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Found 125 results

  1. This is the Thread for people who are looking for specific Skills for Certain characters. Please List the Characters and the Skills you need below. Please note that Skills from DLC / Amiibo Classes ARE NOT LEARNABLE from MyCastle Battles You also CAN'T LEARN skills from Characters with the BLUE SHIELDS, you also CAN'T RECRUIT them, so don't include them on your team. For people who are replying to Skill Requests, please try to do the following to make it easier for others Have the Throne Empty for Easy Capture Set your characters on HOLD and/or Remove all of their Equipments Remove DLC Class abilities from that Character to increase skills available If you want to include the Dusk Dragon, please put it close to entrance so we can break them easily. Don't Bait People by Using all Characters with BLUE Shields since they are not recruitable / learnable Also Remember to Hit Update Castle after you finish making changes.
  2. I'm really interested in how both Magic and Combat Arts work in 3H; I find it really interesting how they seem to be counterparts to one another; with each unit seeming to have a learnset when they level up their levels of the specific weapon type; unique to each unit. For example; upon reaching C+ in Axes; Edelgard learns the Monster Breaker Combat Art while Caspar learns the Wild Abandon Combat Art. It will most likely be the exact same levelling both Reason and Faith Magic. As for the "split" in Reason Magic; I'm pretty sure that both types of Reason magic(Black and Dark) can be learned by levelling the Reason rank; but the type of magic that's focused on in their learnset depends on the unit; for example it seems like Hubert will lean more towards the Dark side of Reason magic while Dorothea looks to be leaning towards the Black side of Reason magic. I'm sure both types will be usable on a unit when the class is able to use Reason magic; it won't be an Awakening/Fates situation where specific dark magic spells are locked on mages that aren't dark mages; but Dark Mages are just mages that just sway to the dark side of Reason, in terms of the class skills granting access to specific dark magic spells. EDIT: Screw it; let's talk about skills in here too; since they're sorta linked to the Magic system I guess.
  3. I thought that we should probably seperate the skill requests for the US and Europe/Australia as they are region locked. This way, we can avoid mess inside the original thread. Otherwise, the same rules apply here as they do in the other one: Please state the characters and the skills you need below. Please note that skills from DLC / Amiibo Classes ARE NOT LEARNABLE from MyCastle Battles You also CAN'T LEARN skills from Characters with the BLUE SHIELDS, you also CAN'T RECRUIT them, so don't include them on your team. For people who are replying to Skill Requests, please try to do the following to make it easier for others Have the Throne Empty for Easy Capture Set your characters on HOLD and/or Remove all of their Equipments Remove DLC Class abilities from that character to increase skills available If you want to include the Dusk Dragon, please put it close to entrance so we can break them easily. Don't bait people by only using characters with blue shields since they are not recruitable / learnable Also Remember to Hit Update Castle after you finish making changes.
  4. Guest

    FE4 Nightmare skill help

    So, I'm trying to give skills to characters, but the Nightmare Modules leave me really confused. For my example, I'd like to give Sigurd Pavise and Charm. Can anyone explain how do I do this?
  5. I'm really lost at how much was shown until now and mostly is because I want to avoid most of non-mechanics trailers. But now I got myself wondering..is there any evidence (or a straight forward reveal) of skills at this game? Also, you don't need to actually give a explanation if you don't want to, a simples YES or NO is enough.
  6. So, as the title might suggest, I'm experiencing a problem with the patch that allows to add skills into FE8: since I enabled it, my thief (15 Speed) can't seem to steal an item from an enemy (4 Speed). I tried with a personal skill, without it, even with double Cunning. Any idea or suggestion? (Also, is it the right section to ask this in?)
  7. Out of all of the personal skills in Fates the one I found the most difficult to activate is Selena's Fierce Rival. Just the idea of following up a critical hit with a critical hit sounds like an overkill. Did anyone got it to work?
