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Found 20 results

  1. I'm replaying Awakening and I've gotten all the other kids and I'm saving Severa for last but i'm conflicted for who to pair cordelia with Gregor or Libra? Statwise and Skillwise
  2. Looking to buy or for websites that I can purchase the Cordelia and Severa Summer Party Playmat released back in september. Anything will help. They are two of my favorite characters and that is the most perfect playmat. Much thanks for any help ;3
  3. Hey gang, I'm writing a fanfic. It's slightly self-indulgent, but that's what fanfic is for, so that's ok, if people actually like it it's a bonus. I'm notorious (at least I think I am) for shipping the hell out of M!Robin and Cordelia. I mean, on the surface, how could you not? It's the two most perfect and flawless shepherds, together at last, not to mention it being one of Cordelia's... three? good romantic supports. But what I always found fascinating was that Severa and Morgan are the two biggest little shits in the second generation. Even after I played fates and I was essentially done with awakening I still thought that this had a lot of potential to be a great story. Two years, a million bus rides to and from school, an entire scrapped 13000 word first draft that's still on FF.Net, and the most boring WestJet 5 hour plane ride with no free entertainment later, I think I finally have something. https://archiveofourown.org/works/8351107/chapters/19131373 Now, I'm a film guy. I've worked on films. I know how stories work in film. But jesus christ if text isn't a completely alien language to me. If any of you guys have any criticism or advice to give when it comes to expressing emotion or just how to pace things in general, I'd hella appreciate it (the most recent chapter in particular feels like a bit of a mess pacing-wise to me, I just dont have the slightest clue of how to fix it).
  4. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my newest Fire Emblem VO interview with all of you. This time, I heard from Julie Ann Taylor, who voiced Cordelia and Severa in Fire Emblem Awakening, Selena, Flora, and Caeldori in Fire Emblem Fates, and Linde in Fire Emblem Heroes. https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-julie-anne-taylor-fire-emblems-selena She's been working in the industry since the late 80's and had lots to say about her experiences in the recording booth as well as which of her characters she relates to the most. I especially enjoyed the insights she had on voicing Severa and Cordelia, and the interview mainly focuses on those two characters in addition to their Fates "doppelgangers," She even had stuff to say about Bride Cordelia's appearance in Heroes' Bridal Blessings Banner. Hope you enjoy! It was a blast to conduct!
  5. Disclaimer: potential FE Awakening AND FE Fates spoilers ahead. So I've been harbouring a crazy conspiracy for a long while that Corrin, through the hardship and suffering in Fire Emblem Fates, becomes the original Grima. And therefore ultimately also eventually becomes Robin as well. That said, I haven't played or completed Conquest or even Revelation. So with that in mind I'm going to share my crazy theory from what I understand now, bookmark this page, and then hide in a bunker until I'm all caught up hehe. And wait with anticipation to read what the FE community will think or say. So... Let the craziness begin! Hoshido and Nohr are considered mythological kingdoms by the time of Awakening. I propose that Corrin's life ends with severe tragedy, which is the cause for Grima's lust for apocalypse for a lack of better words. After the realms of Hoshido and Nohr are brought to ruin, Corrin invades Ylisse as the original Grima. His Risen army; the remnants of his devastated world. Corrin is from a divine bloodline and can transform into a dragon. Grima is a also a humanoid dragon. On top of this, Robin and Corrin are both praised for their tactical prowess. And have white hair. So they share some common traits. Such is the case that Corrin becomes the dark bringer of the apocalypse, that this is the ultimate reasoning behind Selena, Odin and Laslow's appearance in Conquest, as they are on the lookout for Corrin, the progenitor of their realm's doom. And that's all I have now. I appreciate that this is a pretty wild one hehe. I welcome your thoughts.
  6. If Inigo, Severa or Owain are the same people as Laslow, Selena and Odin, then couldn't Morgan and Kana potentially be half-siblings?
