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Found 1 result

  1. I just thought of it, what with a lot of people debating who Chrom should marry that I've read recently, that Chrom and the Avatar (either female or male) are actually soulmates. Before you jump to conclusions, I say soulmates in its truest definition: two people ideally suited to one another as either close friends or romantic partners. This would make sense as to why Chrom comes to trust the Avatar so intrinsically. It also lays to waste the "debate" of who he's supposed to be with, as whilst the avatar remains Chrom's soulmate (whether they maintain a platonic relationship, or a romantic one) this leaves the position of Chrom's "true love" open to player interpretation (or as the game suggests, Sumia). You could argue the game supports this idea: they claim to be two halves of one whole. Two halves of one soul, maybe? I haven't had too much time to think it through entirely, so I was just wondering what you guys thought, and if there was any more evidence to support/discredit this theory.
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