  8. I'm doing a new run of revelations with Corrin as an Adventurer with +Magic using the Shining bow. What would be some good skills for her? Right now i'm thinking... Bowfaire, Trample, Lifetaker, Swordbreaker Also does anyone have a Corrin with Bowfaire because i can't find anyone who does. Thank ;)
  9. Personally i think that the stance skills along with stuff like desperation and brash assault would make cool additions to a main line game
  10. Exactly as the title says, this is where you can throw around your personal ideas of what skills you'd like to see as well as discussing what others have proposed. Skill Name (passive/activate, class it's designed for): Description (Notes) is how I've formatted mine, and it makes sense when you see it below. Feel free to format your's however you want. A small note beforehand is that I personally dislike the percentage based skills common in the series, and would instead replace them with arts from Echoes, except instead of costing hp, skills require a cooldown after use or a build-up in order to use them. A lot more of these skills make sense with that in mind. Also, these are just ideas, and the specifics would obviously change after play-testing. So without further ado: Personal Skill Ideas: General Skills Ideas: I may add more later, as my mind blanked as I got to near end, and I've already spent more time than I'd have liked to on typing these up already. So what are your thoughts on the matter?
  11. Note, this thread is pure speculation and does not indicate any specific upcoming content. Sacred Seals have been somewhat interesting since their inception in April last year, starting out as simple stat boosts and slowly expanding to include special skills exclusive to Sacred Seals (Quickened Pulse was the first), Fortify and Spur skills, and at some point Sacred Seals simply became "flexible Passive Skills". They only later gained the ability to be upgraded to have stronger, or more accurately "max level", effects via the Sacred Seal forge, as well as gaining access to crafting old Sacred Seals we may have missed and a few new seals. There are now more than 60 unique player available Sacred Seals available to us, and only some of them are skills unique to Sacred Seals (though some are available as effects on personal weapons and personal skills), and with each Tempest Trial and Squad Assault, the number steadily grows. Of course that number is mostly padded out by the variations of stat boosting skills... I'd like to ask you, what do you think lies in store for the future of Sacred Seals, now that it's been a year and a month? Is there any specific skill or effect you hope gets translated to a Sacred Seal? For the moment, let's discuss Sacred Seals here, those things I remember once being referred to as "items" to be given to a unit in an inventory slot...? My opinion in the spoiler...
  12. I'm kind of thinking of doing a balitician run just for something different. I took my new MU to 15 in On I Chieftain for counter. I will probably keep counter on and put in last slot for Kana. But i am wondering if I should run him through tactician or another class first before using sighting lens. I'm thinking I will want to get my unit Pavise, Renewal, Astra, Lethality and or Pointe Blank. Not sure who I should make her mother. I think his boon is skill or strength and his bane is luck. Does anyone have any advice on who would be best choice for Kana's mother? I know children can't inherit DLC skills.
  13. First off, the poll above is a question I often wonder about myself. I've thought about it for a while, but there should be ways that the skills and builds we give our units can apply to daily life, right? Such as using Falchion to peel apples or Astra to plow fields. Do you yourself have a skill that best fits you or would enhance your daily life? We're in the Heroes mindset right now, but if a skill from a different game would fit better (or the skill you list works differently in another game), then that's fine to. Here are links to the skills in Fire Emblem Heroes (Gamepedia FEH Wiki), for Weapons, Assists, Specials, Passives, and Sacred Seals. If I had to describe myself, it'd probably be a combination of Fury and a B passive that triggers at lower percentages of HP (Desperation, Vantage, etc), since in a way that could be described as doing better when things wear you down, and also you are the one wearing yourself down.
