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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlHHeIgci-0
  2. Let's talk about our relationship status! And just your opinion on being single/in a relationship/etc in general. If you're: 1. Single and like it that way: - do you ever want a relationship? - what are you looking for in a partner? - where do you want to be in your life when you do decide to settle down? 2. Single and want it to change: - is there anyone you're interested in and what's keeping you from being together? - what do you want in a relationship / significant other? - when do you predict you'll be in a relationship? 3. Relationship and happy - how did you meet? - what do you like about them? - how long have you been together and where do you think you're relationship will end up? 4. Relationship and unhappy - why haven't you broke-up? - what went wrong? - what's your opinion on relationships after this relationship? 5. It's Complicated - why is it complicated?
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