  7. I know that a lot of people are either saying that they are hoping that the children or any other character makes a return but I just can't get the idea of them returning out of my head, which is most likely because I loved their development (Mostly) and how truly awesome they are. You see, I can't get all these ideas of how they return out of my head, so I decided to just ask if they are plausible and to actually stop myself from continuing to fixate on the ideas. The first thought I had was that they return as reincarnations, and I know that Rhajat, Asugi and Caelodori were rather cringe-worthy but hear me out, as this idea would allow them to return without story inconvenience as it could easily keep to a vague fates story choice as it could e that as hey are returning home they are ambushed and killed by assassins, and when the odin reincarnation supports with selena's it can go that he keeps having nightmares of being ambushed by scary men and he remembers a red haired girl with him and her getting shot by an arrow and feeling despair and then it goes black. Then I realised that may not be very realistic as in Birthright Laslow dies so it could never be that he was with them. So if they did do a support similar to that it could never be with the laslow reincarnation, unless only it their deaths were from odins view, which in that case if laslow dies after odin it would mean he did not see his death, or of course odin reincarnination in the support says he remembers seeing an arrow going towards someone and jumping in their way. I also like his idea for the reason that they could make a shy laslow who was not told to flirt to get rid of his shyness plus who doesn't want more manhandling moments. Another thought I had was that after they were returning to ylisse, another being transported the three of them to a another new place, but the person says that it was a mistake that the trio was brought here it was supposed to be the children (Purposely Vague) and they being their noble selves take the childrens place thus entering in their 4th war. Also could you tell me if it is plausible or just a horrible idea and you don't want to see any more characters returning and I am being stupid
  8. Now Fates is far from the first game to pull characters from a previous FE, but with it bringing back Inigo, Severa, Owain and in a loose way bringing back Cordelia, Tharja and Gaius through reincarnation of sorts. Despite there being zero connection between Awakening & Fates other than the Gate being a connection to the various universes, which is very unlike the other times characters appeared in other games, which was usually due to them being sequels in universe with other FE's etc. Are we to expect to see the same thing in FE15? Where they take the most popular Fates characters and rehash them/further develop them despite them not fitting in whatsoever? Figured it could be an interesting discussion topic, as I would only like to see characters from Fates come back as like some kind of bonus at most, and not like how Inigo, Severa and Owain did. Although Inigo is one of my favorite characters in both games, it almost feels like IS wants to make sure people recognize that Fates is in the same franchise as Awakening despite sharing a franchise name, they seem afraid of trying to let a game stand on its own now. Despite the fact that, the gameplay is very stellar, a massive improvement over Awakening, unless its Revelation, but thats another deal entirely.
  9. So, the DLC's released. Also, it SOUNDS to me like Anankos' voice is just one of Corrin's reused...with an echoing effect, like he's in constant Dragon mode. I kinda like it. Edit: Also, I love the title drops that Owain makes.
  10. So, after taking a long break from Awakening (since August 2015) I've decided to pick up the game again. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna play on Normal just to breeze through the game, or go through Hard as a warmup for the higher difficulties. Now comes the problem of pairing everyone and planning everything. I decided to have change some things up, like certain pairings and use some of my less used characters more. Don't have dlc. First of all, the Avatar. I plan on going with a MaMU with the name Camus. I am going to have him end up as a Paladin and marry Cordelia. I only know he will have Luna and Aegis. No plan on asset/flaw and other things. Also, does anyone know what hair color looks the most like FE11's Camus' hair color (or Sirius)? With Cordelia I'm probably have her finish as a Falcon Knight. Seeing how I'm not doing an optimal run, I thought about running Sol/Armsthrift/Galeforce/Lancefaire/Bowbreaker. Thoughts? I plan on having Severa and Morgan end up as Bowknight and Hero, not being set on who gets which class. They will inherit Galeforce and Luna. Ideas for other abilities? How I wish Bowknight was better, but I'll still use it. My biggest change will be pairing up Chrom with Sully. I rarely use Kjelle, even though I like her, and this will fix that issue. As mentioned earlier, I don't plan on having this run be optimal. I will keep Kjelle as a General, even though they suck, and have her inherit Aegis. Since I plan on having fun I might run something like Pavise/Aegis/Aether/Deliverer/Astra. I know Donnel gives her Galeforce, but I'm limiting my Galeforce use. For Lucina I thought about Aether/Rightful King/Aegis/Swordfaire. Not sure what her last skill would be. Thinking about Vantage/Lethality/Lancebreaker/Astra. For the remaining characters I'll go with pairings I like, and the parents of children I'm not interested in will be paired with who's left. Going to list my current pairings below. Open for changes, either because the children will suck or the pairing isn't that great. Lissa-Vaike (I want a blonde Swordmaster Owain) Tharja-Gaius (Nearly always go with this) Nowi-Kellam (Great support, tank Nah) Sumia-Stahl (I like this pairing, plus Stahl seems to work with a lot of children) Cherche-Gregor (Funny support) Olivia-Lon'qu (Great pairing) Brady, Yarne and Laurent I don't care about. Might go Miriel-Ricken so I get another magic user. I also thought Olivia-Frederick and then have Lissa-Lon'qu. Still debating on it. I'll worry about the children as the game progresses. Feel free to leave ideas for them though. That was a long post. Thanks for any help in advance though. In the meantime I'll try to figure out the optimal for my wannabe Camus MU.
