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Found 15 results

  1. In my opinion : - Adrestia Empire : Ferdinand Mentioned his father retired his job and possible to succeeded. - Holy Kingdom of Faerghus : Felix After his father died who have a relationship with Dimitri father, it's highly possible to success his father. - Leicester Alliance : Lorenz House Gloucester is a little popular in Alliance if we no count Riegan and Lorenz like Leicester Alliance.
  2. So here I am, on my first maddening play through and I just made it through the mess that is chapter 13. The route I am on is Silver Snow, and this map on maddening scares me a lot. So, with the whole of timeskip left to complete, is there anything I could or should be doing to be able to take on this map at the end? Since I made it through 13 I definitely want to be able to complete this run. The units I have access to are Byleth, all the black eagles (other than Edelgard and Hubert, obviously), Flayn, Seteth, Catherine, Shamir and Cyril (yeah, SS Cyril, but I have stat boosters at least), and since that’s a perfect 12 I guess that will be my endgame team. But the question remains, how can I prepare? Is this chapter easy to soft lock on like chapter 13? I just feel this chapter will be problematic. Thank you.
  3. The inevitable thread for someone on their first play through of maddening. And another one bites the dust. I‘m sorry, but how are you supposed to do this?? The entire first section of the map is jam packed with super fast (and therefore doubling) enemies like thieves, assassins (ugh), grapplers and snipers so my wyverns can’t even stay mounted. Everyone has been trained up. Of everyone who joins on the left (Byleth, Seteth, Petra, Caspar and Dorothea) only Dorothea is not a wyvern rider, she is a dancer. Everyone has an offensive gambit, and I have things like the speed ring, Petra with alert stance, accuracy ring, the prayer ring, Dorothea’s rally charm and Thunderbrand amongst this group. Everyone has supports with each other (except Seteth who naturally only has support with Byleth) and yet I just get completely curb stomped. So. Many Enemies. So, what do I do to survive the very beginning? I can kinda sorta barely make it to the turn after Dorothea, Caspar and Petra join. Yay... Maybe I should reclass people to not wyverns? I don’t have any super good flying battalions, except Cichol wyvern co but >A authority so no one is using it. Dorothea’s empire magic users is really really good but that’s it. But if my unit’s can’t fly away, they die. I just don’t see how to do this. So many enemies, all of them doubling...
  4. What character (Recruitment include) i should focus and what character i can leave ? Maybe i leave caspar on my team and focus other Black Eagles, for recruitment Felix, Mercedes, Lysithea and Leonie can focus.
  5. So my brother and I are playing Three Houses together, and we've already played Verdant Wind and Azure Moon, but we're debating over whether to go for Crimson Flower or Silver Snow next. We'd like to finish on the most canonical ending, which I think is Crimson Flower based on the promotional material and Edelgard being the featured Lord of the game and stuff, but my brother thinks Silver Snow is the more canon ending since it's sort of a "secret ending." Any input from those of you who have played both CF and SS? Which one seemed more final?
  6. Someone have play SS on Normal difficult ? And how about you think about "Reunion at dawn" Normal difficult .
  7. Silver Snow LAST route !! After finished Crimson Flower , Azure Moon and Verdant Wind !
  8. All right, long time no play 3H and i will do Silver Snow again but with weak characters only except paralogue : Byleth Caspar Dorothea (No dancer) Ashe Annette Lorenz Raphael Ignatz Hanneman Manuela Alois Cyril Difficulty : Hard / Classic All paralogue No paid DLC and NG+ No death You think i can success Silver Snow with weak characters ? Or change another weak character ?
  9. Have done Silver Snow and success maximun paired endind without NG+ and paid DLC (10th run). I don't know if my 14 paired ending is good.
  10. Fodlan national team : - Byleth - Ferdinand - Petra - Felix - Mercedes - Lysithea - Leonie - Ingrid or Marianne (Decided by vote)
  11. Recrutement : All Difficulty on Chapter 13 to 17 : Normal Chapter 13 : Hard (Byleth and Seteth vs many enemy with Black Eagle student only) Chapter 14 : Normal (Fire field) Chapter 15 : Easy (Gwendal can be defeated easily by Lysithea Dark Spike T) Chapter 16 : Normal (Ladislava is fast and might defence) Chapter 17 : Easy (No strong enemy)
  12. Recruitment : All Difficulty on Chapter 18 to 21 : Hard Chapter 18 : Normal (Strong reinforcement) Chapter 19 : Hard (Hardest early and Edelgard high stats and can use Raging Strom on units close to her) Chapter 20 : Normal (Hard to enter room) Chapter 21 : Hard (Hardest early and late battle)
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