  14. Hey! First of all, new here, and second of all, I'm thinking of a Shigure(or Kana) with both Better Odds and Even Better(maybe Renewal as well) so he can be extremely hard to beat on the battlefield. To start off, you will need to buy either Even Better or Better Odds off a Shigure/Kana from a previous game or from Streetpass. Since he and Kana are the only non-beastman(wolfskin/kitsune) characters that can become those classes, you have very few options to make this type of build by yourself. Kana with these skills is more self-sufficient, due to her personal skill, though I prefer keeping a male avatar so for people like me, Shigure is the only option. Either way, both characters need to have Keaton/Kaden as their parents, and Keaton/Kaden need to already be Wolfssegner/Nine-Tails(respectively) at Lv. 5 or above, in order to pass down their healing skill. After the kids gain both skills, they can either be a tanker, a badass DPS, a nuker, hatever you want them to be, really, as long as they can reliably survive the Enemy phases. (Disclaimer: I am just a person that has many experimental ideas, none of which are really meant to be put into use in competitive play. If any readers decide to use any of my ideas in competitive play, thank you for thinking my ideas are good enough for the competitive scene. If you like these ideas, please let me know.)
  15. Hello, As you can guess from the title, I've begun a Lunatic run. Well, Prologue is a real pain (in the ***), but it's manageable. Gamble and Focus are the only really annoying skills the ennemies have. Still, without the water trick, only Frederick can take down most of the ennemies. But when you face Counter users...well, they just reck you if you don't play full ranged attackers. The gae's balance is totally broken. Some classes aren't even useful. When you make a Griffon Rider, you only want it's skills, but you would really prefer a wyvern lord, which is much more cool-looking and has generations of FEs of existence. You would like to promote your fighter into a hero because hero has more reliable overall stats and sol? You won't before long, because you NEED that Couner skill if you want to hit back your opponents like they dare with you. You nearly can't fight a Warrior at 1 range because you'll get severely wounded by the Counter. That skill was supposed to deal 30% of the damage back or not far from that, but in Awakening they decided that this skill would be cheated, and in Lunatic, as if the +13 HP to everybody, and the +5 HP skill to Fighters weren't enough, they also put Counter 100% activation and 100% damage returned. Even in the Exp DLC you face 1 luck/level shadows and the lv 30 have counter and some have counter + miracle...the ultimate skill abuse... It happened even in easy mode that I died from trying to kill them in close combat, just because the 2nd hit was returned thanks to damn miracle. Galeforce i lower difficulties is a 3 turns/map skill, but in Lunatic it's just a hit and run skill. Because you can get really bad from one only fight. I've bought Ashnard because he's so good, and I've used him in 2 or 3 chapters because the beginning of the game doesn't keep my attention, but even with his 29 res, he took 15 damage in one hit in the chapter where you defend the castle of Ylisse from Vallsomething. It means chapter 5 or something like that had a 44 magic damage unit outside of the boss (I think it was a wind magic, but even like that it means that you need 15 res and 30 HP to block it, and it let you with 1 HP). Skills I would never want in an easy or even a hard mode run are totally worth or even OP in Lunatic, you really want them (for example, you would probably like a MU with anti-bows, anti-swords, anti-spears, anti-axes and anti-tomes, because basically you gain 50% accuracy and avoid against all of these annoying 40-60 Mt ennemies and it means you will mostly dodge everything, but also you won't be dodged by insane avoid ennemies). Lunatic ennemies are so annoying. You see in the chapter where you recruit Cordelia, there is a lv5 Fighter with 32 HP (with HP+5), 16 strength and 11 speed. Then, WHY THE **** DOES MY VAIKE HAVE 6 SPD, 8 STRENGTH OR SO AND NOTHING ELSE? Seriously. I'm running lunatic only to see what the last chapters are like in Hell, but if not for curiosity, I would never run such a no-brain mode. It's not about you having to deal with more ennemies, or choose a little