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Found 2 results

  1. Silque is becoming one of my favourite characters in the game, and I was thinking about reclassing her with a fork so I could use her more in direct combat. What classes would you guys recommend? I have the DLC classes if that helps with things. I am mostly debating between Mage and Pegasus Knight, myself.
  2. This was just posted in Nintendo of America's trailer about the classes. I did looked at the trailer, Silque has a Sage class added. (I'm pretty sure we didn't see that happen in the game data since Clerics can't promote to Sages which it's gender locked for male Mages and I am not entirely sure they might going to be involving reclassing as DLC?) And also, I saw that magical ring was localized as Mage Ring, Sausage is still Sausage, and Rusted Sword (same) + I did saw those skills that was shown in this trailer were localized are Thunderclap (same), Armorcrush, Crosswise Cut, Encloser (Archer), Archballista, Knightkneeler, Foudroyant, and Hit and Run (same).
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