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Found 2 results

  1. My docked switch tends to shutdown after about an hour of playing Three Houses due to overheating. Does this happen for anyone else? How long do you guys usually play for and does it happen when docked or undocked? My switch doesn't have this problem too much with games like Sonic Mania. I guess a game like that is less demanding.
  2. Just as it says in the topic title. I found out about this last night, and from the looks of things, word spread pretty fast. And here's how I found out. So... Thoughts? Personally, while I saw it coming, I feel like it's too soon. I know that the Switch might be a factor in why it's shutting down. But are there any other reasons? And is there any chance of the Switch getting a sort of successor to Miiverse? While it wasn't the best of communities, especially since it, like any other community, had its share of trolls and clueless players, I had fun being a part of it and got to meet new people because of it. (As some of this forum's members can attest to.) Did anyone else have a similar experience?
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