  11. Luna. A mercenary of Nohr; Camilla’s subordinate. Her origins and past are a complete mystery. An exceptionally sore loser, but also a hard-working genius who tries hard to match her talent. She also has a friendly side, which often catches her companions off-guard. The biggest squanderer. [spoiler=Marriage/Buddy Seals] Spoiler (Marriage/Buddy Seals) A Marriage/Buddy seal allows a unit to reclass into one of the select class trees of his spouse (S support) or buddy (A+ support). A unit may only achieve an S support with units of the opposite gender (exc. Kamui, Syalla, Zero), and may only achieve an A+ support with units of the same gender. (The credit for the following information goes to Gayserbeam, as I copied the wording of his explanation. Check out the Class Changing and Inheritance Thread for more information. If the users Primary Class is different than their Spouses/Buddy's Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddy's Primary Class, even if the user has that class as a Secondary Class already. If the users Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddy's Primary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddy's Secondary Class. If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddy's Secondary Class.An unlearnable class is a class that may be unique to a character or their children. The following units have unlearnable classes: Nishiki (Fox Spirit), Flannel (Garou), Azura (Singer), Mozume (Villager). If the user is married or buddied with a unit who has an unlearnable class, and their Primary Class is the same as their Spouses/Buddy's Secondary Class, then the Marriage/Buddy Seal will reclass them to the Spouses/Buddy's Substitute Class. A Substitute Class is simply a select class a character with an unlearnable class passes down under certain circumstances. The following units have Substitute Classes: Nishiki (Herb Merchant), Flannel (Outlaw), Azura (Rod Knight), Mozume (Herb Merchant). If you're still confused, let me use Luna as an example to try and clarify matters! Luna/Zero: Luna's Primary Class is Mercenary, and Zero's is Outlaw. Therefore, Luna would Marriage Seal into Outlaw.Luna/Subaki: Luna's Primary Class is Mercenary, and Subaki's is Pegasus Warrior. Therefore, Luna would Buddy Seal into Pegasus Warrior. As Luna's Secondary Class is Pegasus Warrior, he would not receive a new class tree from Subaki. Luna/Lazward: Luna's Primary Class is Mercenary, and Lazward's is Mercenary. Therefore, Luna would Marriage Seal into Lazward's Secondary Class-- Ninja. Luna/Flannel: As Flannel's Primary Class is Garou, an unlearnable class, Luna would Marriage Seal into his Secondary Class-- Fighter. Luna/Mercenary!Avatar: Avatar's Primary Class is Nohr Prince, an unlearnable class. Luna's Primary Class is Mercenary, and Avatar's Secondary Class is Mercenary. Therefore, Luna would Marriage Seal into his Substitute Class-- Samurai. [spoiler=Possible Classes] Classes in black are ones Luna can only achieve in either the Conquest or the Revelation campaign. Classes in blue are ones Luna can only achieve in the Revelation campaign. Base Classes (4H, 8N, 12T) Bowman Cavalier Dark Mage Fighter Knight Mercenary Ninja Outlaw Pegasus Warrior Rod Knight Samurai Wyvern Rider Promoted Classes (7H, 13N, 20T) Adventurer Berserker Bow Knight Brave Hero Dark Knight Falcon Warrior General Golden-Kite Warrior Great Knight Holy Bowman Jonin Maid Paladin Puppeteer Revenant Knight Sorcerer Strategist Trueblade War Priestess Wyvern Lord [spoiler=Expansion of Possible Classes] Primary Base Class: Mercenary Primary Promoted Classes: Bow Knight, Brave Hero Secondary Base Class: Pegasus Warrior Secondary Promoted Classes: Falcon Warrior, Golden-Kite Warrior Marriage Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the spouses. we listed the Birthright characters first, the Conquest characters second, and the shared characters last. Hinata: Samurai -> Trueblade, Weapon Master Subaki: n/a ​ Arthur: Fighter -> Berserker, Brave Hero Benoit: Knight -> General, Great Knight Flannel: Fighter -> Berserker, Brave Hero Lazward: Ninja -> Jonin, Puppeteer Leo: Dark Mage -> Dark Knight, Sorcerer Odin: Dark Mage -> Dark Knight, Sorcerer Xander: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin Zero: Outlaw -> Adventurer, Bow Knight Jakob: Rod Knight -> Maid, Strategist Kaze: Ninja -> Jonin, Puppeteer Silas: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin Buddy Seal Classes: