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Found 2 results

  1. Excluding Lucina, of course, as she comes first. On my very first run, the first kid I got was Owain, because Lissa was one of the first characters I had married to someone at the time.
  2. This is my alternate file with a Chrom and Olivia pairing, instead of Chrom and Sumia. [spoiler=Rey...]申し訳ありませんが、レイ。 Noire's father is Gaius in my main file, and Olivia's husband is Virion. Now that Chrom has 寝取られ'd Olivia's husbando in this file, Gaius has been switched to Sumia from Tharja, and Virion has been bumped out, and is in the pool of available fathers, along with Kellam and Libra. And, I really don't know who to give to Tharja to get her off my back. So, please give me serious arguments based on Classes and Stat Modifiers that Noire inherits from her father. I will ignore arguments based on aesthetics, for example "this pairing is cutesy because bla bla bla, therefore you should do it." My current pairings are represented on the following image: [spoiler=Pairings] Yes, the fanart of Ike is Avatar and the child is Morgan. If you are wondering why I did this, it is because the images closely resemble my Avatar's and Morgan's appearances. Edit: The pairings in the image are inflexible.
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