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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to modify a new class to use the horse trot moving SFX; the same SFX of any other mounted unit. However, I am trying to make sense of the FE8 Movement Sound Table in FE Builder. Most units, including fliers and mounted, are set to use the same ordinary footstep sfx. Something seems off, because the sound effects are working in game. I opened the game in the Hex Editor and all these units appear to be using the same SFX. I am guessing that the table at offset 78DD8 is not correct as it is also missing the classes before 09. Does anyone know where the moving SFX table actually lives, and how I would go about switching a class to the horse trot SFX?
  2. Hello, before anything, thanks for any help, ans sorry for my bad english. Now i want the soudn when someone in My castle gives you an item, for using as a ringtone in my mobile, for apps like whatsapp :D if you can send me that sound, i will thank you, and if you can link me other SFX of Fates it will be better!!
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