These are organized alphabetically based on the localized names of the buddies. we listed the Birthright characters first, the Conquest characters second, and the shared characters last. Setsuna: Bowman -> Golden-Kite Warrior, Holy Bowman Belka: Wyvern Rider -> Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Camilla: Wyvern Rider -> Revenant Knight, Wyvern Lord Pieri: Cavalier -> Great Knight, Paladin [spoiler=Notice] In the previous optional poll: Arthur placed 2nd; Subaki and Nishiki all placed 3rd (technically 3.5). Therefore, Arthur gets 3 votes and Subaki and Nishiki receive 1 vote each. Benoit and Saizou received only one (1) vote; Nyx, Tsukuyomi and Flora received none. Therefore, Benoit and Nyx will be out for 2 polls (returns poll 25); Tsukuyomi, Flora, and Saizou 4 polls (returns poll 27). Grey has been added back to the poll. if it is demonstrated again is that the forum is not interested in him, he will be out for 4 polls (would return poll 28) Eponine and Ophelia has been added to the poll. Note: If you plan to go through multiple classes, vote for the Final/Endgame class (except for preference, vote for whatcha like). ​ [spoiler=Possible Skills] Personal Skill: Competitive: When user is the support unit, if the lead unit triggers a critical hit, the user is guaranteed a critical hit (if their attack connects) Skills are organized alphabetically based on the classes. Within the classes, skills are listed in the order of achievement (e.g. a GK earns Luna at Lvl. 5 and Diamond Strike at Lvl. 15, so Luna is listed before Diamond Strike). Base class skills are listed before promoted class skills. Descriptions of skills Luna can acquire through her primary and secondary class trees are listed below. Descriptions of all the skills are located on the skills pages. Base Classes Skills Bowman: Skill +2, Prescient Victory Cavalier: Open Assault, Rescue Dark Mage: Bind, Devilish Wind Fighter: HP +5, Roundhouse Knight: Defence +2, Confined Defence Mercenary: Stubbornness, Patient Assurance Ninja: Locktouch, Snake Venom Outlaw: Locktouch, Movement +1 Pegasus Warrior: Swallow Strike, Eastern Heart Rod Knight: Resistance +2, Distinguished Son Samurai: Flowing Strike, Vantage Wyvern Rider: Strength +2, Cut Through Promoted Classes Skills Adventurer: Lucky Seven, Pass Basara: Breaking Sky, Flamboyant Bow Knight: Rally Skill, Kunaibreaker Brave Hero: Sol, Axebreaker Dark Knight: Magic Seal, Lifetaker Falcon Warrior: Rally Speed, Mirror Strike General: Defensive Formation, Pavise Golden-Kite Warrior: Soar, Sun God Great Knight: Luna, Diamond Strike Holy Bowman: Raven Strike, Bowfaire Jonin: Lethality, Kunaifaire Maid: Servant's Joy, Tomebreaker Paladin: Defender, Aegis Revenant Knight: Deadly Breath, Overbearing Puppeteer: Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet Sorcerer: Vengeance, Bowbreaker Strategist: Rally Resistance, Battle Command Trueblade: Astra, Swordfaire Weapon Master: Strength Seal, Line of Death Wyvern Lord: Rally Defence, Swordbreaker Stubbornness: Luck% chance of recovering 20% HP at the start of the user’s Turn Patient Assurance: When enemy triggers the battle, damage +3 Rally Skill: Skill +4 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one Turn when the “Rally” command is used Kunaibreaker: Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a Kunai Sol: Skill% chance of restoring half the damage dealt to the enemy Axebreaker: Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with an Axe Swallow Strike: When user triggers the battle, double attack threshold +5 Eastern Heart: Recover 10% HP at the start of the user’s Turn if there are allies within a 2 tile radius Rally Speed: Speed +4 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one Turn when the “Rally” command is used Mirror Strike: When user triggers the battle, magical damage received -20 Soar: Hit rate and Avoid +30 when facing Flying enemies Sun God: Allies within a 2 tile radius recover 20% HP at the start of the user’s Turn For more info about stats and growths, please go to http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/
  12. Hello, I have been playing this game for a while, but am certainly no expert. Therfor I would like some advice or feedback. I have made a +Str/-Lck MU, and am planning to have him marry Severa. I'm also not really sure about which classes I'm going to have MU, Severa, or Morgan be yet. What I would like to know is, based on this who would make a good father for Severa, and what might be a good class for her and Morgan?
