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Found 2 results

  1. As the title of this post suggests, I cleared the first chapter of the DLC side story and was able to go to Abyss in the main story timeline, and there was a list displaying exclusive and special weapons (such as Rapier, Levin Sword, etc.) in a place named the Altar shop I believe? Anyways, this might be a dumb question and all, but are you able to use these exclusive special weapons in early game or late game of the main storyline or are those weapons reserved for the side story only? Also, if by chance I am not able to get access to it instantly in the side story DLC, would I need to recruit Constance or Hapi (I forgot which characters you get from which chapter) in order to unlock the Abyss weapon and item shop? Please and Thank you.
  2. Ok, so this hack is basically about Myrrh and Saleh + Ewan, and what they do from Chapter 5 onwards. I mean, there's a HUGE gap concerning them in the game, considering Saleh shows up in Ch5 and then finally reappears in Ch12 ish. I had a cool idea about what happenned between ch5 and ch12. So at the start, Myrrh leaves the village after leaving a note to Saleh explaining her absence. Saleh and Ewan pursue her, hoping to catch up with her. Meanwhile Myrrh reaches another small village in Jehanna, where a few bandits attack her. But then a Peg Knight swoops in and saves her. The peg knight lives in the village Myrrh is going to, and takes her there, where Myrrh meets the peg knight Linde's sisters - an archer, Kaina, and a healer, Immy. The sisters learn of Myrrh's situation, and agree to hekp her. The game switches between Saleh and Myrrh's POV. The two views/parts/whatever merge at the end. How does it sound?
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