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Found 1 result

  1. You all should have seen it coming when Richard Nixon was a super hero. Yo, one thing I've noticed on SF is that high school themed RP's don't really seem to go anywhere, whether because of a lack of planning or GM dedication. However, I've decided to release a pet project I've been working on for a few months with the second best GM on the site, SnakeMomMelissa. Whilst clearly inspired by the plethora of anime set in high schools, we're pretty convinced that our setting is able to stand on its own two feet without being too derivative. History Premise The current year is 2012, with the plot's focus being on Jyoudan Highschool in the Nerima ward of New Age Tokyo. The school itself wouldn't stand out at first glance, its grade averages are only slightly above average and the school has not produced any remarkable individuals. However, for the last three years, the admission process has been slightly unusual. As well as accepting regular applications, a select number of potential students are sent letters of invitation - even if they hadn't considered applying. Many attribute this to the school attempting to head-hunt, but there are rumours that they have an agenda when selecting students. In this RP, you will be playing one of these invited students... or a total normy if you really want! The RP will begin shortly before homeroom of the first day of school and for convenience purposes, all players will be placed in the same class. However, as those with a reading comprehension greater than a five year old's or a short-sighted dragon, the caveat is that everyone invited has some sort of untapped ability or super power. The structure of the RP will mostly be a freeform play by post ordeal, but there will be a stat based system for combat and mechanical decisions. However, from a gameplay point of view, I'm not going to reveal said system to avoid people trying to powergame or min-max. I will be accepting as many applications as possible to try and recreate the feel of a fully sized class, the remaining students will be NPC's. Also as a first, I am accepting any entry given, although there may be minor adjustments that are required to stop anything from being too broken. Even if I've turned you down from a previous RP, you'll have a spot here! Character Creation
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