  13. Summary: What if Robin/Avatar had woken up in a different timeline? What if he had woken up in the dire future of despair that the children came from? Could destiny be changed once again or would he fail this time? -Feel free to review by PMing me :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prologue: Premonition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "This is it! Our final battle," he told her determined. "You seem anxious. I've never seen you like this," She responded to him surprised. It was true. They had been through a lot together, and in that time he never expressed any sign of nervousness. He was always calm, smooth, collective, and ready for battle. This time he looked different, as if something was troubling him. "It's because everything has led up to this moment. Everything we've done, all our hard work, and our struggles. They are what got us right here, right now," Robin said with a serious tone. "I can't afford any more losses. Much like I can't stand losing you." She smiled. "We've faced so many things together, so I think you should know by now that I can watch my back. Right?" "Yes, I know. It's just that, I would never forgive myself if something happened to you tonight." He looked straight in her beautiful eyes. In those two pools he saw his own reflection, and the best out of himself. "Neither would I, if anything happened to you. Do you remember the plan?" She asked him seriously. "Of course. I created it after all." "Right, and this is like the Valley. Risen had us surrounded, we were outnumbered and alone." She pointed to what she could see in front of them. It was getting dark, and there was no sun to light the way while Risen covered the land that expanded before them. They couldn't even see the grass beneath the zombie horde, only the dark gray sky and the burned trees were visible. "No, the Valley differs from now." "How's that? I see no difference," she asked him curious. "Ehmm… because of this." He pressed towards her, and she couldn't help but feel the adrenaline of her heart when he put his lips on hers. She felt so protected and joyful, because she had someone right by her side. Someone she knew that had stolen her heart and would do anything for her to smile. Her blood flowed rapidly in her cheeks, making them as red as ever. He put his hands around her waist and she put hers around his neck, pulling him closer. "We should focus on our mission, we're about to start the battle. Did you forget that?" She told him in a slightly bossy tone while pushing him away, but she was unable to hide her excitement and her rosy cheeks. "I did." He replied with a broad smile, like she hadn't yelled at him. "Although, when this is over, I have prepared a small surprise for you." She nodded and asked, "Really? Then, shall we go ahead so I can see it later?" "Yes. Tell the others to guide our forces towards the enemy. We must focus on entering the castle. It's your job to tell us how to get in, and with our new weaponry, we have a chance of winning." "I know. Tonight, we will write a new future for Ylisse." "Together." He told her confidently and held her hand. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And so the battle began. The zombie fighters rushed at them with a vicious aura. They couldn't listen or feel. They could only see their enemy in front of their eyes. That was their mission, to kill with no remorse of their actions. That was why the fell dragon was so powerful. Although he had great power himself, his army was the one that terrorised the countless cities it found in its path. Did that mean they were better than humans? Of course not. Although their enhanced battle abilities and skills were something to notice, they lacked human's skills like improvising, insight and the two most important ones, compassion and supportiveness for each other. Those skills, unheard to Risen, made the remains of humanity gather and forge a team with one goal in mind, the fall of the fell dragon, once and for all. In this battle, that dream was about to become real after all those years of pain and slaughter. It was the time for the sun to rise, and for the long period of peace to begin. The man, followed by his beloved one, found a path that guided them and their selected forces inside Ylisstol's castle. The building was the key for them to open the door to a bright new world. At