character pannel to go further, it's about EACH SINGLE ENNEMY HAVING MORE STATS THAN YOU + SKILLS! And that from the very beginning, where your Lord can't even 1v1 a little swordsman without taking 2 potions or dealing a critical hit! you get hit, even a potion doesn't heal enough for you to fully heal. Every single ennemy starts with A rank in every weapon, but you start E or D... Even Frederick's 14 base def let 5-9 damage pass through during the first 3 chapters, and then it's even worse since wyvern riders are even more abused with more strength, more mobility, much more def etc. than fighters and barbarians. I think I'm really gonna put everything into Chrom until I get Lucina, then put Chrom in the support position and never use him ever again to avoid certain death! What I intend to do: Chrom lv 20/15 Lord, then reclass into Great Knight/Bow Knight, take dual guard+/anti-bows then go for Bow Knight/Paladin and go for anti-bows/aegis, then the last one (I think I'll go for GN last because it gives +1 movement as a support character). Sumia 20/15 Dark flier, then GN/general, then the other one, and finish with war cleric/Valkyrie for bonus res to Lucina (the only stat which won't cap otherwise when you get her lv 10). This way I get Lucina maxed stats everywhere, with Galeforce Aether, promote her for Majesty, then switch for a more useful class, depending on what I'll need by then. After that, as always, rush to Yggdrasil map, finish it, and unlock Scolaris for grinding the units I want to use, and make an anti-everything MU and see if he needs it all the time or not, depending on the ennemies' cheatedness. If you have more advice to give me, (assuming I'm using EXP DLC and gold DLC), don't hesitate. If you just want to dicuss about how Lunatic is really dumb as full of stats-cheaters and annoying skills, there you are! I made this topic for that, and you can also tell us what skills they possess that makes you COMPLETELY MAD MAWAHAHAHAHA! See you!
  16. Hello, So I got Birthright when it first came out last year. Played it for a few weeks and got to around chapter 18 or so, then got sidetracked with life and other things. Recently, I got back into FE stuff and decided it was time to finally finish the game. However, it was a lot worse than I remember it being last year. The characters seemed boring and I'm pretty sure I invested in poor choices for my main units on that file (yeah, I know, "Birthright is so easy!" you will say...). I'm on Ch 22 on that file and my Hana gets wrecked constantly, Rinkah sucks, my Mozu is crap. I didn't use units like Oboro and Scarlet, who are highly acclaimed. Not that I knew then, I was just using units I thought would be good (Mozu = Donnel!? Not in this game). I remembering enjoying Awakening much more than Fates (I found I like the 'normal' medieval themed units of FE - cavalier, knight, hero, sage, etc. - more than the Japanese themed units...). ANYWAY, since I'm giving BR another go, I figured I'd start a new file and give it a fresh start. I'm planning on using some of the kids this time around - I'm most excited for Sophie and Shiro. I figured the kids would give me more customizability with skills, as I loved training units for skills and planning out OP kids in Awakening (My favorites being Kjelle [Aegis, Pavise, Luna, Lethality, Dual Guard], Noire [Astra, Vengeance with a 102% proc rate!, Bowfaire, Lifetaker, Slow Burn], and Donnel [HP +5, Counter, Sol, Zeal, Armsthrift with 98% proc). So I started looking into Sophie first and I based my Avatar around her - Silas (Great Knight) + Avatar (Hoshidan Noble) = Sophie (Paladin) [Skills: Aegis, Pavise, Luna/Dragon Fang, Sol, Hoshidan Unity] I selected her skills and was making a plan for class changes and inheritances from Silas and Avatar (who's secondary class is Knight). However, I started reading that class changes are finite, in contrast to Awakening where we could do as much as we wanted, and BR added a lot of new class change options with new seals and relationships (S, A+, and A with certain characters). Needless to say, I feel like BR is way harder to plan out kids and training than Awakening, and it's been awhile since I took FE as seriously as I did years ago with Awakening... I'm getting confused with the route here. I was hoping to do the following: Silas class change to Knight - General (S relationship with Avatar) to grab Pavise - back to Great Knight for final class. Avatar