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Found 2 results

  1. So, what would you think the anime, manga, and the like will give our new heroes? Personally, I have this (From 20000 names): Male: Lyall (Scottish name for “Shield wolf”, after Norse name Liulfr) Female: Brenda (Scottish name of Scandinavian origin, based on Old Norse brandr, or “Sword”) Male one may just have a British origin, though, to run parallel to the female’s Scottish origin (sorry Wales).
  2. I noticed this a while ago, but from the 0:32 to 0:40 mark on the trailer (they're also barely visible at the 0:55 mark), one of the allied units looked like this: Given the amount of armor they're wearing, I find it hard to tell whether the soldier class will be returning, or if it's a knight that finally has some reasonable looking armor. Considering that in Gaiden/Echoes, the knight class was a promotion of the soldier class, I'm curious if this may be the case in Three Houses. Who knows? Maybe they're a Jeigan unit? Maybe soldiers can decide whether to promote into knights or a different class this time around? Or maybe knights will return, and have the least ridiculous looking design in the series? ... On a somewhat different note, I looked through the entire trailer, and the only character that had a shield was the lady in the beginning. Otherwise, no unit, allied or enemy, on the map, in a cut-scene, or on the battle screen, was wearing a shield. In the past, shields were only cosmetic (except in Gaiden/Echoes, where they were an equipable item, but even then certain classes had shields while holding something else), but I'm curious if this time around, shields will have to be equipped, and if they'll serve a greater function. I could be wrong and they'll appear on the advanced classes, but all the same, it does seem somewhat odd.
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