least, that was what they thought as he looked around the room. They had just gotten in, but he told them to stay alert for anything. "What is it? You looked troubled," she asked him worried. "I don't know. This is way too easy. It was never that easy," Robin responded concerned. Right then, they heard a huge noise from outside. The man quickly turned around to see what was going on. Unfortunately, in that moment their forces were surrounded by Risen. He couldn't understand what was going on, but before he could even think, he was knocked out from behind. The last thing he remembered before closing his eyes was his beloved one and the feeling of extreme disappointment. He had failed her, something he swore never to do. He awoke disoriented and confused when he slowly opened his eyes. He tried looking around to get his bearings and unconsciously moved his hand only to find that it was tied tight to a metallic chair. With a quick look around the room, he saw nothing but a dim light from a candle nearby. At once, he tried to think of ways to get out of this condition. Alas, the metallic chair was bolted to the ground so he couldn't break it. His hands and legs were also tied with a plastic-like cord making it impossible to move. Not to mention that he seemed very weak. Unable to find an idea to escape, he waited there looking towards the candle's light, and smelling its wax scent. All he could do now was worry about his friends and his love, about their failure, and about the person who betrayed them. Suddenly, he heard noises of footsteps. Then, the sound of a door cringing open. Before he knew it, a man appeared before him, holding another candle and a knife. "Thank goodness! Hurry! Cut the ropes and let's save our men! Hope isn't lost yet!" The man in front of him laughed sarcastically. "Your plan failed tactician. We've been holding you here for a while now. The battle was lost before it started, and there is nothing you can do anymore." "What?… We? It was YOU! You hit me from behind! You… Traitor! How could you? We trusted you! I trusted you!" He tried to move in a fury but he couldn't. "I am definitely going to enjoy this. You are alive because I ordered them not to kill you. You know, for old times' sake, but I came here with a deal. You will tell us where you are keeping it. You kept that secret for yourself and-" "Don't speak her name!" He cried furiously as his face reddened in anger. Robin moved his body with rage to escape, only to be stopped a third time by his ties. "Haha! I won't. I was so close, but so far away. You lied about its place. It wasn't where I thought it was. Tell me where the real one is and I will grant you a place right next to lord Grima." "I prefer to die before I help you! Snake!" He spat at his face using the only way to attack he could think of. However, the man wiped it away from his eye and continued like nothing had happened. "Don't worry I am not in hurry. I have all the time I need. I finally defeated you! Could I ask for more?" "Arrrgggghhh!" It was a female scream. One he recognised immediately. "NO! What are you doing to her? You crazy psychopath! Tell me, damn it!" "You will tell me where you hid it! Or she will die. I will slaughter her in front of you, but if you comply then I will let you keep her head! Haha!" The man laughed evilly. "Now, tell me where you hid it!" Robin was lost in thought. He had no other choice but to comply. "Tell me Sir Robin. How did everything begin? Tell me everything you know or she will suffer." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Prologue-Premonition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): Hello everybody :) This story was created to become something completely new, based on the characters we all love (from Awakening) and maybe answer in some interesting questions, like "Can Robin change the fate of a doomed world?, Can love be found in such place?" Well... I believe there is only one way to find out :P This prologue is a bit shorter on purpose to smoothly proceed into the main story. Please don't mind any grammatical errors. No copyright intended. Until next time! Please have yourselves a darn good one :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.D. King
  14. Like, are they actually from the Future Past DLC that the Shepards of our timeline went to save from Grima, instead of the same children who appear in FE Awakening timeline that we played? That's what I'd like to think anyways.