change to Hoshidan Noble to get Hoshidan Unity. Recruit Sophie with Pavise and Hoshidan Unity inherited from parents. Change Sophie into Merc - Hero to grab Sol. Change to Nohr Princess (through mother's class inheritance) to get Dragon Fang AND/OR class back to Cavalier - Great Knight to get Luna. Finally, change to Paladin (end class) to finish with Aegis. Is this possible? I definitely feel as if it is not optimal. I'm aware of buying skills on MyCastle. If I just buy stuff like Sol and Pavise for Sophie, will she miss out on growths and stuff from leveling her more on other classes to get certain skills? I'm not opposed to buying some skills if I can find a Sophie with some of the promoted class level 15 skills (Pavise). Looking for any advice besides "Just make Sophie and then go buy all the skills" (which is obvious) to make this skill set as easily obtained and streamed lined as possible while maxing Sophie's stats. Also, any advice on maximizing kids and tips for skill hunting (without using MyCastle) would be appreciated, as it would help me plan out other kids after Sophie. I just feel as if this game is not as intuitive as Awakening was with this stuff and is more confusing. Maybe I'm just getting old and stupid. Thank you! Tl;dr I don't like BR as much as Awakening - planning kids and skills is not as fun this time around. --- I want Avatar!Sophie. Avatar class at creation is Knight. Sophie ends as Paladin with Aegis, Pavise, Luna/Dragon Fang, Sol, Hoshidan Unity. Most efficient path to make this Sophie with maxed stats (aside from buying every skill from MyCastle)?
  17. So I'm turning my Hayato into a Dark Knight. Here are the growths and caps. Hayato: HP/65% Str/50% Mag/50% Skl/35% Spd/55% Lck/65% Def/55% Res/25% HP/55 Str/32 Mag/32 Skl/27 Spd/29 Lck/32 Def/33 Res/29 There are like no websites on good skills to give Hayato since barely anyone uses him. I was thinking about Death Blow and Certain Blow to patch up his shaky Skill, and maybe some Seal- skills since he isn't ORKOing any foes. What do you think I should give him?
  18. Aight, back at it again, this time with Subaki. What would be some good S-Support partners, final class, and skills for Mr. Perfect himself, Subaki. I heard Oboro was a good partner for him, what are your thoughts?
  19. I'm trying to optimize every unit, so it would be appreciated if I could have some advice on who to pair Hana with, what would her best class be, and what skills should I give her.
  20. Aight, back at it again, this time with Subaki. What would be some good S-Support partners, final class, and skills for Mr. Perfect himself, Subaki. I heard Oboro was a good partner for him, what are your thoughts?
  21. I'm planning to optimize almost every unit on a Revelation-Classic Lunatic Run that i plan to be doing. I'm up to Sakura on the list, and I saw that her best class was Priestess. What would be some supportive skills to put on her?
  22. So I've been planning a playthrough of Revelations for a bit, and for it I've really been considering have Corrin end up in the Vanguard class. And I started to wonder what skills, boon, and banes synergized with the class best. So, What are some skills, boons and banes that synergize well with the Vanguard class? Looking at it, it looks to be a very physical class, that would appreciate a bit more speed but I'd like hear more about it.
  23. I'm replaying Conquest on Lunatic, and following the best marriage pairings guide here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/48u8b4/fe14_optimal_fates_pairings_birthright_conquest/ I have been Googling around for the best classes I should be working towards for each character, and skill sets for them... But I have only found this thread which didn't go anywhere: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/73487346 Access to DLC and amiibo classes is fine, I'm very early into the game still with school keeping me busy, but have been trying to play around with different skill sets. Maybe this thread could develop into some fun discussion about classes and skill sets? Have you created or seen any interesting skill sets for characters via online battles that interested you? :)
  24. So with the coming DLC, we have new weapons. (The last two packages) What do you think their skills are gonna be? Will they have new skills or a unique combination of the old ones or both?
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