelf and jimmy it in there so I had to do alot of it myself and make some adjustments. Good news is if and when I get a place of my own the shelf in the middle can also be placed longways for larger TV's. The TV is a full 1080p 32in Samsung on the cheaper end of HDTVs but looks fantastic and I'd highly recommend it. Only negatives are that there are only two HDMI ports and one componet/RCA port but nothing a cheap switcher couldn't fix which I have in the back of the TV which has the blu ray and Wii U running into. This definetely was where the bulk of the work went into. Just a basic gaming tower got it for cheap at Best Buy but does what it needs to. Best Buy has a pretty good selection of DVD/Game shelfs in all sizes. Computer setup. Not a whole lot to see here just a basic Dell I've had since back in 2011 and still kicking. Not the greatest for gaming by any means but great to do my work on. Hooked to a HD moniter and speakers with a docking station to keep things clean. If any of you want to post your setup and ideas feel free. Also if anyone needs help or suggestions in renovating their setup or even entertainment area feel free to ask away in this thread.
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