  15. Awakening, unlike most other Fire Emblems, encourage the player to experiment with character classes and find what works best for them. This being said, which characters who's original classes do you tend to keep the same throughout your playthroughs. And when I say original classes I'm including promotions as well. IE: Turning Severa into a Hero or a Bow Knight is still keeping her in her original class.
  16. Alright, I need to get this one down, because i've been a foot in each of them for a week now. First, I need to know if Stahl!Severa, And Chrom inigo, are a great couple (support and bonuses) Second, I need to know which skills (in parenthesis) Severa should choose out of Galeforce, (luna/Astra/Sol), armsthrift, LimitBreaker, (Vantage, Dualguard) I really only want one proc skill, and If she's in front, she's probably gonna use Sol if in back, she gets luna or astra, if she's in front, she gets vantage, if she's in back, she dualguards And Inigo Galeforce, Limitbreaker, (Rightful King, Armsthrift), (dualguard, Vantage, Armsthrift), (Astra/sol) Same deal, Scratch Luna, because Inigo gets more skill to activate astra a lot more. feel free to refute everything, they practically trade eachother's roles. Third, I need their Roles, note that I don't feel that Either of these two should go magic, save to grab skills, you may present said skills, because these are jus skills that I thought would fit best. finally, I am in need of Classes. I refuse to move inigo to dread fighter unless you tell me WHY? He really loses a lot of skill for just tomes, and I have more magic users than not. Same goes for dark flier severa, I see no point in it. Now for their classes I'm thinking for main unit would go Hero, while either a bow knight, Paladin, or great knight supports, thoughts?
  17. I saw some people wanted the Chrom and Cordelia Support Conversation and I am not sure what will anyone might think if that Severa might still going to hate Chrom if they included her as one of Chrom's potential children. I still kinda saw in her conversation in Paralogue 10 with mother and that Chrom talks to Severa that she still blames her mother to be alone after her death. So here's the poll that anyone can guess about it incase if anyone can think about this incase if Severa becomes as Chrom's potential daughter?
  18. Right now my pairings are: ChromxSumia VaikexLissa GaiusxOlivia HenryxMaribelle DonnelxSully FrederickxCherche GregorxPanne RickenxMiriel Lon'quxTharja KellamxNowi My avatar's asset is skill, flaw is HP. I was going to marry Cordelia for two really good children, but I'm thinking about switching him out with Virion so I can marry someone else. Severa can get good enough skills with either, she'll just be a bit more defensive with Virion. Feel free to critique my other pairs, but I'm mainly worried about Cordelia. Vaike and Lissa are already married, so I can't change that. Thanks for the help.
  19. I was wondering which male-only skill to give to Henry!Severa. I plan to switch her classes around quite a bit (so axefaire will be completely useless) and I do not need her for a streetpass team. That leaves Gamble, Wrath, and Counter as viable skills for her. I have the Dread Fighter DLC too, although I'm not sure if those skills can be inherited (so Res+10 and Aggressor if they can be). Right now I'm leaning toward Gamble, as it is effective in all offensive classes and can stack Crit. with forged killer weapons/ruin, although it does decrease hit. What do you think? Does Gamble sound like as good choice, or would other skills, like Counter or Wrath, work better? Unique Skills Severa can receive Barbarian Despoil Gamble Berserker Wrath Axefaire Warrior Rally Strength Counter Possible classes Mercenary Armsthrift Patience Hero Sol Axebreaker Bow Knight Rally Skill Bowbreaker Pegasus Knight Speed +2 Relief Falcon Knight Rally Speed Lancefaire Dark Flier Rally Movement Galeforce Dark Mage Hex Anathema Sorcerer Vengeance Tomebreaker Dark Knight Slow Burn :( Lifetaker Thief Locktouch Movement +1 Assassin Lethality Pass Trickster Lucky Seven Acrobat Troubadour :( Resistance +2 Demoiselle Valkyrie Rally Resistance Dual Support+ War Cleric Rally Luck Renewal Stat mods for Henry!Severa Str +3 Mag +1 Skl +5 Spd +3 Lck -2 Def +2 Res -1 ^Fairly decent, I believe. source: http://serenesforest.net/fe13/children/selena.html
  20. I happen to like Severa! And you CAN'T do ANYTHING about it.
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