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Found 1 result

  1. So I was in the middle of writing my awakening fanfic when this sort of question popped into my head. I mean we know most of them have basic reading, writing, and I assume arithmetic skills. Though this does beg the question of how long their education was in the first place. I mean if we go by the timeline Chrom must've died when Lucina was roughly 11 years old at max and that's when everything went to shit. No time to study math gotta save the world homework can wait. Also can yarne read/write? I don't think so but I dunno if taguel value that sort of thing. Then there's Nah which considering her situation I'm surprised she can read at all. Cause if her foster parents were as bad as she says then I doubt they would care about giving her an education. Maybe she's self taught? Then again what's the education system in Ylisse like anyway? Ugh so many questions!
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